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Top 15

I made it into top 15!  I have literally been working my butt off,  I am proud of me.  There has been such a difference in the structure of my face alone, makes me wonder why we let ourselves go in the first place.  No more putting me last ladies and gentlemen.  My daughter even notices a difference and I am so happy that I am putting myself through  this.  She gently touched my face the other day and said, nice cheeks mom, lol, love her  I am setting the exact example that she needs as a young lady.  Congrats to the other women who made it through and congrats to all 30 as with this challenge, we are all winners:)

side by side

Created on 2017-02-28 15:14:36

The Amazing Race

Our last challenge of the firs segment was so much fun.  We had to run around Langley and complete a passport of just over 30 business and a number of online questions.  The geographic region ran from walnut Grove to Brookswood and most places in between.  Myself and 4 friends (3 and a sister) dressed up in our best 80′ gym outfits and torpedoed through Langley taking selfies in business such as Barnes Harley Davidson, Traveland RV, Buns 7 Bowls, 200th Street Dentist and many more.  We ran, I mean ran from place to place and Lacey )my sister) was our driver in between the running.  Despite our insane efforts we came in 2nd, still amazing.  The Gym Class Heroes everyone!


gym class heros

Created on 2017-02-28 15:08:39

The Real Me seminar was a three day self development journey that involved all 30 women, facilitators and volunteers.  I had a rough time committing to this one as I like who I am.  I am always open, however, I know I don’t know it all, but life is busy and I didn’t want to go an yet another personal journey when life at home was off the hook busy.

On the second day of the seminar a woman that I have never met stood at the front of the room to start her session.  Before getting started she said she just felt compelled to say something that had come to her.  She had a vision, a vision of a dancer, a ballerina.  She had my attention.  The night before we were asked to bring some photos of when we were a baby, when were were about 12, and pictures of our parents.  I had 2 photos with me from when I was 12.  They were both of me dancing.  She continued to talk about her vision.  She saw a ballerina in blue.  One of my pictures was of me, in a blue costume, now she really had my attention.  I wanted to know more!  She said to whomever this ballerina in blue was that it was my time, my year, things were going to happen for me.

I’ll take it! I feel empowered this year, I feel like it is my time and it has given me a ton of motivation to keep pushing forward through this challenge.  Thank you Kristen for your vision.  A bit of advice for myself and you all, keep an open mind and open in heart in whatever you do,  people and things can always surprise you.  Good day from the ballerina in blue:)

ballerina in blue




Created on 2017-02-28 14:59:33

Week 3

I can’t believe the response from people while doing this challenge.  Everyone, even my fellow competitors have been so supportive.  I think that comes from sincerity.  I need to be here, I need to recognize my weaknesses and my strengths in order to move forward as a person.  I have always been so focused on everyone else s success, kids work, volunteering that I have never considered investing in myself.  It is difficult but I am starting to get it.  Even in the first month of putting myself firste, everything else is flowing in a positive direction.

It is not all sunshine and rainbows tho.  I am tired, I want to eat bad things, and drink with my friends.  The regulars in my life are starting to get it.  I love you all! I am getting my muscle strength back and the gym and losing inches.  Progress is slow but it is sustainable.  The snow has put a bit of a damper on my ability to get to and from sponsors and the gym but I am sure I will make up for it in good time.

Happy Snow Day





Created on 2017-02-07 18:43:06

Week 2

Now that the novelty of the competition has worn off reality has set in.  I am hungry, thirsty and soar.  Well …… I am not thirsty for water since I am drinking half my body weight in ounces per day! The real challenge starts now, commitment, perseverance and determination, time to dust these babies off and see what I’ve got!

This week was focused on good snacks and getting sponsorship.  Thanks Gina and Faleen from #Herbalife for introducing me  to your protein shakes.  I have always been opposed to shakes, thinking they were for muscle bound gym monkeys but I realize it is important not to skip meals and if I gotta shake, I gotta shake!  I visited a lovely Gluten Free Cafe in Langley called the Dragonfly, it was adorable! I met  my first sponsor Marzela,  it was nice to finally connect with someone you follow on Instagram!  I would also like to thank the other folks that have signed on to support my journey.  Liz and Natalie Crawford from the Crawford Team at Remax, Paige from Close to Home Organics and of course Marzela from Bella Cibo.  I would also like to thank Studio One and Buns and Bowls for signing on to participate in the Amazing Race on February 25th, can’t wait!

tammy and cherise

Cheers Tammy!  mmmmmmm Aloe drink :p



Created on 2017-02-01 09:30:24

group shot of tmc langleyweek 1 tmc pic 2

wek 1 tmc pic 1

Created on 2017-01-30 12:52:06

Week 1

The first week of the challenge was a blast!  Meeting 60 women in one room that are going through the same things you are is a pretty uplifting feeling.  We must realize that we aren’t alone in anything we do, I forgot that.  All the ladies are lovely and it will be exciting to see everyone transform over the next 4 months.

It was great getting back to the gym and seeing some friendly faces along the way.  I have had a standing gym date Monday nights for the last few years with a good friend but I just stopped going when work got to busy.  I forgot how much I loved it!.  Jolene, one of the employees at She’s Fit is a serious butt kicker, thanks for the jump start Jolene!

We had our first meeting this week with the Langley Group and we got some great nutrition tips from Gina and Faleen of Herbalife.  The challenge of this week was mostly getting our food consumption into check.  It is a real eye opener how many calories in general people consume in a day, we need to slow down and start fueling ourselves with good food.  We don’t put crappy gas in our curs, why do we insist on putting it in our bodies!  Make healthy choices, eat more leafy greens, support local and be Happy!






Created on 2017-01-30 10:42:43

About Me


Hi Everyone, thank you for taking the time to check in and learn more about me.   Before we dig deeper I thought I would share a bit about myself and what this contest means to me. I simply want to be honest with you (and myself). No sugar coating, sugar has been cut from my diet this blog will be raw baby!

OK, here it goes……….

  • I am the mother of three very wonderful kids who make me proud
  • I have an amazing partner
  • I have an amazing job
  • I have a nice home in a nice neighborhood with an old black dog (no  white fence)
  • I have great friends and family
  • I have a university education
  • I am dysfunctionally ambitious

So what the hell is wrong with me!?

  • I eat too much
  • I drink too much
  • I lack confidence
  • I am constantly searching for something, WHAT, what is it?

Is it inner peace, self acceptance, self care, who knows, that is what I am hear to find out.  There has been too many times where I have found myself in a vodka, chip depression searching for the next best thing.  At this point, I love where I am and I don’t want to loose it due to self destruction.  My only answer to the problem is that it is me.  I am blocking my own potential.  I am done with that.  Let’s do this!

My goal with this challenge is not only to put myself on the right path but to lead others that may have the same struggles and give them some inspiration.  This is not easy, putting it all out there like that.  Oh…… and that picture to the left, all I can say is what the heck happened to me……..let the transformation begin!

Cheers- Cherise


Created on 2017-01-29 12:05:29