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Tonight is the night where the winner will be announced. I haven’t slept at all with all these emotions running through me. I’ll try writing this blog without crying….(I am a crier so beware)

I wanted to start off by Thanking you all  for following and supporting my journey the last 4 months. Your kind words, your love, and time has touched my heart in many ways. Without each and everyone of you I wouldn’t be where I am today. There has been highs and there has been lows, and yet I am still here.. and you still follow me faithfully.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart :)

Also A huge Thank you to Shape your World Society for choosing me, for believing in me from the beginning to the end. The people I have meet have all touched my heart in more ways than one. I won’t name you as you know who you are.. (also becus I don’t want to cry). Without you all there beside me the whole way throu, I don’t think I would have made it this far.. You are all truly amazing woman, that inspired me to be a better me. Don’t every stop doing what your doing. And hope that next year I will be able to join this team of amazing woman, and give back.

But… much as this has been amazing, life changing…

I need to focus on my Event planning (signed up for Sept courses), and my debit (Thank you Melanie from World Financial), My boyfriend (who I have been neglecting), family/ friends (who supported me but I have put them all on the back burner), losing weight and getting to the gym (Gina, Fey you have not gotten rid of me, your stuck with me forever). I have a 5km run to get ready for..

No matter what happens tonight, I know that I am a winner. What I have accomplished in the last 4 months, I am  so proud of myself. I’m walking away a new me, a happier me, a confident me, stronger me\, new friendships. I’m ready to take everything I have learned and apply it to my everyday life..Fear will no longer get in my way. Depression is a thing of the past.  Happiness and positivity is the NEW ME!

So my last words to you all…thank you again, I love each and everyone of you.. And watch out for  this girl.. Tomorrow is a new day.. and a new beginning.


Created on 2017-05-16 14:07:21

Edited on 2017-05-16 15:47:39

Oh my god, the pain in my legs…..I can hardly walk , it’s is going to be interesting tonight at practice..

Sunday morning and our last fitting for the fashion show.. its starting to hit me that this is coming to an end in just a few days.  I will not lie I will miss the meetings, the get together, the friendships, the support, and most of the hustle and bustle. My life has never been so busy and full of excitement and fun.. that I question what next?

I have a plan in place, but the void will still be there. I know that real life is about to begin again and this lalala land that I lived in for the last 4 months will come to an end. It has been  amazing and I cherished every moment. But like Gina said to us THIS IS NOT REAL LIFE!

But for now it is not over….so off I go to get the girls for fittings at Rack fashion..I had so much fun, it didn’t take long to be fitted. And I love love my outfit. Not something I would have ever picked out for myself (I don’t wear skin tight dresses), but I feel awesome in it.. I know you want to see it too.. But I can’t show you just yet or it won’t be a surprise Tuesday night at the fashion show :)

From there it was off for another fashion show practice. Heels for 3 hours. it was tough as my legs are in so much pain from the run. But I did it, and I am pretty excited for Tuesday night.. Top models :)

That’s it for today, The finale is just 2 more sleeps… oh my, are you ready for this to all end? Are you not going to wonder what Bonnie is up to now? I have become your life for the last 4 months.. I promise thou… that my journey is not over.. and you will be able to follow me as I plan on  creating a blog.. as I find journaling every day helps me, get thru each day.. and I also hope that my journey inspires others, and that I will  continue to inspire , even after this challenge.

Happy Mothers day to all the moms out there…enjoy your day :)



Created on 2017-05-15 15:54:23

Edited on 2017-05-15 20:01:40


This morning I woke with a lot of anxiety about this race.  10km what was I thinking?

Once I picked up the girls it was off to Vancouver. I don’t drive into Vancouver, bridges, busy streets, aggressive drivers, not knowing if I am going in the right or wrong direction. But we made it: UBC Campus..

As we made our way up to the event excitement took over.  In line we went to pick up our Tshirts and bibs 7579. That’s me.. A part of me wanted to change to the 5km run, but if I learned anything thru this challenge it is about pushing yourself out of your comfort zone, and to have a positive mind.

As we started meeting up with the Abby ladies, Board members, and Langley ladies.. it was time for a group picture, and warm up.

10km runners time to line up and get this race started.. Oh my I can do this right?  What if I am the last one? What if the race is over and I still have not made it thru the finishing line? I started feeling like I wanted to vomit, due to the voice in my heard.

On your marks get set GO!  Off we went.. thru the forest on Ubc campus, very pretty, and there were cheerleaders along the route to keep us motivated to keep going.  I can do this.. Tina by my side, she pushed me and I pushed her.. It was nice to do my first ever 10km run with a friend.. it did';t seem like I was in a race but that I was out with a friend catching up on life :)

There was many times I ws ready to give up, but seeing the markers 5km, 6km, then 9km.. I knew I had this. off I go to the finish line and came in at 1hour 21 minutes..

I did it I am so dam proud of myself.. I wanted to cry.. Fear did not get the best of me. And I am ready for my next race in August.

Thank you to all the TMC Langley ladies for believing in me, and being there with me to cheer me on and after.. And to Tina who never left my side :)

I am still shocked I did it..


Created on 2017-05-15 15:41:02

Edited on 2017-05-15 16:00:21



What is the SHOPPERS LOVE. YOU. Run for WOMEN?

The SHOPPERS LOVE. YOU. Run for Women is a national event series, held in 15 cities across Canada in support of women’s mental health programs. Year after year, participants and their families help raise money that directly benefits local women’s mental health programs. Moreover, the SHOPPERS LOVE. YOU. Run for Women is about feeling good. Did you know, numerous studies have shown that aerobic exercise that raises your heart rate for at least 25 minutes can have the same effect on your brain chemistry as antidepressant drugs and structured talk therapy1? We want to celebrate this effective method of anxiety and depression management, which is why we put on 15 run/walk events across the country!


I will admit I am very nervous and feeling anxious about this run/walk. I have never ever participated in something like this, and I don’t know what to except  and I am worried that I will be left behind as I am not a big runner. (just started).

I know that we are all in this together but I would never want to hold anyone back.  A part of me would love to come up with an excuse to not go. that would be easier than facing my fear and insecurities head on.

But I learned thru out this whole journey that fear is not going to make the decisions instead I will step out of my comfort zone and accomplish this. I know that once I complete the race how amazing I will feel, and excited. It will be an adrenaline rush (or it will kill me) and I will want to sign up for the next race.

Wish me luck followers….xoxoxo


Created on 2017-05-12 16:18:09

Edited on 2017-05-12 16:21:25


Voting is now closed and I came in 6th spot.

I wanted to say thank you to each and every person that took the time out of their lives to vote for me. And shared my posts and asked friends and family to support me.  I truly felt loved all week long.

I’m oky coming in last place, you see why? When I was in Round 1 -Top 30, I was in the bottom for voting and I made it to Top 15. Then in round 2 – Top 15, I was too in the bottom and I made it through to Top 6.  Voting is only worth 30% of points, and it does not determine who the winner is of this challenge. There is still a chance that I can be the winner. I’ve sold tickets, I attended the gym, I participated, I inspired, and of course I was all over social media.

YEH NO MORE VOTING!!! My Facebook is going to wonder what happened. lol

May 16th is the night at the fashion show that the winner will be announced.

Please keep following my journey and see what is to come..

love you all near and far


Created on 2017-05-11 22:18:38

Edited on 2017-05-12 14:17:17



•See to the left under my pictures the SAVE VOTE button.

•Click the this Save Vote button 10x’s till you reached max votes.

I’m in 6th place right now, it would be nice to move up even if it is to 5th before voting is over. But if I finish in 6th I am ok with it.. it’s not judged just on the voting, I can still win this :)  Will find out next Tuesday on the 16th !

Created on 2017-05-11 14:23:42

Edited on 2017-05-11 14:31:55



I can’t believe tonight was the last weigh in.. I have a feeling that there will be another surprise weigh in the night of the fashion show..Tonight I was down 3.2 lbs a total lose of 29 lbs  since I started this journey.

Those 4:00am work outs really worked.. and to think that tonight I was told after my measurements that I have the perfect hour glass body. Me? I never heard that before, and I am pretty happy about that, as I always loved my curves and now to know that I have the perfect body, these curves are staying :)

We also had dinner at Sammy J’s with the Top 6 ladies, and the board member’s (Debbie, Anita and Tammy). I think we all splurged and enjoyed our meal, tomorrow is a new day, no guilt. I am learning still that it is ok to enjoy an evening out.

Emotions are running high for me right now, I can’t believe this is coming to an end, those that have been my weekly routine will no longer be in it anymore..This brings tears to my eyes just writing this.. I know that its not good bye as they will always be a part of my life, and if I fall which I am sure I will they will be there to pick me up.

These woman Top 30, Sponsors, Shape your World Board members, Gina and Fey, friends, family, all have been so supported and I am thankful to you all.

Don’t forget to vote.. its coming to an end.



Created on 2017-05-11 14:20:27

Edited on 2017-05-11 14:29:18

Hi everyone,

Sorry I have not blogged in a few days, it has been a busy few days, and here I am now to fill you in..

Voting week, is so stressful, Friday I started in First place, and since then have been living at the bottom in 6th. I know that I have lots of family and friends, and friends of friends voting. And I thank each and everyone of you that is. At the beginning of this challenge I use to let voting week get to me, stress over it, bombard my facebook with messages minute after minute..This time round I’ve decided to not post as much. And look I still made it to TOP 6.. But please don’t stop voting, you have all of today and tomorrow till noon to vote for me..

Monday: I woke up at 4:00 am to get my work out in, I am really liking the early morning work outs, it might just be my new routine once the challenge is over..Tonight we had fashion show practice in Abby at the Phoenix. It was nice to be able to hear the music, and strut our stuff around the floor. There was a lot of laughter with my partner Erin as we come up with fun poses in our partner routines..As I was coming home one of our songs for the fashion show came on the radio and I was ready to pull over and get out and start striking a pose :) I can’t wait for this to all come together, One more practice this Sunday..

Tuesday: Vote, vote, vote.. my facebook is all about voting.. Make over challenge Abby/ Langley, and politics..Did you vote, for me of course?? Today in the mail I received the beautiful necklace I bought from 3 Gems when I was at the retreat a few weeks ago. On the necklace the words” She Believes she could, so she did “. These are strong words for me, as this challenge has been a struggle at times, and I never gave up on my self. And every time I wear this necklace it will remind me I could and I did :)

Tonight it was off to Vanilla clothing to try on some clothes for the fashion show. I wore Vanilla fashion for my fundraiser fashion show, so I knew what they had and was ready to step out of my comfort zone..As I picked and tried and picked and tried, I fell in love with a green dress..I walked out of the changing room feeling so beautiful and excited. Due to only having 1 dress left in stock it was a NO :( But in the end I found a beautiful summer dress, that flows, and shows of my new figure.

I wasn’t in the mood to go to the gym with the day being so beautiful so off to Derby Reach to go walking and running (Houston Trail). Its such an amazing feeling being in nature listening to the birds sing with happiness, it automatically puts you in a feel good mood..I left there feeling refreshed, and it allowed me to clear my head.

Tonight is weigh in and my scale at homes shows I am down 3.5 lbs, lets see what happens on Gina and Faleen’s scale.. Stay tuned.


Also having issues downloading pictures, I have not given up, will try again tonight.. If I can’t then I will upload my instagram so you can watch my journey and see day to day pics.

Created on 2017-05-10 15:51:06

Edited on 2017-05-10 18:00:33



•Click the link above and it will bring you right to the voting page.

•Find me Bonnie Blanchard

•Click the vote button, under my picture

•Then at top of screen save vote

•Repeat 10 x’s until you have reached your maxed votes for the day.



Created on 2017-05-08 20:58:59

And finally Sunday:

Today I woke up early to get my work out in before I headed out for the day.. I have found happiness again in working out, and doing it early morning or later in the evening. I haven’t been able to get to She’s Fit, which sucks as I get points.. But my condo gym, is where it all happens. I am not fearful there.. I run, and squat, push ups, sit ups, and so much more.. I’m alone and no one there to watch me..

Anyways the best part of today for me was spending time with my mom. She is my biggest supporter, and with Mother’s day being next week, and us having a fitting, and fashion practice, there was no time to celebrate mother’s day, so I made it a week early :)

I surprised her by brining her to the Backyard Winery, She has never been to a winery and loves wine..She was shocked, and excited.. as we walked around the premises learning all about wine making, and tasting wines, and munching on cheese and crackers. My mom is a workaholic,and doesn’t get out much to do things for her, so getting to spend this time together was special for both of us..

I left there ready to conquer the fashion show practice. I think the wine helped :)

As we started walking and strutting our stuff, it became so much easier.. and fun. I was paired up with Erin for some of the show, as we both walk fast..I am really excited as we both are spicy and we were told through out the fashion show make up some of your own moves, and show confidence and sass.. And that’s exactly what we are doing.

Hope your all as excited as I am for Shape your Vogue Fashion Show.

Love you all, and thank you again for voting for me.

Created on 2017-05-08 18:09:35

Edited on 2017-05-10 15:55:58

Today I don’t have much to share with you, as it was the day I had to make my video of my journey.

As I was putting it together with help from my Sister and brother in law.. it brought tears to my eyes. Happy tears to see how far I have come.. but also tears of sadness as in just a week and 1 day it will all be over.

I still can’t believe its coming to an end.. 4 months of the best journey of my life. I’m no longer that girl that started this challenge 4 months ago.. I have grown into this butterfly, and am ready to be released into the world.

I know that there will be times that I will want to go back to the old Bonnie.. but I promise myself and to you all that will never happen… I have big plans..

I wouldn’t have gotten this far with out the support of the board members of Shape your World Society, The other ladies in this challenge, who O now call my friends, all those following my journey, whether I meet you or haven’t, and most important to my family.

(When this is done I promise to share my video with you, its a contest to win the video for the 2018 Make over)

Created on 2017-05-08 16:00:22

It’s time to fill you all in on my week end.. I am going to have to do it in bits and pieces, since it was a busy week end..

Friday it started off with visiting a finical advisor. I’ve always been afraid to sit down with an advisor, due to me debit, and having no savings. Sitting with Melanie from World Financial she listened to my goals and when I wanted to achieve them. Now she will come up with a plan. Next meeting will be on Friday after work. I can truly say I am excited to have this second visit with her.. and to hear all her suggestions to get my debit paid down, go to school, buy a place, and most important save for my retirement.

From there it was off to Cleo’s in the mall, to try on our outfit for the fashion show on May 16th. First thing I see is white ankle pants.. WHITE! Those that have struggled with weight all their lives understand white is not our friends.. But it is all about stepping out of my comfort zone.. and I did just that..White ankle pants it is..(now to buy white undies). I am pretty happy with my outfit, even thou it would not be my first choice, but some of the other ladies were not..As Erin, Char and myself were sitting outside the store, Char truly was not happy but yet didn’t have the courage to voice her opinion to want to change her outfit..So Erin and I went in.. Me being shy (yes I am shy) had to be the voice, and in the end both Erin and Char got new outfits.. I went home feeling strong, and happy that I was able to help my friends. Its not just about me its about supporting the other ladies too..

