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May 15.2017

Its Monday and it’s rainy and I am at work!

I am feeling very tired – the body is so sore! that 10km run really hit my body hard!

Tomorrow is the final event! I am so excited and I am sad! it’s very bittersweet.

I have loved my busy crazy life the past 4 months – I loved the support!

Now what?!?!

I am going to start a new job part time – I have to complete my training and get my certification  – I will be a financial advisor!!! will love the relationships being built with all of you and helping and educating! I can’t wait.

I look forward to seeing you tomorrow night! they will be posting lots of pics and video:)



Created on 2017-05-15 17:53:46

Edited on 2017-05-15 17:54:13

May 14.17

Happy Mothers Day!!

This weekend was full of events! Yesterday the TMC ladies participated in the Shoppers Run for Women. It was at UBC campus, we had the choice of 5 or 10 km. My son and I decided on the 10k ! Nick did awesome his time was 47 minutes!! Mine was 1h n 20 minutes! my goal was to be under 1hr 30 so I was proud of myself:)

Feeling the pain today!!! legs n hips are recovering:) no pain no gain!!! lol

Today was busy, went to Rack Fashions. It was alot of fun! Loved the personal customer service n the warmth from the owner:)

Had our last rehearsal tonight for our event! Its going to be so much fun!!!! very excited

Now I need to rest up!!

Only 2  more days:)))


Live Laugh Love


Created on 2017-05-15 02:50:39

Edited on 2017-05-15 17:46:54

May 12.17

Yaayy it’s Friday! and it’s sunny:)

I am feeling the end of the week that’s for sure today – lol ! I am looking forward to doing the Shoppers Run for Woman tomorrow! 10k here I come! my son Nick is doing this with me – well he will be ahead of me but that’s ok:) I will push to run as much as I can.

I went to Optiks International yesterday  – they are sponsoring us in fashion show – wearing a pair of glasses and sunglasses! I had never been in there before, I was impressed. The manager Tom was very nice and helpful. I loved the selection – it was huge!

I made a video on facebook for this as well – the person with the most likes will get  a free pair of glasses!! so please like this for me – I am in need of new ones for sure! Nick also wants some – lol  – doesn’t need any just wants for style – !!

I am so excited for Tuesday – can’t come here fast enough!

have a great weekend!



Created on 2017-05-12 15:21:42

May 10.2017

Today has been a bit emotional. I am feeling the stress of the end of the finish line. So many mixed emotions  – the voting, the final event, the real life after! Does not help with my PMS happening lol :(

anyways tonight is last weigh and measure and we are having our final  meeting.

we will be having a great time enjoying dinner together and feeling good about what we have done!

saying good bye to some will be hard – I really