Still surprises me how I found my voice..maybe I will have to find the voice more often :)

Also thank you for voting.. I was in first place for a little bit, but continued to jump around through out the nite.. The support and love is there. (made my bf take a screen shoot of me in first, as I was out, and I needed proof)

Don’t forget to vote again tomorrow….

Created on 2017-05-08 15:43:51

Edited on 2017-05-08 16:01:54



  • Click the link above  and it will bring you right to the voting page.

  • Find me Bonnie Blanchard

  • Click the vote button, under my picture

  • Then at top of screen save  vote

  • Repeat 10 x’s until you have reached your maxed votes for the day.


Created on 2017-05-05 19:28:24

Last night we had to go to Rebel Kat in White Rock to get fitted and chose our outfits for the fashion show on May 16th. I bought my cocktail dress from there so I was very excited to go back again to have some fun with the Top 6 ladies. Found a fun blue and white poka dot dress, with red tulle under it.. and now need to find white heels. I am loving it and can’t wait for you to all see it.. I also treated myself to a cute fun summer dress, I am loving that I am taking risks and stepping out of my comfort zone.. and adding color.

A few of use were going to go for a walk on the pier but by the time we finished it was raining.. this so called storm. lol SO we went out for dinner instead. It was nice to get out with the girls and have some fun.. I truly hope that we remain friends after this is said and done.. I’ve already decided that first weigh in when the challenge is over will be at my house..we need to stay focused and accountably to one another and our selves. And I know with the support from these ladies and board members I need this in my life.

When I got home at 830pm, as I mentioned in my blog yesterday that I was going to step it up this round.. so off to the condo gym, where I got my sweat on.. I felt so alive after and proud of myself for not coming home finding an excuse not to, instead I found every reason to..

Anyways that’s it for tonight.. its late and this girl needs to get some sleep, its a busy week end ahead of me.. and tomorrow is voting day. So be prepared and make sure to share my with friends and family.. this is for the win ladies and gentleman.. help me get there :)

Created on 2017-05-05 16:18:15

Wednesday night was weigh in.. I was feeling pretty good considering I stepped up my game worked out more, ate less… and when I got on the scale I remained the same. Staying the same is good, it’s not a gain.. But I felt really bummed.. This round for some reason I have not been able to lose weight. I have decided it is time to go back to the basics, and go back to the beginning of this challenge as it worked. Maybe my body has adapted to the foods I am eating, maybe I need to step it up at the gym. But this week I plan on stepping it up.

Tonight we also did our vision boards. Now I have done one of these boards in the past but now that I am an adult a lot of my goals and dreams have changed.

ON my vision board I had vacation, as I love to travel and always wanted to travel the world, or at least tropical. I had event planner, as you know this is a goal I am working very hard on, and by putting myself out there my vision is coming alive. And then there was weight lose I would love to stay focused and active after this challenge and lose another 40 lbs. I added a house, I rent right now, and I figured with what I am paying in rent I could probably have owned by now.. so my dream is to own my own place, or even a vacation cabin. And last but not least marriage..I had to make the sacrifice to not have kids due to health reasons, and as I am getting older I have excepted this but marriage is not something I am giving up on.. I’ve always wanted to be a bride, my wedding is already planned.. lucky man. lol And in the middle I have the words Girl on top.. becus when I achieve all these things I will be on top of the world.

I’ll post a picture tonight for you to see my board, and have a better idea.

Tonight I was also approached by one of our Shape Your world Society members Tammy.. She is starting her own travel adventure and fun business and she has asked me to work with her to put together events.. we are starting of small, but Tammy is full of ideas I can’t wait to sit down and talk to her more. Her plan is by June 22-25 a getaway. Mark it on your calendar and come join us :)

My life right now is on a high and everything is falling into place..

Created on 2017-05-05 16:10:57

Check out my video below.. This truly shows you my journey from beginning to now.

When I started this journey I was in such an unhappy place of depression. I know me? Believe me, I am good at hiding my feelings with my smile. I always figured as long as I get up in the morning put on a happy face no one will ever know exactly how I was feeling.

It took a lot for me to hit send on my application that day. I didn’t think I was ready, I didn’t believe that I could do this. But here I am 4 months later and what an adventure it has been.

It hasn’t been all about the weight lose for me, even thou I have lost weight and continue watching my food, and exercising.. it was that I needed to find myself again, and my happiness. And I can truly say I have done just that.

A friend of mine watched my video and cried (I’ve cried many times watching this video), She told me what a change she has seen in me, the confidence, the attitude the will to keep pushing myself..that it has made me a better person..and someone that people want to be around.

I can go on and on how this challenge has changed my life, but I am sure from the video you will see my transformation. And those that are in my circle of friends/ family you remind me all the time just how happy you of me, and that I am inspiring others to follow their goals and dreams.

Voting starts tomorrow and I would love so much to win this competition.. I know if your reading this, you believe in me and know I can win this.. So stay tuned…

Just one last thing to say: Thank you to the board members (you know who you are) of Shape your world society for choosing me, and believing in me..

Created on 2017-05-04 15:42:17

Edited on 2017-05-04 15:44:01

I have some exciting news to share with you all.. I finally took the steps towards my future.

Yesterday I decided to conquer my fear and go after my dream of wanting to become an event planner. I have always been afraid of rejection, that I won’t be able to do it, I won’t be able to afford going to school, I won’t be able to break out of my shyness, I won’t be good enough, I won’t, I won’t I won’t . Lot’s of excuses to why I can’t.

As this challenge is coming to an end in a few weeks, and I am feeling stronger, and confident I know I got this, and that I can do this. And I know that I am not alone on this path, that I have a huge support system behind me near and far. And they will all be there to help me if I fail, and they will all be there to encourage me and remind me that I can do this..

I posted on Facebook and shared with you all..and the responses I received has just empowered me that much more to go after my dream.

I already have in the works, a bride who wants to help me with my portfolio (start my portfolio), to work with her on her 2018 wedding. And I have an amazing woman Catherine that reached out to me from Wow : Woman of Worth WOW WEBSITE And I have a meeting with her this Thursday to see how I can fit into her organization and volunteer my time in learning hands on and gain experience.

I am so thankful to everyone that believes in me, and supports me not just on this journey but on me, and my choices in life.

Created on 2017-05-03 15:52:33

And to Sunday…woke up not feeling good about myself, and emotional.

Then I saw the video of my journey on youtube that Trish posted.
(trying to upload the video but it won’t let me, google utube bonnie blanchard total makeover, to find it) if you can’t message me and I’ll show you how Its a must see video to see where I was and where I am now.

Anyways between the video and yesterday I was starting my day off emotional, so much so I went to the gym and worked out for 2 hrs.. Once I was done that I meet the TMC past and present ladies for some fun, learning self defense. (Thank you to MB for arranging this).

challenge 2620

It was so nice to see the ladies I miss them so much, and to hear how they are handling day to day life after the challenge made me go home, and really think. 2 weeks and I will be feeling the same. The void, the friendships, the support, the weigh ins.

I started feeling will I be able to do this when its all over, will I gain back what I lost, will I find myself in a depression again.

The challenge has kept me busy, the challenge has been my life for the last 4 months and its coming to an end..

But I look back at my journey here and watch that video over and over.. and smile.. I am not that girl anymore, I am confident, sexy, beautiful, have a voice, has a mission in life, and as much I will miss seeing everyone, and getting together, it’s not over its just the beginning of the next chapter.

Created on 2017-05-02 02:44:42

Edited on 2017-05-02 03:35:06

Now Saturday: This was a long long day of fun, emotions, and laughter:

Final day of Glam, today is the my make up, hair, and photo shoot.

It started at 800 am at Shoppers Thuderbird for Make up. Thanks to Christina she came in early to make sure I felt beautiful and special today. The look I chose to go for this time was romantic soft. Eye it was all about focusing on my eyes.

From there it was off to the The Looking Glass for my hair. I love my new hair color and bob so much I almost didn’t want to do anything with my hair, but then once I showed Jessika my hair band it was all about the curls and romantic look.

challenge 2563

From here off I went to Tarra Lee Photography where I became a model for the next hour. I will not lie it is tough work being a model. You have to be standing a certain way, head positioned, chin down, smile but not a cheesy walmart smile. We got all my outfits in, and now can’t wait for my reveal.

From there it was off to the Running room, where I meet Kerry. For those that know me I do not run, so it was very intimidating going into a running store. Choices were limited, and sizes were very small. I struggled to find something that would fit me, and I felt sexy, beautiful and comfie in. As I struggled in the changing room, I started feeling fat, and insecure, and unhappy, becus nothing fit.. I chose an outfit only becus it fit, not for any other reason. In came 2 other challengers Erin and Taryn..they had no issue finding something they both liked. I left feeling very insecure, unhappy, and honestly asked why bother doing the challenge if I can’t fit in a regular size store.I hid my feeling from the other 2 ladies as we went to Optical International to have some fun trying on glasses.

Optical is one of our sponsors and we have to chose a pair of glasses and sunglasses to wear down the runway.I am excited as I feel in love with a pair of Versace glasses.. wanna see.. see the pic below. R u lovin them like I am.

After some fun with the ladies it was home where I reached out to the ladies cordinating the fashion show to let them know how I was feeling. If you don’t say something how would they know, right. They both came back sharing with me their struggles and story of their journey, and reminded me I got this, and I have rocked this, and am Beautiful.. Its just a number, and don’t let it judge you in any way.

I end this blog with many emotions, but reminded myself work out clothes is like trying on a bathing suit… not fun! And remember that it is not YOU its the clothes.. And don’t beat yourself up over it.. as you are beautiful..


Created on 2017-05-02 02:02:59

Edited on 2017-05-02 02:24:57

Well the week end is over… and it was a roller coaster ride of emotions for me this week end.  I’m going to start with Friday..

Friday:  After work I decided to go to the mall. After getting my hair done and feeling amazing, I decided that I wasn’t stepping out of my comfort zone for my photo-shoot on Saturday. Black Dress, Black top with jeans.. COLOR was a MUST!  I decided to go into a store that I would never ever go into becus I am not a size 2 and they won’t fit. But its about pushing myself out of my comfort zone, and that’s what I was going to do.. I walked in intimidated by the clothes, boy they looked tiny what was I Thinking?

As I talked with the sales associate and told her what I was looking for off to the changing room to try a few off the shoulder tops. (love showing off my neck)..Size Medium, I highly thought what is she thinking..As I was trying on these tops and fitting my eye caught a colbalt lace off the shoulder dress.. $120.00 there is NO WAY, I can afford this..but it is so pretty..

I watch a lot of Say Yes to the Dress, and the rule is never  try on a dress you can’t afford. But I had to. In the changing room I go with the colbalt dress , size Med.. and wow what a dress.. WOW!  Is all I had to say when I came out and saw my new hair and this dress in the mirror, could it also be the smile on my face wearing this, or the fact I felt beautiful, and sexy, and I have curves. I can  see my new body in this dress, and want to show it to the world.

I finally broke and bought the dress, reasoning with myself how often I will get to wear this dress. photo Shoot, Fashion show, Christmas party, Date Night.  When I brought it home, and showed my boyfriend his mouth dropped.

I made the right choice and sometimes you just need to splurge on something that makes you feel beautiful !


challenge 2568

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Where to start, I am so lucky once again to be given this chance.. look at me.. look at the transformation I have done.. I am all about embracing change in my life, and I am so thankful for this opportunity.

Off to the Looking glass I went to be transformed into this beauty.

Chelsea did my nails for me, as they were red and black from cocktail night and they needed a change for my photo shoot this week end. We went with a nice romantic pink and sparkle.. and I am loving it. Soft, beautiful, girlie. From there let’s try waxing.. eye browns and upper lip..

Then it was the moment. As you can see from the above picture that my hair needed something, and I went in undecided. After talking to Jessika, my choices were pink or dark.. Funny as I was thinking of going dark myself.. Jessika was so excited that her inspiration was Emma Stone.. Who. lol As she started adding the color, which I must say looked like butter chicken in a bowl, I started to feel at ease and trust.. And the end result… loving it!

From there it was off to find an off the shoulder top for my shoot.. Found not 1 but 2.. so I chose the one that made me feel sexy with my new hair. Tight skinny jeans, and wow I see it now.. the weight lose, the transformation.. Can I say tears of happiness over came me as I looked in the mirror….

I finally see what everyone else see in me, I’M BEAUTFUL :)

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I did it, I lost the 1.6 lbs that I gained 2 weeks back over Easter Week end.  Being away last week end and having no control over all my meals I was afraid with the lack of exercise  that I might had gained this week, or stayed the same.. I haven’t been able to get to the gym as much as I like to, and I know that this is something that I need to focus on more.

But I was back to 179.6, under 180 once again.. I’m not looking to be a size 6 or to be 135lbs.. These are just numbers and I find that many focus on the numbers rather on how you feel in your clothes and in your body..

We also learned tonight how to de clutter your house. Had the job of talking to Susan, and she was able to  shed some light on why I am so Anal when it comes to cleaning my house. Apparently I am this way because my head is cluttered (have short term focus), so I like to be in control and organized in my living space, work area, car :)

We also learned 3 easy steps to clean as you go or de clutter:

5 – throw out 5 things a day

10- put away 10 things a day (ex: being a woman in the morning, I have make up hair products, perfume etc all on the counter, put it away)

15- every day take 15 minutes t0 clean.

Our challenge this week was to throw out 5 things and take a picture and post it on facebook. Last night I managed to do this (2 tops (as I bought 2 new tops last night), and a bottle on my counter, box on my table, and an old cutting board.

I put the challenge out to you, can you do.. tell me what you threw out today ?

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This week is a busy week getting glammed up for my photo shoot this Saturday.  I am so excited for this photo shoot with Tarra Lee Photography, this shoot is all about us, and I have chosen, girl next door and glam. my day to day is casual business so Tarra and I decided since I like bling and dress up. I have been spending my evenings trying to figure out what t wear, that I finally have it down to 2 dresses and 2 outfits with jeans.  I was going to go buy something for the shoot, but decided to put on my size 14 goal jeans and wear them for the shoot.. a reminder that I did it, I reached my goal pants..

So my glam week started off with going to Fabutan: Hush lashes for extensions.  I always wanted extensions but the fear and horror stories I have heard had me very scared that I would lose my natural lashes which I love very much. 2 .5 hrs later and a very patient Liz, this was the final result..

I am so happy and excited about them, that I no longer need mascara. My only to go make up.. for once I am natural.. and it feels great. Waking up and ready to go..

Not sure if this is something I will continue due to funds.. but thank you to Shape your World Society and Hush for allowing me to experience extensions..

Tomorrow is weigh in and feeling pretty nervous due to my weight gain the last weigh in.. so stay tuned..

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Hi all, what a week end..

It was an honor to spend the last 3 days at the Tigh na Mara resort in Parksville, with the Top 6 ladies in Langley, and the Top 5 & Wild card from Abby, and our leadership.

I wasn’t sure what  to expected this week end, but I can tell you the amount of knowledge, wisdom, talent, success, power, beauty, and love in this seminar. I was coming home with something.

Hearing the stories from all journeys of life, made me see what I still needed to accomplish in my own life. I learned that I still have a fear of rejection, and afraid of failure. These are strong words and only I can make the changes I need to succeed in anything I want to do.  There was a quote this week end ” Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will.” Why doubt myself, why be scared to follow my dreams.  I learned I needed to change my mind set, and know that I CAN DO IT, AND I WILL!

Leaving this week end with the connections of these woman, I feel so empowered and will continue my journey to success. With the advise from Jo Dible, I am looking to volunteer my time with an event planner with in my area to job shadow and see if this is indeed the path of life I want to go down..

I am truly blessed for being in this challenge, and am very thankful to Shape your World Society for taking a chance on have changed my life forever.






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Feeling pretty bummed from last nights weigh in. I knew I had a bad week end, with going away and not having control of the food being cooked. I thought I did pretty good, by making sure we went for hikes, and walks,  but for the first time since I started this challenge I gained. My weigh in last night was at 180.6, that’s a weight gain of 1.6 lbs. I know that I shouldn’t beat myself up over it, I am human and reality is life, and that we are going to be faced with these ups and downs all the time, as this is a journey.

So back at it today, started tracking again this week, and getting to the gym when time allows. I have been finding it hard to get to the gym. And I will not lie this cold is just knocking me down from any energy I may have..

We also went to Zealous Art in Langley Zealous Art website for our weigh in meeting. It was nice that The Abby ladies joined us for a night of creating, singing, and laughs. We created a butterfly, I never thought that I would create something so beautiful.. I am excited to do this again, hopefully soon.


That’s it for today, tonight I am off to Tarra Photography to discuss my upcoming photo shoot.

Then its home I go to pack and get ready for this week ends getaway :)


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Hope everyone had a great long week end :)  Mine was great even thou I am battling a nasty cold, that has taken all my energy.

I struggled this week end  being away from home all week end, and trying to make healthy food choices. I will not lie, I made some bad food choices. But id didn’t kick myself for it, it happens, I am human, and it was 1 week end, and today I am back on track.  I learned thru out this challenge that you can’t beat yourself up when you eat something bad or you don’t get to work out. And this is something I stick with, knowing that tomorrow is a fresh new start.

Anyways as the week progresses it is getting busy ,being in the Top 6, there is a lot of appointments to book. See below for what the Top 6 gets this round: Feeling so spoiled :)

ALL TOP 5 plus Wildcard Challengers will receive:

  • A gym membership with SHE’S FIT
  • Weekly Weigh and Measures by HERBALIFE
  • Weight Loss Coaching and  Nutritional Support BY HERBALIFE
  • Professional Hair Cut and Color with hand and foot massage by THE LOOKING GLASS SALON AND SPA
  • Professional Makeup Application by SHOPPERS DRUG MART
  • Professional Photo Shoot with TARRA LEE PHOTOGRAPHY.
  • Unlimited 1 month Yoga Membership with OXYGEN YOGA
  • Set of Lashes from FABUTAN LANGLEY
  • Skincare Set from DoTERRA
  • Flower Bouquet from SAVE ON FOODS
  • Lessons & Star in a Fashion Show
  • Team Building Getaway to Tigh Na Mara Spa with FROCK-OFF
  • Art Workshop by ZEALOUS ART

Tonight is weigh in at Zealous art, where we will be attending a paint night. I have always wanted to try paint night but just couldn’t  afford it.. So tonight is super exciting for me.

This week we also have to write up a 2.5-3 min speech that will be recorded this week end about our journey and what have we learned or gained from this experience. (stay tuned this will be up for next voting round).  I am excited  about this, because I decided to start at Day 1 in my blog, and read my journey. This should give me inspiration about my journey.. Even thou I know my ahhh moments, and my achievements.

Thursday we are off to the island, so excited to spend some time with the other ladies and get to know some that I never really spoke with before, and grow strong bounds with those that I have.

I’ll blog again tomorrow to show off my master piece, and to share our evening with you :)


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Top 6 here I come……

Last night as I was at Shoppers getting my make up done for the Cocktail party, the thought of feeling like Cinderella was going to be coming to an end for 10 of us beautiful woman. Its like at the end of last night we were all going to lose our glass slipper, and turn into pumpkins.. It was the emotion I felt going into last night, and the way I felt most of the night until they announced the Top 6.

When I got there it was weigh in.. My goal at the end of round 2 was to be under 180 lbs, and last nights weigh in I came in at 178..Thats a 25 lbs weigh lose since I started this journey.

The night was so much fun, I had the support of my mom, 3 sisters, my brother in law, boyfriend, my profile sponsor , and my co worker and his wife.. Thank you to you all for coming out on a work night to celebrate me, and to support me on my journey..

It was so nice to see all the Top 15 ladies and 3 wild cards dressed up for the occasion, to the outfits, the hair, the make up.. heels.. we all transformed for the night into princess.. And I was so happy to share the night with these ladies :)

Thank you Trish for creating the Langley video for us. To see our transition thru out this journey.. made me cry. Happy tears as I am so proud of us all, and sad tears as tonight might be the end.  and I love each and everyone of these ladies.

As the Top 15 were called up, awards were announced.. I won for “no weight gain”. Something to be proud of as only 6 of us got this award.  Then it was time to announce the Top 5 &  Wild card… as the names got called: Erin, Tina,  Tammy, Char, Tayrn..(I will not lie, emotions took over I didn’t make it) ,.now in order for a wild card to go to the next round.. they would have had to lose more than 5% in weight. (Langley Top 15 ladies made it really hard, as together we have lost over 400lbs).. unfortunate no wild card was going to go thru… which meant a 6th from the Top 15 is moving thru…. and that was ME!!!!  I screamed and was so happy and excited.. and shocked..

Thank you to Remax for gifting each one of the Top 6 with a coach purse.. something I would never be able to afford myself :)

Ever woman was deserving of the Top 6 position, but I am super excited and happy to be moving forward on this journey with a bunch of amazing woman.. I know that those that didn’t make will continue their own journeys, and stay strong and committed to themselves. I truly love every single one of them.. and if any of you are reading my blog.. Know you have a cheerleader , and if you need a push, or want to go hiking, swimming, I am your gal :)

So that’s it… off to round 3.. it starts on Tuesday with weigh on and paint night.. then we are off for the week end to tigh-na-mara spa on the island.. and I am so excited.. Stay tuned.. and keep reading my blog..






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Today I got news that my new vehicle has arrived at MSA Ford. I was so excited as I have been waiting 10 weeks for my new vehicle. (factory ordered, all to have a moon roof). The Sales guy Dustin texted me a picture ..when I saw the picture I was in shock to see a black Ford Escape, when I ordered a white one.  I was so upset, the reason for this new vehicle is to be in a safe and reliable vehicle, so after much discussion, and some in store credit I will be going home with my new 2017 Black Ford Escape on Thursday night.. Just in time for the week end :)

This evening, I needed a me night, asked the bf to stay home so I can go to the gym, and get myself organized for tomorrow night.

Tonight I worked out for 2 hrs, it felt so good to get back to the gym.. I know that this is something that I will be continuing no matter what happens tomorrow night.. This is the new me, and I am so happy to have lost 23 lbs and to be healthy again.

It was a nice evening, of relaxation…

Tomorrow is the night where the Top 5 will be announced At Sammy J’s. I will not lie I am so nervous.. but happy and excited to get dressed up, and spend the night with family and friends.. Wish me luck.. I’ll blog tonight and let you know if I made Top 5..




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Tonight was all about pampering me and got a pedi and mani.. Just 2 sleeps away and the Top 5 will be announced.

I’m excited, and nervous, and just so happy that I made it this far.  A part of me will be very sad if I don’t. But deep down I’m already a winner, I have learned so much about myself these past 11 weeks, tried new things, stepped outside my comfort zone, lost weight, inspired others, found confidence, and happiness.. and meet amazing group of woman, who I can call my friends :)

But I am making it to Top 5.. I am confident.. even thou there is so many deserving ladies, I am not ready to give to say good bye :)

I spent the night getting my silent auction baskets together, and creating my picture frame for my photo shoot pic.. I must admit I love my new found creativity.. I love crafting again, and creating.. something that I stopped doing years ago..

Count down is on…. Top 5 here I come…



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Seems I am always running behind lately..

Sunday woke up to sunshine, it was such a nice change to see that I didn’t want to waste my day inside so the bf and I went to Derby reach to go for a hike/ walk.

Now let me tell you a bit about my bf, as I am very very proud of his own journey that he is on. About a year ago he lost over 75 lbs., and is still working on losing about 80 or more lbs. When we meet his weight bothered me, as I have never ever dated a bigger guy.. but he has a heart of gold, and would do anything for me, and treats me like the princess that I am :) Which made me see that the weight he can lose, but his heart will always be his heart.

He has told me over and over that I have inspired him to do better, and to get back to  losing weight. By making healthy food choices, drinking Herbal Life shakes, and getting active on week ends.

I was so proud of him today when we went on this hike.. It was not easy, and he did not complain, and managed to get thru the whole trail. He even helped me by cheering me on as I ran up all the hills.

This is a first time every that I’m with someone who supports my weight lose journey and gets active with me.. And for that I know that we will continue to support each other, and that I will never give up on me or us.



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So this morning I woke up at 4:30 am, to my bf snoring in my ear. The thoughts went thru my head smother him with the pillow or get up, and get moving.. Becus I care about him, I woke and went to work out downstairs. I started on the elliptical for 30 minutes, then moved to a floor work out, squats, abs, weights etc.. From there I figured it was still early, so why not finish on the treadmill. I have been nervous since I broke my foot in the first round to try any type f running, etc..(I don’t want to break my foot for the 3rd time).. As decided to try baby steps, and started running for 5 minutes, then walked.. I worked my way up to running for 20 minutes.. This was such a rush and a feeling.. I have decided I love to run! And my new goal is to be able to run for 45-60 minutes none stop.

From there off to Abbotsford. I had to stop into my moms store Suzannes to pick up a gift card for my gift basket and to pick up a jean jacket that I ordered in. Once I got there, mom kindly reminded me that all her sale items will be moved to Langley Auld Philips as of this week.. So of course I have to see what is there.. As I went thru the racks, shopping.. I managed to pick, up a jean jacket (size M) , open shoulder top ( Size M) , a long black sweater (size S) , and the cutest designer dress ( size lrg)..I never liked shopping, but I am loving it more and more as my body changes, and I keep losing weight, and loving things on my body again.

As we were leaving Abbotsford, I stopped to put gas.. As I was waiting for my bf to get back into the car I was checking out Facebook, as some man comes banging on my window and starts screaming at me, then takes his truck and start pushing me out of the way of the gas pump.. I don’t like confrontation and don’t handle situations like this very well. So I left the gas station pulled over and balled my eyes out..This ruined my whole day, I didn’t want to go out later that day, I wanted to go home, eat my feelings, and crawl under my covers.. As my bf reminded me it was not my fault, and that I needed to still go out with the girls.. as it was important..

So off I went to Tammy’s house from TMC, to pamper ourselves with a Mary Kay party. It was a lot of fun, to just relax, and try new creams, and make up, and learn about products.


After pampering was done, off to Dublins with Tina and Tammy for some fun.. I had a great time, and I am very grateful to have meet such an awesome bunch of ladies. Friendships I see long after this challenge is over :)


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I don’t blog thru the week end as I don’t have a computer at home.. yes you hear right ” No computer”.

So thought today I would fill you in on my week end.. there were good moments and bad ones, so get ready, get yourself something to drink..and get ready to read.

Friday after work, I went to Michaels to find something to decorate my picture frame, that you will all be seeing on Wednesday night at the cocktail party, (those who won’t be there, I will post Thursday for you to see). I stopped crafting a long time ago, and since recently I have started doing it again, and finding happiness, and peace when creating.

I decided that I was going to stop into La Vie En Rose.. In my eyes I still think I am the size I am, and tend to pick up the x-lrge. As I chose  my sexy new panties… and brought them to the register, the sales lady asked who they were for? When I mentioned it was for me she said this are way to big for you. So here’s the panty shopping secret. Take the panties, and wrap them around your neck, if the ends meet then they will fit. If they overlap then they will be to big. I left there with 7 new panties all in a size large, and feeling sexy and confident in them.

From there my bf and I decided to go to Costco. I don’t like Costco, I stress over a bill of $150.00 when in fact I know it will last long, but I can never wrap my head around it at that time. Left with some exciting new things, Like Beet crackers.. Yummy!!

My bf wanted to eat out, and as much as I wanted to, I made the decision to eat at home.. Chicken, salad, and pita bread.. yes bread.. its all about moderation, and portion control :)

That’s my Friday, off to Saturday as it was a packed day!

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Voting is finally over , I had a hard time with voting this time round, as  I did not see myself move in the ranks the whole week. Stood still in the 12th spot. I truly hope that this will not effect moving into round 3. I know that I excelled in other areas, but it was still very hard for me.  Thank you for those that took the time to vote for me everyday..

Well Wednesday was our last weigh in for this segment of the challenge. I  was nervous as always for weigh in. With the multiple fundraisers (burgers, fries, wine) and not being able to get to the gym (had to drop something with the fundraiser), I was shocked when I got on the scale and was down 1.6 lbs. I know it is not as good as others did, but to me I am happy that it was not a gain.. and that I am still moving in the right direction……

We also had feed back from the judges on how our fundraisers went.. The feed back was so positive.. and I am happy that the judges saw what we were trying to put out there.. Different, fashion show, mingling, etc.. I am so proud of our team Open Arms..

Yesterday I decided that I needed to take some me time, and get back to what I enjoy doing, and went to the gym..I didn’t;t last long as I noticed my endurance needed work. (guess that’s what happens when you hardly go for a month), But it felt great, and I am excited to go again tonight. Finished the night with home made gluten free pizza, eating them I felt guilt free :)

As the days are coming to an end for round 2, my anxiety is picking up..I want to move forward so bad to the next segment of the challenge.  I find myself emotional at times, excited at others…but my nerves are on all time high!

I’m looking forward to this week end, as it is much needed.. Tonight I will be heading to the gym, Costco (must find beet crackers , Erin), and then tomorrow rise and shine to go to the gym, and then eye brows, mani, pedi…and then one of out challengers won a 2 hour party from Mary Kay, so looking forward to spending time with the TMC ladies, and getting pampered, we all deserve it.  Sunday, I need to focus on making ym gift basket for Wednesday night, and I want to pimp up my picture frame, that will be holding out 8×10 pic, at the party.

Its a fun filled week end, I don’t get to blog much on the week ends, as I don’t have a computer… so hope you all have a great week end… and don’t forget to follow my instagram below for pictures :)


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Having issues downloading pics follow my journey on instagram click the link above.

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Yesterday I woke up with major tummy pains. This is what constipation does to me, followed by vomiting.  I spent my day in bed. By late afternoon I started feeling human again that I joined some of the other Tmc ladies at Rebel Kat in White Rock.

Ive always loved pin up vintage style clothing and this store had it all .

It was fun to try things on I would never ever try on before.. and to see the other ladies twirling and standing tall in dresses they never thought they would wear, brought a smile to my face.

I love the bond and friendships!

I am excited that I bought my cocktail dress here and cant wait to wear it and show it off.

Having issues downloading pics so please check my instagram account above society.


Dont 4get to vote!

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Monday nothing to report.. its been a stressful day watching the votes.

The sun was shining so another contestant Shannon  and I went for a hike/ walk at Derby reach.

Shannon challenged me by having to run up each hill with hi knees

I wouldnt have ever pushed myself, but the fun part it made it so much easier and fun having someone to talk with..

Looking forward to doing it again with some of the ladies:)


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Sunday’s update is short and sweet:

Spent the day with my mom.. my mom is my best friend. Without her my life wouldn’t;t be where it is today.. She has been there thru the ups and downs of my life. I’m excited to surprise her in May with a mother daughter day..

As she was busy at her work : Suzanne’s in Abby, I tried on clothes.. this is normal for me, as I love love her store.. And she is very hones what looks good and doesn’t. I bought a cute tunic blouse in a medium. While there I tried on a pair of pants, size 14 was to big, size 12 fit but they would be big on me within a month. What an amazing feeling..

Gina if your reading this… I hit my goal of wearing a size 12 by the Cocktail party :)

That’s about all I have to say at this time, short and sweet as promised.. just had to share with you all my excitement. Going from wearing a size 18 pants, to a 14/12 and going from an xxlg top to a med.. How could I not happy, and wanting to share :)

Thanks again for following my blog. I will update pictures tonight.

And again don’t forget to vote, please :)

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Oky friends and family.. I am ranking in 12th place.. I need your help to get me up in the ranks.. I know I am a pain in the behind.. but come on don’t you want to see me move up to the Top 5!!

If you haven’t voted near and far, then do so now, and keep going until April 6th.


Thanks again for those voting.. I promise you this is a journey of a life time, and the happiness I have found.. its not over yet!

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Saturday I woke up and first thing I do is check my voting.. WHAT in 13th place, hello friends and family.. are you voting??? The funny thing, when I woke up, and saw my voting.. I woke up my bf in a dead sleep and made him vote.  Voting is very stressful, but at the same time.. I am also trying to not let it get to me. (this is so hard).

Anyways from there it was off to pick up my little sister.  11 years ago I volunteered my time with Big sisters of Canada, and was matched with Kiera.. Back then she was 8 years, now she’s 19.  Spending the day with her is always fun.. and the bond we share, is like she is my own daughter. We spent the day..getting me new glasses (oh my I am old: I had to get progressive lens), and then from there we went thrift shopping. I have never thrift shopped before, but with losing weight and not fitting in anything anymore, it seems to be the smart thing to do.. I found a grey leather jacket, and a pair of luluemons all for 20 bucks. The off to the mall we went for more shopping.. Its funny that I see myself the same size as I once was, as I was pulling xlarge and large off the racks. My little sister kept getting upset with me, and wanted me to try Med, and size 12’s. I was ify about it all, but in the end I fit both.. Its nice to go shopping with someone who sees me for my size now, and can force me to get out of my comfort of baggy and try new things.

Did you read that Medium and a size 12…

The funny thing today was my x called me, my little sister, told me not to answer the phone, but curiosity got the best of me.. when I answered he hung up. Guess he hasn’t grown up yet.. and the funny thing is I am ok with that as I have found happiness in a new relationship.

From there it was off to get ready and then off to Chances casino, to support the last Abby fundraisers: Dollar and Senses. It was tough as there was no food options.. Burger and fries, so you know what I had no bun, and I ate the fries, and they were yummy.  (fries, is my weakness). It was nice as more Langley ladies joined us.. And it was nice to get to know past challengers Nikki and Naomi.

I won not 1 gift but 2.. First was a loonie under my chair: and the second was who had $1 US bill. Loved both my gifts Airborne package and Scentzy.

From there I ran into friends of the past.. and then while sitting with the ladies gambling at  A guy next to us, asked what the fundraiser was all about, as I explained to him the journey and what it was all about… I was able to hand him y voting card.. That was 4 more people voting.  (I’m actually very shy, so for me to ask strangers to vote for me has been a struggle).

From there home I went, looking forward to tomorrow a day of rest.

Don’t forget to vote vote vote!

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Now that the week end if over it’s time to catch up.. Its been a busy one, sorry I haven’t been here to update.

Let’s start with Thursday: I attended Nine Strong fundraiser at Townhall. It was a fun night out with the Langley ladies, and some of the Abby girls. Its also nice to get to know Anita, Jenny, Trish, and others.

The night was a lot of fun, photo booth 50/50 draw, door prizes etc.. The best part of this night was getting to know one of my challengers/ friends. After spending the night with her, and talking it seemed like we have a lot in common, and also a lot of the same past history.  The best part of this challenge is the new friendships I have built.

Voting stated today, and I would like to be in the Top 5. I know that there is so much that counts towards moving to the next round..but seeing myself in 11,12 or even 13th place in the ranks, as me on a whole other level of stress.


Friday was another day, tonight it was off to Abbotsford to support out local Abby TMC ladies: The Pack Rat.  This was held at the Brewhouse, a pub I haven’t been to yet, which is always fun to try new things. The night was filled with door prizes (which I won), and silent auctions, etc.. Tonight was a bit different as I got to know a fellow contestant June.. Hearing her story, and what she has gone thru, and what she is currently going thru, it allowed me to reach out to her, and ask her for coffee. I am loving the new friendships I am building..A part of me is sad that eventually this is all going to come to an end, and then what? Will we all remain friends? Will we still have the same support?

Saturday was a fun filled day.. so I will give it, it’s own blog :)

If you haven’t voted get on it Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee





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Last night was weigh in.. I went in feeling very nervous that I gained weight. It has not been a good week of eating. It started off last week when I attended the fundraiser for the Pink Ladies, and ate fries, a burger, and a glass of wine.  Did I mention that the same day, I had a wrap from chopped leaf. Friday guilty as can be after our fundraiser, McD’s it was.I haven’t had that crap, yes I said crap, but oh so yummy crap, since I started this challenge. Saturday onwards I made healthy decisions, until Tuesday night came, the night before weigh in. Canucks game, never being to a Canucks game I was very upset as I walked around and around looking for some sort of healthy food to eat. NOTHING!  You would think with today’s society, that they would have had something.. so I made the best choice I could and Had a hot dog.. oh it was yummy… but then I had to have the popcorn too.. The nice thing is my friend kept taking it away from me, Knowing that I was eating to much and him wanting to keep me on track..

Anyway long story short…weigh in..I lost 0.6 lbs.. I was happy, I know I shouldn’t;t have been, but there is no point in beating yourself up, over the choices you made, life is life,. Starting today with a fresh start. and going to make better choices this week.

My inches aren’t dropping, which annoys me , as I see my fellow challengers losing tons of inches.. But I have come to terms, that its oky.. I am me, and can’t focus on what others are doing… keep on going keep on going..

Also last night it was nice we had 2 guest speakers: Passionate home, taught us about chalk paint, and how just a fresh coat of paint on an end table, a dresser, door, etc, can transform any room in your house.. I rent so I can’t do what I would love to do, and paint walls etc.. but I did go home and found that my end table and my bed frame, and my dresser all need a make over. So that’s my new project.

We also had Rack Fashion come in, to learn about our body types, and what we should and shouldn’t wear.  It was fun to learn, I have  a mother that work’s in fashion, and I always get her to dress me, so I am lucky that I have my own personal stylist:)

Each week after the meeting I like to give myself some mini challenges/ goals.. with next week being our last weigh in for round 2, I want to get under 180lbs. That’s not a lot, I need to lose 3 lbs to get hit the 170’s, so I need to work extra hard this week, but I know I have it in me…

Also just a friendly reminder voting starts this week, so get your fingers ready to click click click.. I want to move on to the TOP 5. so bad.. as this is where all the hard work pays off, with a week end seminar on the island, hair color, style, make up, fashion show, photo shoot..

That’s it for today, thanks again for following my blog..

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Who would think my insecurities would come out at the swimming pool.

Well last night I was so excited to be going swimming. I love to swim, and never go as I am not one to do things alone. But I found someone to go with and was ready and willing.  I put on my colorful bathing suit, a suit that I haven’t worn in a few years. So I was feeling good, that it fit.

When I got to the pool, and went out to the pool area, I had a panic attack. Something I never ever thought I would have. I can parade around in lingerie this past week end for a fashion show, but being in bathing suit in front of a bunch of strangers, I felt like I was being looked at or judged, and I went into panic mode.

My friend tried to remind me that it was my own insecurities and that I was beautiful. I stayed in one corner of the pool, and did leg aerobics as much as I wanted to get out and go home.

Once I got out of the pool, and went home, I realized then that this was a challenge that I was going to take on, and conquer this insecurity and fear.

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Im so sorry I haven’t been blogging but life got stressful and I had to make choices. But Im back and have so much to share.

Thursday night I went to support my fellow challengers The Pink ladies at their fundraiser. They chose to have their event at Rusty’s pub. The best part of the night was hanging out with the other TMC ladies, and just being free.. Oh and eating a chicken burger and fries.. and a glass of wine. I given up my wine, and it tasted so good that night..

Friday night was our fundraiser Open Arms:ohlala Soirier. I spent the day running around started the say by getting back to the gym. Since started this Apprentice stage of the challenge, my focus has been on the fundraiser and not the gym. So it felt good to get back at it.. I also did it because I was in the fashion show tonight and I needed to feel awesome in my skin. lol   From there I had to run to get my hair done, and make up for our fundraiser event tonight. I wanted to look the part..

Our fundraiser was held at Art Nursery, a small venue but with so much life, and fun things to look at and buy.  I felt bad as I was running late from hair and make up, so when I got there the ladies truly had a good hand on everything. I helped out the best I could, and then had to get ready to greet the guests.

My part of the fundraiser was to be part of the fashion show. I got to model for Forever your Lingerie, and Vanilla Clothing. My first outfit was a hot pink nightie, that showed it all..I had a panic attack while getting ready, and Autumn my fellow challenger calmed down.. being the first to walk out in a fashion show, is a big deal. An even bigger deal is being the first one out in sexy lingerie. From there I got to sport a beautiful dress from Vanilla, this is a must have in my wardrobe, so I will be making a visit soon, to pick it up.  The biggest accomplishment for me was my last outfit a floral bra and matching panties, with a black sheer robe. I loved this outfit so much, that I went yesterday to go buy it. The feeling I felt in this outfit, this is how I want to feel every time, and buying this outfit, will be a reminder everyday just how far I have come.  After mingling some more, I was happy to know that everyone had an amazing time, and left happy.. Congrats to us girls, Open Arms ladies we rocked it!

Saturday: I woke up feeling so happy, that I cried. The emotions I was feeling. Knowing my mom was so proud of me she cried at the fashion show, to knowing that the judges and everyone loved me , to a new possible relationship, to my confidence, and beauty, and that I walked in a fashion show in my lingerie.  The feelings I am feeling are hard to describe, but if you have ever been in my shoes, and are reading this you will understand. Today I took time for me, to reflect, but also went to support my TMC ladies: Went to support the Breakfast Ladies, and had a hot dog.. And then from there I went to The Local Shop to support a friend on her grand opening.

Saturday night I got to spend the night with a great guy..He brought me flowers, and made me dinner.. Not sure where this will go..but being opened minded, and taking it day by day..

Sunday was a me day, and slept in, cleaned the house, and visited with family.

I promise to post pictures later tonight :)

Thank you again for all those that have supported me and my fundraiser.. Just a reminder that I have booklets to sale for  $20.00 for chance to win some awesome prizes.And if you want to come and support me, I am selling Black Cocktail dress tickets $35.00 a ticket for April 12th, to see me get into the Top 15 . Don’t miss it..


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Last night our team Open Arms meet to go over some of the details of our fundraiser event.

After counting the bras that were donated to us from Malory’s (300 plus), it was time to have some fun and take group photos for the Langley times.

Langley Times  click the link to bring you to our shining moment in the Langley Times.

I’m really excited for our event this Friday, of course we would like a bigger head count, so those of you reading this, get your tickets now: email Tickets are $25.00 a person, and you get appies, and a drink, and of course a night of fashion, and fun!

And don’t forget you’re truly me will be modeling, so what better way to support me, that coming to our event.  (Forever yours lingerie/ Vanilla clothing).

Can’t wait to see you all, but for now that is it.. Its a busy week, tonight I am very excited to get to the gym. I haven’t been getting to the gym do to the fundraiser, work, and life!

I’ll be back tomorrow, as it will be weigh in….



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This week end was a feel good week end. It was photo shoot day.

I started the day off at the Looking Glass Website Link. Where I meet with Jessika. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with my hair, being short, and never really trying anything else but straight, I left it to Jessika to do her magic.  Never thought of it, but she curled my short hair, added some volume, and it was WOW!  with the colors in my hair red and blonde, the curls really allowed you to see the 2 colors in my hair.


From there it was off to Shoppers Drug mart to meet the lovely ladies for my make up. Again not knowing what I wanted to do, I left it in the hands of the make up artist. She went with a sparkly eye, and fake eye lashes. I  loved the fact that I walked out of there feeling beautiful, and sexy, and confident, like nothing was getting in this girls way.


From there I was off to my photo shoot with Tara Lee Photography.  Talking with Tara, I discussed the option of possibly doing a Boudoir photo shoot with her. This is my next goal, and I told Tara that I would love for her to shot me.  I am excited to see the end result of our pictures, but we have to wait till our Black Cocktail party on April 12th, at Sammy J Pepper.

From there it was off to go meet my Open Arms team Kristy and Autumn, for  our fitting at Forever yours Lingerie.  We got to walk around and choose a few outfits that we would like to model, at our fundraiser this Friday at Art’s Nursery. We both had to choose a nightie and a lingerie to wear. I decided that since this was pushing me outside my comfort zone, that I would go all out, and just have fun with it..So you will have to wait and see, as I can’t share anything before the event. This is something that every woman that is going thru a transition should experience. When I walked out, I felt sexy, ,beautiful, confident and empowered.. which allowed me to be on a high all day and night.

From there some of the TMC ladies went to Moxie’s for Teresa’s birthday. The healthy eating went out the window, as we sipped Bellini’s and had yam fries. I wasn’t going to beat myself up for having a night out.. I can’t even tell you how long ago, I went out with girlfriends. probably not since I moved to Bc almost 20 years ago. I am so excited that I have new friends for life :)

The night did not end there, when I got home, my X (reason why I joined the challenge) texted me. After 4 months of the silent treatment, he finally decided he was ready to talk.  I allowed my closure to happen about 1 month ago, and by allowing this closure, it has also allowed me to change as a person, and to find the inner strength and confidence. And I am happy to say I did not text him back..

I am on a journey for me, and I am not going to let the past get in my way.

I wanted to give a big shout out to ” The Total Make over” &  ” Shape your World Society”. I can honestly say that in the last 3 weeks I have found who I am supposed to be, and that without the support, and the friends I don’t think I would be where I am today.

So excited to continue to watch myself grow.

**will add pictures tonight**



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Morning all,

Here we go again, the last 2 days I have tried to blog and just when I was about to hit submit, gone.. So here I am at work trying to get this in before the boss arrives :)

What have I been up to lately, with our recent challenge The Apprentice my life has been nothing but BUSY!  Between making the gift bags, getting goodies, and putting together gift baskets, there hasn’t been much me time.  But I am loving our team, we really have come together as a team and are all doing our share in making sure this event is perfect for you all.  If you haven’t bought your ticket yet, make sure to reach out to one of us “Open Arms ” ladies. We not able to sale tickets at the door, so make sure you don’t miss out on the fun :)


Weigh in was this week to.. and I hate to admit I have derailed a bit in the last few weeks. Stopped tracking, and was to busy to go to the gym everyday.  And it showed on the scale. I lost 0.2lbs. Its not a gain, so I am happy about this, and it was just a reminder that I need to get back at.  But I feel awesome in my skin and clothes. The other day I yanked out of my storage my goal jeans” size 14″. These are jeans I wore over 5-7 years ago. Well I decided to try them on. Knowing I was not there yet, but to my surprise they zipped, and looked awesome.  Check out my instagram.   (will insert link later today).

Its funny, that now that I have lost 19 lbs, I am able to shop in my closet and wear outfits I have not worn in ages, because I didn’t like the way it looked or it was to small.


This week end it is full of surprises, and fun.  Tonight I am going out on my date, and Saturday is hair, make up and our photo shoot. I’m not one to get all dolled up, so I plan on wear the above out fit, or jeans and a black jacket with heels.

From there it is an evening out with the TMC ladies to celebrate our new found looks, and celebrate Teresa’s birthday.. Why not make it a special one.

I’ll post more before the week end is over.

Thanks again for your patience as I have been Mia a bit, and don’t stop following me :)





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I am sorry for being Mia for a few days, I have been feeling under the weather.

Let’s start by saying my date was cancelled. I was disappointed but we will reschedule when we both can find the time. Between this challenge/ fundraiser, and his lifestyle it has made it hard for us to connect.

Besides that thou, I must admit I am feeling pretty confident in my skin lately. The new me is feeling pretty awesome. The changes from the inside out, even surprise me from time to time.

My best friend  tells me everyday how she has seen me grow, and that this is the happiest she has ever seen me, and how happy she is of me.. This means a lot when my best friend lives in Toronto. Just talking everyday to her, she can see this..

Besides my new found me, the only other thing I am focusing on is, the fundraiser. I see the pieces coming together, and I am so excited to host this event.

If you haven’t bought your tickets, make sure to get them now. $25.00 a person, for a night of fashion, and fun..

That’s it for now, tonight is our herbal life shake it up party.  I wasn’t able to get a guest to come to this event, the old me would have been disappointed, but the new me, knows I can only do so much, and I can’t  do it all, and I am doing the best I can.

Staying positive is the new thing.. and I am trying to practice this in every aspect of my life.


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This is a week end of feel goods. It started last night when I went to Old Navy to go buy a pair of jeans. I was so excited when I fit into a size 14 jeans. In January I was wearing a size 18. And the blouse was a large and not an xxl. So just becus the inches aren’t coming off the 19lbs are starting to show.

From there I went and got my hair done. I wanted to try something diffrent so I went red and blonde. Im loving it and so dors everyone else.

Today Teresa Lemire and I meet up with Sara Darwin from DoTerra. Ive always wanted to try essential oils for health purposes but always questionned do they work. I love Sara no pressure at all, and we are trying sleep oils yo see if it will help. Im excited to try these as I haven’t been able to sleep a full nights sleep in months. And let Sara know before I buy more of anything.

From there it was time to go to Shoppers to get make up.. while there I was given a make up makeover of all the products that I was interested in..not sure if I will do the same but I bought the make up so gonna give it a try.

Now its time to get ready for my date. Start with dinner and go from there. Im beyond excited and hope the connection is just as strong in person..

Ill fill u in tomorrow wish me luck.

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Good morning all,

Today is a new day, and look what is happening: our fundraiser is in full swing.

Our location is going to be at the lovely  Art’s Nursery , tickets are on sale. $25.00 per person from 7-9 pm. Come enjoy a night  with a fashion show, bra draw, silent auction, and so much more.. See me for tickets. Or drop us an email at, and get your tickets.  If you can’t make it, then please donate to our cause. We are collecting slightly used bras, silent auction prized, and looking for swag gifts for our gift bags. Our mission is to make ever woman that walks thru that door to feel beautiful and loved.

I am looking forward to this event, its going to be fun and exciting.. and it is taking me right outside my comfort zone in many ways.

I’ am excited to start my week end, tonight I am getting my hair done (pics to follow), and going to get some new jeans, as the ones I have now are floating on me (not a bad thing).

Again help us support our local charities :”Supportive Start   & Shape your world society”.



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Wow, life has been very overwhelming lately, and emotions have been running wild.

I’ve been lacking a lot of sleep, and I believe this is why I am feeling these emotions. I noticed that creating this fundraiser has added a lot of stress to my life. This was the part of the challenge in round 2 that scared me the most. This is very outside my comfort zone. I seem to be struggling, as we only have 2 weeks left to put on our event on March 24th, and there seems to be so much to still get done, and agree on. I know in the end our event will be a lot of fun, and I am excited but, right now my mind does not know how to turn off.

Yesterday was weigh & measure day… As I see the changes within my body, and my clothes are getting big on me, I was excited for this weigh in. I did my measurements, and I gained in some areas and stayed the same in others. I was very discouraged to why since Jan 15th, I have lost only 3 inches total. On the scale I was down another 2 lbs. This is huge in 2 weeks I am down 6 lbs, with a grand total of 19 lbs since starting this challenge. This was something I should have been happy about but instead I was emotional, and went into a negative state of mind.  I want to give a special shout out to Erin, who made it a point to come sit beside me and make sure I was ok.. I heard me say ” why am I doing all this, I just want to quit”.   I left feeling drained and emotional..  Tomorrow will be a new day, right? Fresh start, fresh mind….

The exciting part of my last few days is getting to know this guy that I will be going on a date with on Saturday night. Just talking to him I have seen so much that he is the opposite of all my x’s. He listens, and when I went home last night and called him, and told him how upset I was and how I wanted to quit… He told me.. don’t you dare you have gone this far, and you have it in you to keep going. Those words hit me, as this was coming from someone who only has known me for over a week now, and he is showing me support, on my journey.. can you say he just might be a keeper.

This morning when I woke, my head was clear and I was ready to move forward again, and put yesterday behind me. I posted out there on our private group a huge thank you to all the ladies that keep me going, and offer the advice, to keep me wanting this more than ever.. And it helped that for once in my life, I meet someone that supports me in what I do.


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Last night our team Open Arms got together to discuss our fundraiser. On March 24th @ 7:00 pm, save the date woman, this is a night for you. Gather a girlfriend or two, and come out and support our cause.  Supportive Start.  (more details to follow). tickets will be on sale soon $25.00 a person, and trust me you won’t be disappointed.

I think we came a long way last night, and feel that we are working great as a team to make this happen, and to think outside the typical pub night fundraiser.

Not only are we having a special night just for the ladies, we are also planning a herbal life party on Tuesday March 14th , they have so much to offer, let me know if your interested.

Also on March 25th from 1-3 we are doing a brattle drive( bras/ bottles). Location to be determined.

If there is anyone out there reading my post that would love to donate a gift basket, money, gift cards, swag bag gifts, please let me know.. I am looking for all the help we can get to make this a wonderful event for all the ladies :)

You can email me if your interested in herbal Life party, Brattle drive, gifts:

Stay tuned, tomorrow I should have more details to share with you.


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I have been lazy I will admit, and just haven’t been in the mood to do my blog.. But here It is Monday morning and I am going to fill you in on my week end.

Friday night I went to the gym. I dragged myself there as I was tired and in no mood to work out, but once I got there I was pumped. Its funny how that works, its all in our heads that we don’t want to do something.. From there I tried the inferred bed at Fabutan, I have to admit I love it. It was cozy and warm, and the music was hoping for a Friday night. If you have never tried this it is a must. Stop into Fautan.

Saturdays was a busy day, 8:00am boxing class I didn’t;t think I would love it as much as I did. I think it also helped that it allowed me to release my anger and frustration, that I still was holding onto from my x. From there Danielle and I did the Barre class, this is a full body work out, and trust me it was hard.. I thought it was ballet but it was nothing that I thought it would be.. I felt the burn all over my body.

From there Teresa and I hopped on the sky train (I haven’t been in a sky train in about 10 years), and headed to Vancouver convention center for the Wellness show.  It was so much fun to get out, and enjoy the day with a new friend. And learned so much more about health that I am only touching the surface of. From there it was a night of relaxation.

Sunday: snow again.. now I am from back east so I love the snow, but I don’t like to drive in it. So today it kept me home bound. A part of me wanted to go downstairs and use the gym in my condo the other part of me wanted to clean my house, and stay in my jammies all day.. Bet you know what won.. THE JAMMIES!  I stayed in them all day. My muscles were killing me I couldn’t cross my legs, or pick anything off the floor.. this was a sign that today was a day of relaxing and getting better for a new week.

This week is a busy one, tonight is our team meeting to figure out our fundraiser, and charity. I must admit I feel like we are behind the game. But hopefully tonight all the pieces will come together.  Tuesday night is Gym night, Wed is our meeting.. And Thursday &  Friday its all about Bonnie, and I am so excited. Pedi/mani/ hair color and cut.. I am so excited about this.. oh and I need new jeans so that’s going to happen too.. And on Saturday I have a date.. So stay tuned!

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Langley times article

Pretty exciting today we made it into an article in the Langley times.  Click the link above to read our story.

Thanks again for all the support new  friends I have made on this journey and to all my followers, and family.



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I am always a day behind.. I am so tired these past few days. that when I get home, I want to turn off my mind, and just chill in front of the tv.

Not complaining actually loving the fact that I am on the go go go. I love this new me, the one who has a life, and friends, and is getting out of the house, and trying new things.

Last night I went to She’s fit to take the circuit class. Most of us have been loving going to En Vie, but we have to remember who is sponsoring us, and it is She’s Fit. (it’s also where we get points).

From there it was Nature’s fare. I love this store, I always find something new to try. This week it was a can of Cajun mixed brown rice, heat and serve. I was thinking with chicken, in a taco bowl. yummy!

I had time to kill , so I decided to go to Fabutan another sponsor and get a tan in before my class at En Vie. Tonight I am going to try the Infrared bed, it’s not a tan, it helps with wrinkles, and dimples, and makes you feel ahhhhhhhhh. I’ll let you know, later tonight.

After that, I went to En Vie, to meet up with the TMC ladies, we took a Zumba class, now this was up to our speed. We laughed, and had an amazing time.  Ayanna the owner truly has made this a fun place to be. And can’t wait to go back on Saturday.

I wasn’t going to put it out there for all to know, but this is about my journey.  I put myself back out on the dating scene, and was approached by a guy , let me mention here he was 32, so it was very flattering being 42 yrs old …it was exciting, and fun, and made me feel alive again. But it’s  also funny how  I see all the red flags, and as quick as the conversation started it also ended.  I know what I want and I am not into games, and I won’t settle anymore.  It was nice while it lasted. I am in no rush, to be in a  relationship, but it was nice to feel alive again :)

That’s my secret so shhhhhhhhhhhhh :)


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Last night was weigh in.. and I was shocked on the scale when I hoped on and lost 4.1 lbs last week. Since starting this challenge on Jan 15th, I have lost a total of 17lbs.

The goal for this round is to fit into a size 12 dress for the black cocktail party on April 12th. My gf’s sponsor is  Rebel Kat, it’s a 50 style clothing store in White rock. And I have always wanted to wear a pin up type dress, but never felt I could becus of my size.  Its not a big goal, but it is a feel good goal, when I get to wear this dress. (I even have one picked out, but you will have to wait to see it).

So this round is called The Apprentice, so if you have ever seen the show it is exactly the same. We have formed a team of 6-7 woman (from the challenge), and have to come up with a fundraiser to raise money for Shape your World Society (non profit charity), and a charity of our choice. We chose the charity that is new to Langley called: Supportive start click here for their website . Its a charity ran by the owner of Forever yours Lingerie.

Here’s their mission : Every day we see the difference a properly fitted bra can make in a woman’s life, from her comfort level to the way she feels about herself and we are so happy to be able to support our community in the way we know best…Bras!

Every woman deserves to feel beautiful from the inside out. I know after I had my breast reduction, this touched home when my team wanted to support this charity.

More details to come as we are just in the prepping stages of our fundraiser, so please stay tuned. But get your bras ready ladies, I know we all have those bras, that we bought and never wore sitting in a drawer somewhere.

And men, help us out by donating cash, gift cards, hockey tickets, gift baskets, you name it we will take it, and use it in our silent auction, at our fundraiser.

Well that’s it for me today, tonight is Zumba class.. right foot left foot..



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Morning all, It is such a better day for me today than yesterday. Yesterday I woke up tired and very emotional. Since starting this challenge I have not had many break downs, but yesterday I did. It was so nice to have the support of all my new friends on this challenge to bring my spirits up, and remind me I am beautiful, and amazing! Thank you Ladies.. you truly are friends I plan on keeping forever in my life.

So last night I decided that I did not want to be home, the temptation of eating my emotions away was the fear I faced. So Instead I decided to work my emotions away by going to the gym at 4:00pm.I did 30 minutes on the elliptical, then did 30 minutes speed zone, 20 minutes treadmill.

From there I was meeting the other TMC ladies at En Vie, in Langley. You have never heard of En Vie it is a new gym here in Langley off of 96/200th, and it is classes. Trx, boxing, yoga, dance, and so much more. go check them out. Envie Fitness

Tonight I joined the Hip Hop class with the 2 Teresa’s, Danielle, Kristy, Erin. When we got into the class we found out that the class was Dance hall. Its a mix African dance. I learned I have no coordination at all, but it was a lot of fun.. who cares if you look like a dancing chicken… After this class was done, a few of us stayed behind to do the yoga class..I found out yoga was not for me. The ups and downs, made me feel so sick. I get motion sickness, and after talking to the instructor, this is a normal thing, that I may or may not over come. I might just give it one more try, becus its all about pushing myself. Thanks EnVie for making our night so much fun. And to the ladies of TMC thank you for joining me, this was a hoot, and can’t wait till Thursday when we try ZUMBA.

Tonight’s weigh in and I am pretty excited. stay tuned ladies and gents.

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Continuing from I went to La Vie in Langley to see what classes they offer. Starting tomorrow I will be going to the gym, then off to hip hop class followed by yoga. Im happy that Teresa is joining me, its always more fun with a friend:)

Thursday I joined Zumba, Sat boxing and Balle class. I feel so honored to be in round 2, but feel I need to step up my game.

Im feeling so happy that Im looking outside the box and trying new things.

Todays new is 30 minutes on the step master.

Don’t be afraid to try new things you might even surprise yourself:)

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Today was a day of trying new and exciting things

Starting round 2 of this challenge I decided that I wanted to step it up and start trying new work outs.

Today when I went to the gym, I was ready to call it quits since my cold is really beating me up. Instead I jumped on tje stair master, I only lasted 15 minutes, but its a start.

Tonight was my first time doing yoga. I signed up at Oxygen Yoga for hot yoga meditation and stretch. When I got in the room I had no clue what to do, being dark i was able to follow. As I lied there the anxiety of being in a small space and hot made me feel sick. Not sure if it would be something I would try again. Its also very hard to turn your thoughts off and just relax..

I do think I will try yoga again, start there master that and try hot yoga again.

Its important to always try something at least once:)

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TOP 15…..

I know alot of you are wondering if I made it to the Top 15…As I waited there for my name to be called… 1 place left will they call my name. Last but not least BONNIE!!! oh my gosh.. its me.I made it to the Top 15. I was so excited I cried..

I also won a gift bag for being Social Media Queen.. So if you thought I posted alot before wait.. you have seen nothing yet :)

The day was a fun filled day” Amazing Race.” My team was called Mama & her chicks. My team mates was my mom, older sister, and younger sister. Our costumes was chickens..(see in the pic below). We were leaving feathers behind us every where we went.But the business sponsors loved our costumes. (we didn’t win for best costume).

A big shout out to all the sponsors, with out them our day would have not been filled with as much fun. Also it allowed me to meet alot of the local business within my community. And many that I will be going back to visit.

This will be a day a memorable day that I will always remember. Its one of those special days of spending it with mom and sisters.

Thank you again to the business sponsors, and Shape your World Society volunteers, who made this day possible.

That’s it for now, tomorrow is day 1 of round 2.

Lots of love


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Voting is finally over, that was very stressful, I am glad that my friends and family have not deleted me off Facebook yet, due to the amount of posts I posted. To finish in 13th place in voting, was an eye opener just how much you all support and love me, and again I wanted to say Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Its funny that 6 weeks ago, this wasn’t even a thought in my mind. I was happy or so I thought going to work coming home, watching tv, reading a book, and doing it all over again the next day.. I lived for the week ends.

Now I find myself, wanting to try new things, tonight I signed up for 1 week of yoga at Oxygen Yoga. I have always wanted to try yoga but always felt that there was NO way I could do this. But here I go, trying something new and pushing myself out of my comfort zone. My first class is this Sunday: Hot yoga: Candlelight deep meditation, stretch and strengthen.

From there I went to visit Tracy at Fabutan, it sad that my minutes are coming to an end, but I am sure in time I will get a package and continue tanning soon. Its the next best thing to being away on vacation, it allows you to go away to a never ever land and just relax after a stressful day at work.

And then off to the gym I went. gesh reading this now I was a busy beaver. I love going to the gym, I am still clueless when it comes to weights. But I will get there in time.. Debating to hire a personal trainer or not, for a few sessions. I always feel great after a work out.. Any personal trainers out there wanting to help me out..on a small budget?

oh I forgot I even made an appointment with Sara at deTerra. I am excited to learn more about essential oils, I have always been curious about natural remedies.

That’s my babbling, I have so much more to say but don’t want to bore you all..

Saturday we have the Amazing race, and find out who the top 15 contestants will be. I am nervous and excited all at the same time.. I so want to continue on this journey..

Stay tunes…

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Tonight was our last weigh in of this section.. and I am down another lbs. That’s 13 lbs in total, and more inches done.. Happy Dance.

I was afraid tonight I was going to gain, for 3 days I did not have herbal life shakes, and was eating 3 meals a day. So you can imagine my surprise when i saw the scale go down..

I have also been going thru a fair bit of stress this week.. more details to come..

Tonight’s meeting we learned about finances. Something I struggle with. I learned that I will be making an appointment with a finical adviser to help me invest.. Its never to late!

I truly feel empowered and notice I have been taking charge in everything that is being provided or thrown my way..

From there we had the enjoyment of hearing from Sara Darwin from doTERRA. Her story was from the heart as she explained she read all our blogs and relates to our journey and stories. I’ve always been fascinating in essential oils, and plan on taking Sara up on her one on one consultation, to learn more about the do’s and the help of using essential oils.. I’m excited to try the sample that was provided to us for digestion. I am one of those that have been suffering from constipation, and this essential oil is supposed to help with this.. EXCITED!!!

Thank you to the guest speakers, and for the wonderful gifts:)

The exciting part of the evening is that on Saturday half us will be voted off at the Amazing race. Tonight I found out that If (which I hope not) we get voted off we have the chance to come back as a wile card for the second round. This means that we continue our journey on our own, and come to the weekly meetings to weigh in and hear from our guest speaker.. this made me know that if (which I hope I’m not) I get voted off on Saturday that I still am accountable to myself, and this journey. And that Shape Your world Society are still proving me tools to continue on my journey and succeed.


This is where I am going to say good nite.. remember to vote for me.. tomorrow is final voting, it closes at noon…

Thank you again for all the love and support..


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I am so sorry I have fallen behind once again on writing my blog..Yesterday was such a long day, but fun.

After a long day at work, I got to meet Christina at Shoppers drug Mart Walnut grove for my mini make up over. After about 20 minutes of talking about my past relationship and showing pictures, and have girl talk..we got started.

I started off by wanting an evening look, but being the type of girl that loves Au Natural, Christina decided that we would go natural with the bold lip I want.

As she started putting foundation, contouring, eye liner, blush, made my eye brows pow.. we then went with a coral lipstick. A color I love in the hot tropical beach..I loved it .. This is not something i felt that I could do ever before.. I always envied those woman that rocked colored lipstick. Now I am all done up and no where to go.. being single is not always fun.. but i know how it made me feel and who needs a man, when your feeling this beautiful:)

From there I got home, and saw I have dropped in my votes.. On the week end I was in 8th place and have dropped to 11th spot:( I tried so hard to try to stay in the top 10, but there has been a glitch in the system where not all votes were going thru :(

I am just happy and surprised that I have even made it to the 11th spot. The love and support I feel from all my friends has been so overwhelming.. I am truly loved:)

My make up over

My make up over

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I tried to blog last night but for some reason it wouldn’t let me save . So here I am tired trying to get this in before I head to bed.

I wanted to start off by saying thank you for all the support, and voting. I have friends of friends of friends voting..This challenge truly has shown just how much people want to see my succeed on this journey. I love everyone of you.. But don’t stop voting. Only 2.5 days left..

Anyways Sunday I spent the day with my mom and sisters making our Amazing Race costumes. 5 hours later we are complete..Of course I can\t show them to you, so your just going to have to wait till Saturday, when we reveal our name and outfits. I am so excited to be doing this race with my mom and 2 sisters..

Today was a work day.. Mondays are always busy and stressful,so I make time for the gym..All afternoon I had tummy cramps, but i still managed an hour at the gym. From there it was grocery shopping, fun fun!

But with that said today I feel under the top 10, in voting.. but thanks again to the support of all of you I am hovering in 10th place.. Letsp me keep me there :)

I am starting to get nervous this Saturday we go from a group of 30 down to 15. that means there is 15 of us being voted off.. there has been so many factors. Social Media, spirit,votes, gym attendance, fundraising, and so much more.. fingers crossed I get thru..

Anyways its 1030 and my bed was calling my name about an hour ago..Tomorrow I am excited i have my make over with Shoppers drug mart.. I am excited to see me all make up.. Does anyone want to take me out??

good night , don’t forget to go vote, if you haven’t yet. hugs

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I wanted to start off by saying Thank you for all those that have been voting for me. The love and support has been overwhelming. Friends and Family that have been sharing my journey to get me more votes. I learnt thru voting that I’m LOVED by many.

Yesterday was my moment at the Real me seminar. It was when we got into groups of 5 and we were on the Titanic. The ship just hit an iceberg and 2 of us got to live and 3 of us died. You had to make your plea to get on the raft boat and live. As the 2 ladies before said they both fulfilled their lives and would give up their spots on the raft it came to my turn. I wanted to get on that raft I havent started my life yet. I want to find happiness, I want to get married amd adopt,I want to see thru world,I want to be in a career that Im happy to go to everyday. That my family and friends would miss me.And my Onyx he would be alone. As I was making my plea it opened my eyes to show me that I have so much more to do in my life that is unfinished or I never started. (I’m crying even as I write this)

When I think back about this was I being selfish? As I explained to the ladies I put myself first before them, their lives were just as important (kids,husbands, mentors,laughter). I learned that at that moment I put myself first, and that’s something I never do.

We also had to partner up with someone we didn’t know. I choose Tara from abby. In complete silence we had to stare at the person and write down what you see. We are always negative about ourselves, so to hear that your beautiful, inviting, country, laughter, smile, warm.eyes, was hard because we all go around life feeling at times I’m not pretty enough, or educated enough,etc..I want you to try this activity, 2 minutes in silence knee to knee and write what you see in that person, then share it with them. (Remeber silence).

And last but not least creating your mission statement. I struggled with this one but the ladies were very helpful. My statement is: My mission in life is to empower woman to explore their passion thry teaching and volunteering to reach their goals and dreams

Thank you again to Shape You World Society for putting this seminar together for us ladies, it truley was an inspiration to us all.

That’s it please keep voting I want to continue on this journey to not only get healthier but to find more about me.


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Morning everyone Thank you for showing me the love. Im in the 8th spot so keep voting and sharing. Its very stressful watching the votes and to watch yourself moving higher and higher..The love and support I feel is overwhelming.

I know that my friends back East and family overseas are all voting for me in your hearts, and I love u for that.

But besides voting Last night was the second half of The Real Me seminar.

Im not one to remember to much of my past Im.the type of person what’s in the past should stay in the past. I know that I became who I am for all that happened. I also dont hold grudges, and forgive everyone no matter how much they hurt me.

Tonight our teacher drew a drawing on the board (I’ll share Trish and Kristy are definitely not artists). But it was a picture of a tree in bloom and full of life and the other was bare. This represented the happy, positve , forgiving, tree in full bloom which represented where we should be in life. And the bare tree was all the hurt, anger,unforgiving build up that we needed to let go off. It was intetesting becus we all do it we focus on the negative instead of the positive. And the negative we build up on is allowing those things or people to rent space in your head, not allowing the things that make you happy to fit in and bloom.

Im giving you all a challenge to do for the next 21 days..everyday you find yourself starting to think about thats negative catch that thought and turn it around to a positive. An example Im looking in the mirror and I hate all my stretch marks, instead I tell myself I love my stretch marks they tell a story. Do it for 21 days and let me know how u feel.

Also tonights seminar really focused on us. And reqreat. If you had 3 months, 1 month, weeks to live what would you do with your life? Ill leave you with that thought.

This was the biggest impact of the night.


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Sorry I didn’t update last night I was extremely tired when I got home that I just crashed.

I woke today feeling a lot better, guess we are all entitled to a little melt down from time to time.

Tonight was the weigh in that will be posted on the Langley Times website, but I will share with you where I stand today. Since starting this journey I am down 11.2 lbs, 2.5 inches give or take, and 2.4% body fat.

From there it was all about the Real Me Seminar. It was fun as the Abbotsford challengers joined us. It was finally nice to out names to faces. I haven’t gotten around to talking to many of the girls, but I am a faithful follower of them on Facebook :) Go ABBY GIRLS! (Their voting starts today at 3pm).

I thought the Real me seminar would have me in tears, but I find it very hard to focus, and remember my younger days. I remember my family vacation to Disney, I remember sharing bunk beds with my older sister, having many pets. But I also remembered the day My dad left, my alcoholic grandma..etc.. Apparently Friday night is the best part of this seminar so here’s hoping it allows me to open up and find me inside of this pain I carry with me. It is weird that our past is what has made us who we are today. So its time to let it go..will this seminar allow me to do this?

Besides that we got tickets to sale to win some awesome prices. 1st prize stay at Sunpeaks, 2nd whistler condo, 3rd Harrison hot springs, and 4th spa gift card. Tickets are 1 for $5.00 or 10 for $20.00. If interested please email me or facebook me.

Also starting tomorrow at 3:00pm, voting starts.. We found out last night that we can only get votes from BC Residents. Being from back east, I had a huge group that were waiting and ready to vote. So with that little obstacle I need to change my plane.. So I am asking all my followers to share my story, and my link and help me get into my next round:)

Excited tonight I am off to the gym, it’s been a week, but I have missed it. Then I will be working on my costumes for the Amazing race.

Stay tuned till tomorrow when it is time to vote, right here.

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I want to start by wishing everyone a Happy Valentines day! I lean’t today it is single awareness day too:)

Now with that out of the way tonight was the first time since I started this challenge that I broke down. I am the type of person in my everyday life, that when given a task I need to get it done. There is 2 weeks left of round 1 of this challenge, and there is still so much that I need to get done..

-Fiber challenge: post pictures daily food intake, and fiber count
-Get pledges for the Amazing Race
-Find sponsors for the Amazing Race
-making costumes for the Amazing race
-Finding baby pictures for the Real Me Seminar
-Meal prepping
-Not getting to the gym since last Thursday and feeling guilty for not going.
-raffle tickets to sale starting tomorrow (1 for $5 or 10 for $20, great prizes)
-Voting starting on Friday AM
-shuffling day to day life

These are the things I am stressing about. The ladies on this journey with me have been so supportive and reminded me to take 1 thing at a time and to not feel that I have to accomplish everything that is given to me.

Since the ladies gave me words of encouragement I took a deep breath, and wrote down a check list of what I need to get done, and check things off..Tonight I managed to get my fiber pictures uploaded on fb. Baby picture found (1 year old, as we had a house fire when I was younger and no pictures of me as a baby are to be found). Thats all I can do tonight, and I am ok with it..

I must be tired from my whirl wind mini getaway, flights, valentines day, etc. Tomorrow is another day, and it will be better than today:)

Tomorrow is our last weigh in and measurements for before voting. it is also day 1 of a 3 part series of the Real me Seminar. I am excited about this, and nervous. Apparently alot of the woman are not criers this girl is full on tears, emotional overload…

I’ll do my best to blog tomorrow night, but might be tired. Stay tuned for my weight lose (I know I have one), and updates about voting for me this Friday Am:)

Nite and thank you for letting me vent, and share a side of me I don’t share with many. I am not superwoman, and can only do what I can do.

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Home sweet Home. (Feb 13)

Tired from the travelling will write more 2morrow..

Good nite

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Another sunny day in Houston. Its been a crazy day of moving. But happy to say my gf is all moved into her new place. Never realized how hard it is to downsize and find homes for everything.

Today was a reminder of what I use to do to my body.. Since starting this challenge I have been doing 2 Herbal life meal replacements for breakfast and lunch. I bought some protien shakes individual packages from Natures Fare for this trip. Lets just say YUK! Fermented protien shake is not yummy at all, even if its coconut and almond flavor. Lol So its left me with having to make other food choices. </p My gf showed me today what I use to eat. Lunch today pizza sandwiches, m&m’s, noodles and deep fried egg rolls.I use to be right there eating the sane things she did..its funny when u see the results you dont want to put that crap in your body anymore.. Tonight as we sat on the couch, with throbbing feet ( I’ve been in my xast the whole time). I never thought I would say this I MISS THE GYM! You heard me..I haven’t worked out since Thursday and I miss my routine and meeting up with the other ladies in the competition..Cant wait to get back at it.. Well its an early night. Tomorrow I get to come home and see my Onyx (my cat is like you’re kids). And get back to routine of life. Till 2morrow..starting to fet nervous and stressed knowing that we have the Real me Seminar this week, and voting is starting at the end of this.. I still need to finish my costumes for the amazing race…breath Bonnie breath.. Well good nite sweet dreams

Some moments while in Texas!

Some moments while in Texas!

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This morning I was up at the crazy hour of 3 am to get to Yvr for my flight out to Texas at 630. I fly stand by, (the perks of having gf in the airlines) so the stress begins once I get to the airport as I watch everyone board the plane. YAHOOOOOOO I got on.. Houston here I come.

Most of you must think wow Texas jealous. Well don’t be. You see when I come here its like hanging out with any of your gf’s. But this week end its all about moving.

Shes down sized from a 3 bedroom 2 floor house to a condo. I hate moving and packing. I throw everything and just pack boxes. It will get to the destination so dont stress about labels.

Anyways enough of that: my happy today is making the right food choices. As my gf went thru drive thru and bought a big ass juicy burger and onion rings..and dessert. I went to the grocery store and bought chicken, salad, veggies and protien bars.

Its funny when I saw what she ate it didnt bother me at all. I dont miss feeling fat, and bloated and slugish.

Well thats about it for tonight..the travel and the time change has me off. Tomorrow is another sunny hot day:)

Good nite from Texas

Healthy food choices

Healthy food choices

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Falling behind on my blogs so sorry..buzy week end.

Yesterday I went to sign the papers for my new 2017 Escape so excited, factory purchased so I got everything i wanted:)

Last night was a girls night out with my cousin, sister, and step mom..we went to go see the ne movie 50 Shades Darker..while there I had to make healthy choices so i ordered chicken wings with no sauce and edammane. I WANTED POPCORN SO BAD!!

I’m so proud of my choices, the old me would have ordered a large popcorn with extra butter and a large pop.

This week end is a test of reality, with food choices.

Thats it for now tomorrow I will be flying to Houston to visit ny best friend.. till 2morrow.

Have an awesome family week end:)

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Today was a weird day. Its the first time in weeks that I actually felt happy for no reason at all. I found myself smiling, and singing.

Today I got the best news ever. I have been fighting with Ford Canada for over 2 years over a faulty clutch part in my car. I have replaced it 4 times, and to me it is a safety hazard to Ford Canada it is not. I fought a battle, with them, Better Business Bureau, ICBC. In December I went to price out a vehicle at MSA Ford (patience they have patience), and Ford Canada came back and offered me $2000.00. For 3 years of trouble, and missing work, and safety concerns. I declined. Then 2 weeks ago I get a call from MSA Ford and Ford Canada contacted them to see where things stood. The manager Mike, told them unless your going to come up to the plate and give her nothing else of 6k, don’t waste any of our time. So 2 weeks ago I went and put together a custom build. There’s just some things I wasn’t willing to give up on, like my sun roof. After this, off the numbers go back to Ford Canada. Well yesterday I get a call from MSA Ford and guess what..”They stepped up to the plate.” So tomorrow I go in to MSA Ford to put together the numbers and put my new 2017 Ford Escape on order.:

To top off my great day I went to the gym. I managed to get 45 minutes on the elliptical and then Charlene was there so I joined her on the Circuit class and finished up with the core and stretch class. 1he 45 minutes later I was starved..

Tonight’s dinner was eggs for protein and broccoli.. weird combo, but I am heading out for the long week end, and wanted to eat the food in the fridge!

That’s a wrap. Nite

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They are calling for more snow. I am not sure about you but I’m done.I moved to Bc for a reason and it wasn’t for the snow:)
But with that said tonight meeting was cancelled. Pretty disappointed but totally understandable.

NO weigh in this week. Guess that means we should all have an amazing weight lose next week.

Next week is a big week for us. Not only do we have our Real me Seminar for 3 evenings but it is voting time.

Im pretty nervous I will not lie..I don’t have a big circle of friends. So you know what that means I need all my friends, family and followers to vote for me. I so want to get to the next round.

Stay tuned for the voting link. Voting starts on Thursday night. You will be able to vote 10 times per day. Or more if you use a diffrent computer . (Votes r registered per Ipu address).

So mark it on your calendars.

Have I said how much I want to move forward..

Stay tuned,I’ll know more closer to the date.. Thanks again for following my journey. I hope you’re enjoying it as much as I am!

Stay safe.. cheers

Stayed tune..Vote for me. Mark it on your calendars

Stayed tune..Vote for me. Mark it on your calendars

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The stomach pains I am experiencing are very uncomfortable. The only way I fell better is by curling up in a ball. Ive suffer feom time to time with this issue, but since changing my diet I am constipated so bad that its the reason for these stomach pains.

Due to the pain I have to call into work sick, which I hate doing. But after being up all night and still suffering with stomach pains there is no way I can focus and be comfie all day at work:)

I did make a visit to the walk in clinic as my doc is in Richmond. I was given a perscription which has helped relieve tje pain..and to keep track of the food I eat when this pain occurs..

While I was out I decided to stop into Michael’s craft store to scope out our amazing race costumes..I love when my creativity talent flows. I want to share so bad but you will have to wait until Feb 25th.

From there I went to the gym.. the elliptical for an hour.. my calves r so sorry.then weights.

Then why not go try out Fabutan. They are one of our sponsors and gas given each one of the contestants 50 free minutes. Awww as I lye there the music going dreaming of a tropical destination the machine stops.. Just as I was getting to my happy place.. Thursday cant come quick enough to go again.

Home I go where I got creative and started our costumes.. for my team its going to be mother and daughters. This to me is exciting and fun and so happy and thankful for my families support.

Its time to call it a night.

Todays day.. Fabutan! Also my new evening treat. NO  MORE CHIPS !

Todays day.. Fabutan! Also my new evening treat. NO MORE CHIPS !

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I’m not up to writting tonight have a lot going thru my mind that I need to sort out.I’ll share once I’m ready.. sometimes you just need some alone time to reflect and think things thru.

Tomorrow will be another day..


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I love the movie Frozen and ever time it snows, I just start singing that song.If you haven’t seen the movie Frozen it is a must see..oky back to reality Bonnie..

Its not snowing so I get dressed, and decided I can do this the main roads will be cleaned it will be the side streets that might be an issue. Off I go, i get to the gym, and there more people than I thought there would be. I jump on the elliptical, the lady beside me is moving so fast I feel that her elliptical is going to just give up on her.Is she even gaining anything going that fast? Anyways from there I decided to do the circuit, then jump on the bike next to Teresa..and away we go.. always have something to talk about.. Out of all the contestants Teresa and have really created a friendship :) (of course I am friends with others too)

When I was done that I decided I needed to get going, the parking lot at the gym is one big ice rink. Its scary when you only have 1 good foot..

I get home and my kitchen sink is backed up. Never having this issue before I decided to put javex down it, and turn on the garburator. What a mistake that was instead of it going down, everything came up, javex and all.Its funny now that I think back, but boy was I pissed. I ruined a pair of pants, top, and slippers.. not to mention my house stinks now of Javex! Lesson learned.

I get meal prepping, I swear if anyone would open my fridge and cupboards you think there was a family of 5 living here, but nope its only me. (I really need to learn to buy what I know I can eat in a week). Today I wanted to try 2 new recipes (that’s what my 100 days of happiness was). Egg muffins (I think my feta might be no good, but expiry date says July, and there’s no mold, must be good right?) , and banana cookies.

Now its 4 pm and I am calling it a day, my back is bothering me, which is odd because I haven’t felt my back hurt since I started working out.

See what the morning brings, as it is still snowing..

Stay safe, and only go out if you have too :)

Trying new recipes!

Trying new recipes!

Created on 2017-02-05 19:04:23


Woke up this morning and what do I see snow..I debate go to the gym or stay home. I drive a Focus with low profile tires,hmmm…I decided to stay home safe. The snow didn’t stop me thou, my condo has a gym downstairs I figured I could sit on my ass all day or I can get up and make my way downstairs. What a great feeling a gym to myself. I hopped on the elliptical this my new fav cardio machine. And then from there I went on the bike for another 30 minute. (I wanted to watch the end of a movie I was watching). From there I decided no one is here, no one to judge me, lets do squats.. have you ever tried to squat with a cast on your foot, not very easy as you can’t balance yourself. Anyways got squats in then I uploaded a picture on fb and saw my friend Teresa was heading to nature fare. JEALOUS!!!But not so jealous when Teresa messaged me and asked if she wanted to pick me up.. YEAH! The amount of time it took her to get from her house to mine she could have finished at Natures Fare. but like she said always more fun going with a friend.

It was great, if you have never shopped at Natures fare, the sales people will open anything to try it..We ran into the owner Kathleen, where she helped us chose different options from pumpkin rice noodles, chia pudding, 4 mixed salads including kale, and so much more fun stuff…oh and the highlight for both Teresa and I is gluten free pizza crust.. Can’t wait so excited. I have been craving pizza since I started this journey.Living alone its not something I get to have to often.

After she dropped me off, I started doing some meal prep for dinner tonight it is lettuce wraps, with ground chicken, veggies, and organic soya sauce.. so yummy, but not filling at all.. at 10:30 I had to have a snack and had snap peas. could be worse right?

Thru out the evening, I decided to get onto POF, for those that don’t know Plenty of Fish is a dating app. I thought I was ready to start dating again,(it also kills time when bored), but when I saw my x on it, I knew then I was not ready. The emotions that I felt, my tummy dropped, and the questions started up. About 2 weeks ago, I found the courage to ask for my stuff back, I know materialistic why bother. I bother because I rent and he has my fob, and keys, and parking pass.Return my things before you go dating other woman. As you can tell I am pretty upset about this…so I will leave it at that.

Calling it a night, till tomorrow, see if the snow will stop so I can go to the gym.

Today at a glance.

Today at a glance.

Created on 2017-02-05 19:01:00


Sorry I did not blog last night. Well actually I did but every time I blog for some reason when I hit submit my whole blog disappears :(

The last I blogged I was disappointed about my weight lost, since then I have come to terms that a loss is a loss, and that I should be happy. Its a healthy weight to lose, and I know from the way my clothes are fitting better.

I noticed this week due to stress at work, I have been very negative about everything and anything..Yesterday to get over the stress I got to the gym at 415 pm and did the circuit training (the easiest weight training with no thought process behind it), from there I wanted to try something new.. Yes you hear right, NEW! I decided to get onto the elliptical for 30 minutes.being in my cast still, it was not an easy task but completed it, and then moved onto the bike. Once I was on the bike another competitor Shannon wanted to do the Core & strength class. I personally was ready to go home, and plus my abs still hurt from Tuesdays class.. but why not.. Its always alot more fun with a friend.. Lots of giggles.. But it is getting easier..

Then today Friday,my plan was to go to the gym, but with the snow, and my tiny focus I found it would be better if I went home. Walking with my cast and trying to get around town, I felt being home safe and sound was the smart choice.. So here I am watching movies.. and guess what I cheated.. yes cheated. I have been craving chips so bad that I had 20 pop chips..and they were amazing.. I’m now happy, and still under my calories :)

Lets see what the morning brings, hopefully no more snow, so I can go to the gym. And meal prep. I am trying something new tomorrow spaghetti squash..

Stay safe out there, and don’t go out if you don’t have to..

Oh also I set up a gofund page for donations. I am up to $155.. This is out of my comfort zone as I hate asking for money.. but if your following me chances are your loving my journey and would love to see me move forward. Im having issue posting the link here, Ill try again in the morning :)

Oky time to say good nite

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Lets start  by saying I was excpecting more only down 1.4 lbs. Thats it. Feeling disappointed. I know a loss is a loss but when your doing everything right and going to the gym 5 to 6 days a week you kinda want to see the scale move more than 1.4 lbs.

Then my measurements here I am all excited because I feel the difference in my clothes and can see it too. I only lost 3 inches over all.

They tell you not to judge yourself to other peoples journey but how cant you?

Anyways the fun part of the day.Tonight we went on a field trip to Natures Fare where Kathleen taught us how to eat healthy and we tried organic apple and tried diffrent options. Then from there we went to Shoppers Drugmart to learn about doing eye brows. Very interesting and I will go back when Im not so tired and bummed.

Tomorrow is another day.

Today at a glance



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I have to say that this is the second time I try to blog today. It keeps deleting my post. Grrrr.

I love to share so if you havent seen my instagram page today . Check it out Instagram.This morning I promised a friend  I would take a video of me drinking my Aloe Vera. My face and video says it all..DISGUSTING!

So this morning while I was getting dressed I noticed that I have lost weight and inches..where did my breast go? Why is it the first place woman lose?

Work was a stressful day for me so decided to burn my frustration at the gym. I learnt I love to talk. I got there at 430 meet Faith (contestant on challenge) talked till 5. Jumped into a circuit class and a strength/core class. 6:00 pm I should have called it quits, but figured tomorrow is our meeting and I wont get to the gym. So I jumped on the bike to make up for tomorrow. 30 minutes just 30 minutes. An hour later talking to Jenn (contestant) it was time to go home if I was going to get dinner in me b4 8.

Home now, belly fed, cat happy,watching tv trying to stay awake.

Good nite all.


Gotta wear my shades. Glance at today

Gotta wear my shades. Glance at today





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Today was an exciting day for me . This morning I had an appointment at The cast clinc to get xrays to see the progress of my foot..

Happy Dance: I can slowly start walking at home without my cast to strengthen my foot. If Im going to the gym then I need to keep wearing it for at least 2 more weeks due to impact of cardio and weights.

Im to trust my body and if it hurts at any point put the cast on. So 2 more weeks how exciting is that..

That’s about it from me today. Hope everyone had a great Monday.

I almost forgot I went to the gym, love how its starting to become routine.

Till tomorrow nite.


Look at me no more cast at home:)

Look at me no more cast at home:)


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Today has been a roller coaster ride of emotions.

I woke up many times in the middle of the night.

I took a video today to share with you just how Im feeling. (See my instagram link below).

The video show my struggles of today and my mind playing games on me about my x. Only a month single after 3 years together , being that close to him yesterday brought up all these emotions.

Even though I didnt feel like it I still managed to drag myself to the gym. It’s always easier when meeting a friend.

From there I went to Natures Fare, this is an organic store. I’ve never gone into an organic store because I always thought they would be over priced. (My mission was to get Aloe Vera liquid, to help with the constipation). I was surprised at how much fun I had going up and down ever aisle. I will not lie I dont know how to read labels so I only came home with a small bag of goodies to try. (Can’t wait till Wed we are going on a field trip here, so hoping to learn so much more).

Home I went to meal prep. Its getting easier when everything is in portions and ready to grab and go.

Thats my Sunday, tomorrow is an exciting day I have an appointment at the hospital to get xrays on my foot. So keep your fingers crossed.

Till tomorrow, thanks again for following my journey.

My day at a glance.

You can watch my journey unfold on instagram where  I will post pictures and videos.

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So it didnt happen I didnt get up to go swimming. Instead I was up at 4am with major stomach pains. This is nothing new to me. Ive been constipated since changing my diet and working out . Then it followed with vomitting. Lucky me :(

I had a busy day today. Being in this challenge I find it important to meet with the sponsors . So off i went to THE LOOKING GLASS SALON to meet Chelsey. Im learning to try new things since starting this challenge . Today I am tinting my eye lashes. (Its like wearing mascara when you wake up, go to the gym, etc).  I forgot to take a before picture so I don’t see much of a difference, but added a picture for you to judge

From there off to the gym I go. An hour later I got home and made my snacks and lunch to go. Off to Abby I go to meet Gina for my 1 on 1 and talk about my progress. Our meeting point was Save on Foods right next to my x’s condo. The anxiety kicked in  What if I run into him? What will I do if I see him with someone else? I knew when I booked my appointment in Abby this was something I would have to deal with.

From there off to get my groceries and come home to make dinner. Lately my to go meal is ground chicken,spinach, and feta. Oh I forgot to tell you, today was the first time I had almond butter. Trying new things seems to be my new me:)

Its 930 on a Saturday night and Im calling it a nite. Tomorrow is gym, meal prep day.

My day at a glance

My day at a glance


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Ive been feeling very tired this week. I dont tend to sleep thru the night and haven’t  since the break up. Yawn!

Ive been dragging myself to the gym this week. Its funny how on week 1 we were all gun ho and now the reality has hit. Balancing life,work,family kids. Seeing the other Facebook posts Im not the only one feeling this way.

Once I got home I received my email that with my blog details . Like I mentioned before I have never blogged and Im not one who keeps a journal.

I spent my Friday nite (I have no life) blogging. Its very hard to blog since I dont have a computer or a lap top. Using a small screen and keypad has taken me 4ever. So please do understand if ive spelt things wrong or missing words. Im sure if you own a phone you can feel my pain.

With that said its 11 pm and Im gonna call it a night. I have a busy day ahead of me starting with going swimming at 6 am.


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Today I am meeting up with Angela the real estate agent. Im excited and nervous all at the same time.

I gett into Starbucks ready to ask them to sponsor The Amazing I order my tea (I really want my venti early grey lattee) I chicken out and go sit down.

In walks Angela, we hit it off and have so many similarities in life. It was nice to talk to someone that doesn’t know me and won’t judge me or tell me I’m doing things all wrong. Instead it was the opposite. I left last night feeling like I have a new friend :)

From there I went to the gym. I’m averaging about 5 times a week.

Home to dinner and crashed. For some reason this week I have felt very tired and emotional.

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I’m so nervous our first weigh in…yahoo down 5.6 lbs in week one. I must be doing something right. Happy dance:)

There is so much to take in tonight that Im tired and starting to feel overwhelmed again. (Creating a movie of my journey with music, Amazing race)

Details on The Amazing race…getting businesses in our community to sponsor the event. Panic attack on full load. I can ask strangers while behind a computer but there’s no way I can go door to door looking for sponsors. Not only do we need to find sponsors we need to get pledges and a team together .

I will not lie Im starting to feel that I’m asking for money more than focusing on changing myself. It truley is a full time job or so it feels like that.

I go home feeling stressed, tired, am I going to do this?

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WORK AND GYM (Jan 24th)

Tonight Mary Barbara one of the contestant on this journey with me put an invite out there to join her at the gym for Circuit training class and core/strengthing class.  My first thought was can I do these classes with my foot?

I got to the gym early and asked the ladies at the gym what they think. These ladies are always happy to help us out when ever they can.

I took the classes and altered it so I wouldnt hurt my foot. I must admit that was a work out. Its the first time I sweated at the gym.

Feeling proud of myself home I go..I’m noticing my evenings are getting longer with going to the gym and cooking dinner. My bed time use to be 8pm, now Its 11:45 and I’m still awake .

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Its Monday need I say more.

Tonight I have to head to Abby to vist Msa Ford one of the Gold Sponsors in Abby. Fingers crossed that I will be driving a new Suv soon.

Tonight I’m tired and my foot is sore. Oh and my guilty pleasure is on tv The Bachelor .

I’m gonna pick up my feet and call it a night.

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Off I go to visit my family. My family is my everything and are so supportive in everything I do. Mom is very proud of me for stepping out of my comfort zone and take this opportunity.

We have to create a video about What we want out of this challenge and what we will achieve.

This was alot of fun as it became a family affair. My brother in law held up cue cards, my sister recorded me and mom was my audience.

I’m good to go and call it a night. Its been a whirl wind of a week.

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This is Me, in my cast.

This is Me, in my cast.

First meeting

First meeting

Top 30 woman

Top 30 woman

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Woke up and went to the gym.  This was something new to me. Just last week I was at home crying, because I was alone. You see my x and I spent every week end together. So to now have all this time to me, I found it hard and not knowing what to do with myself.

After the was time to get myself organized and go food shopping. $150.00 later I was geared to go. Now what? Meal prep..this is the key to success on a weight lose journey this I knew from my many attempts on Weight Watchers.

Have I told you I hate cooking, and hate left overs. This so far has been my struggle. I see everyone post their yummy meals, and plate is Chicken, Brown Rice, Veggies.

So here I go…Thanks to a friend Teresa Lemire Randle (contestant on this challenge)I cooked up spinach, chicken, feta meat balls, Brown Rice, Quinoa. Portioned out my cottage cheese, yogurt, veggies, fruit, almonds, etc. I got this..

I was in the kitchen for 3 hours! My question is how do the other contestant meal plan with families, and kids?

Tomorrow is going to be a great day off to Abby to visit my mom and great niece. Oh and make a video for Wednesday meeting.


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This I struggled with, Do I put my story right out there or do I take another approach and get you into my blog to find out about me..As you can probably see I went with minimum info on my Bio, and this is where I will pour myself out there for all to read.

Being Friday I decided that I was going to hit the gym.. tonight, and come home to my Friday routine: movie, candles,and  nice dinner.

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So a little reminder where we left off…having to find a sponsor for my profile page: I wake up and I have a message from Angela Evennett Real Estate agent wanting to sponsor me. Excited and in shock that someone I don’t even know  wants to help me on my journey.I set up a meet and greet for the following week. As the day continues 2 more sponsors. Dana from Cd Logistics and Ika from Code Jitsu.  That’s a total of 4 sponsors and 400 points, Yeah me.

Tonight was my first night at the gym. 30 minutes on the bike and 30 minute on the circuit. I have this I can do this, broken foot is not going to stop me, might slow me down..But as long as I see the numbers on the scale go down. I’m happy.

That’s it for today Thank you Angela, Dana, and Ika.

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I just found out I could blog as much as I want, so sorry about the below blog. I thought we had to put our last week and half all on one page. Stay tuned as I continue to blog, but tonight this girl is calling it a night. Blogging is tiresome and emotional.

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Welcome to my blog. I’ve never blogged before so please be patient as I tend to get a little long winded.

Today we just got our blog pages and not sure how much of my journey so far I will be able to share with you.  (starting our 2nd week).

But my first entry was to tell you a bit about me and why I joined this challenge. For the last year I have found myself in a very negative place. I saw myself saying I can’t and NO more often than I would like to admit.

My job, my weight, my relationship were the keys factors. Let’s start with my job. As you know from my profile page I work for an amazing company and I love my job. But the stress of my department going from 3 advisors down to ME has really taken a toll on my health. I’m not one to ask for help, I’ve done this job for 8 years so why would I ask  now. I work thru my lunch and stay after work to get the job done. My  frustration started to show at work and at home. Something needed to change, so I started looking elsewhere for work. Not because I wanted to but felt I had to.  I love my job and the people I work with, and if I don’t ask nothing will change, so I asked and I’m starting to see a positive change at work that is keeping me hopeful.

Now my weight: I’ve struggled all my life with my weight. I’ve tried every yo-yo diet out there, and I lose and gain and gain and gain. How does one lose weight? My mom blessed me with this hips. I’m fat because it runs in my family. I started finding myself not wanting to go out. Nothing fit, I had no energy, and my boyfriend wanted to go do something and my famous words were NO!

As you might have seen in my profile I say single, but above I mention boyfriend. I’m recently single in the last month after a 3 year relationship. Back on December 19th, my birthday to be exact, 6:30 at night I’m waited to hear from him or hoping he was on his way to my house. NOPE. When I called I found out he was at home. Oh ya your birthday is what he said. I was so hurt and angry, and because I hold everything in I didn’t want to talk, instead I flipped out. So he hung up on me, and has ignored me every since. I’m not one to give up, so I continued to call, text and What’sApp him. Needless to say over the holidays I spent many times crying at home and not even wanting to join the family. So much going thru my head. Is it me? Did I say something wrong? Was I wrong for getting upset? Am I not pretty enough or skinny enough? I have torn myself up over and over trying to understand after 3 years how one just walks away with not even an explanation. You see I love with all my heart and when In a relationship they are my everything, and I forget about me and everyone around me.

But I am starting to see that all my relationships have something in common, Divorced, Recovering Alcoholic, depression, you see the pattern?

I don’t want to bore you any longer so lets get to why I applied.



As I was going thru the break up and a nasty flu bug I decided to go on line and read what the Challenge had to offer. I decided NOT for me. There is no way I can do that. Something many don’t know about me I am very shy. I don’t like crowds, I don’t like being the center of attention and I can’t start a conversation for the life of me. So how would I be able to put myself out there, new people, group of 30 plus strangers, blogging my life, videos, pictures all over the place. I decided well if I just fill out the application form and hit send what would the chances I would be picked.

A week after on a Saturday afternoon, the phone rings. I don’t know that number so I ignore it. My mom looks at me and says isn’t today the day? Yes and I can’t do it, so if I don’t answer maybe they will give my spot to someone else. What was I will I ever find me if I don’t do this. So I made the call..On the other end of the line there was Debbie from Shape Your World Society. I would like to admit she was a lot more excited than I was, I hung up and cried and cried. Not out of excitement but out of the fear that they were going to change me. I also cried knowing that this was a new chapter and I had to put closure on my past (x boyfriend) and move forward for me.

The next day was the meet and greet at Phoenix lounge in Abby.



This was the hardest thing to do, enter a room of people I don’t know. (60 contestants, volunteers, sponsors). I sat in the parking lot for about 30 minutes before I made my move. I sign in and get my name tag and take my seat. (The first seat I saw). It was a table of 6 other woman on the same journey as me. As we sat there listening to speeches, and introductions, and what the challenge had to offer, it was now our turn to get involved. There were stations, that we had to go around in a group (of 6 new people I didn’t know or was sitting with) and talk to the sponsors. My first meet was with Heather Rieder Life coach, taking appointment for 1 on 1’s, tomorrow is my appointment. Off to the next and the next. (OxygenYoga, Msa Ford, Shoppers Drug Mart, 200 st Dentist,Herbal Life and so many more). Now time to take my before picture (yes the one you see in Langley Times and this website), and a video of why I applied for this challenge. Who would think talking into a camera pouring your heart out would be so emotional. (I’m sure in time those raw videos will appear some where, right Trish?) And then there was the weigh in and measurements…my starting weight 204 lbs.

As the night progressed the more and more info we got, free gym memberships with She’s Fit, Nutrition with Herbal Life, Real me seminar (in a few weeks from now), and so much more. Its time to call it a night..and go home…very very overwhelmed on what just happened.



All day while at work I was anxious about the phone call I had to make tonight. I’ve talked to a counselor before was this the same. Will I be told that I am broke and need to be fixed. I get home from work, and called Heather, her calmness made me calm. We talked about my lack of confidence, low self esteem, break up, friends, and my job. As we touched more on my job she focused on what would be my dream job. Planning Christmas parties at work for the last 5 years I found that I love to party plan, and would love to become and Event Planner one day. Being on my own with rent, car payments, debit, there isn’t an options to go to school at this time. Heather came up with the idea of trying to contact an Event planner and see if I could job shadow an event.I think I can do that. That was my homework, and I was to do this all by Thursday (3 days). I got off the phone feeling so excited about the possibilities..and got straight to it. Sent out emails, joined groups, in hopes that I would hear back from someone soon.Nothing yet but I am not giving up :)



This is where it gets interesting. In the middle of the night I woke up to use the Bathroom (in the dark) and tripped over my lovely cat Onyx.  I felt instant pain.I know of this pain because I broke this foot 2 years ago at a work Christmas party.(That’s a whole other blog). At 1:30 Am,  I was driving myself to the hospital. As I sat there in the waiting room, I knew this was the end of the challenge for me. How could I do it with a broken foot. I will never lose weight, or be able to do the challenges like Amazing Race. I’m going to quit and let someone else have my spot. As I sat there, having my pity party a friend messages me on Facebook to see what’s happening..The support she gave me made me realize that it is not all about the weight lose its about so much more, and that I could do it. As the doc goes over my xrays the truth is told: Broken foot, and need to be in an air cast till further notice :(

Fast Forward to that night..My meeting with She’s Fit. I was scared to go in, not only was it a gym, I was going in with a cast and everyone would be looking at ME! As I sign up and  in my gym clothes I was ready to go. Not knowing what I could do at the gym with a broke foot, I looked around and came home, and had to come back on Thursday when it was less busy and one of the ladies could show me how to use the circuit. (did I tell you as I was walking out 2 contestants were walking in). Hmmmm they are going to work out and I am going home. I got home and the old me would have got into my jammies and called it a night. Instead this girl went to the gym in my condo and did weights, and rode the bike. I am determined and committed, nothing is going to stop me now.



Tonight is our first meeting since out meet and greet with 59 other woman, it was going to be great to meet the 29 Langley girls, and get to know them. Facebook is a wonderful think I had already started connecting with a lot of the ladies before this meeting, so going in was a lot easier. The night started of with our weigh in and measurements, and went to Herbal Life reps Gina and Faleen (who are our coaches thru out this on food/nutrition), We learnt the importance of protein, grains, veggies, and drinking water.

And the challenges begun for the week (there is a lot of challenges and things to we have to do thru out this challenge) we have to: Drink half our body weight in water, Eat protein per meal, and snacks. And on Sunday start Herbal Life shakes. Oh almost forgot and we had to wake up in the morning and look in the mirror and say 1 thing we love about ourselves.(try it, it does make you feel good about yourself).

Back to Anita, our challenge for The Makeover contest was to find a business to sponsor me thru out my journey . In return the business would have their logo and webpage attached to my profile (its not there yet but it’s coming). The anxiety kicked in, not only did I have to find a sponsor they would have to pay $100 to be my sponsor, and I know No one!  For each sponsor we would get we would get 100 points (we get points thru out this contest that will help us get into the next round), so of course I knew with a broken foot I would have to make up for some of the things I couldn’t do. And there was no way I was going to get voted off because of my broken foot.

I went home that night asking myself what did I get myself into? Overwhelmed, I got on my fb and put it out there. My 1st sponsor Kwik as Air (Thank you Dad and Sam). Hey this isn’t as hard as I thought it would be, how can I get more. I put my story on my community face book page and what the contest was about, and what I was looking for, and called it a night. Again let me remind you this is totally out of my comfort zone, asking complete strangers, putting myself out there. Hiding behind a computer I have nothing to lose :)



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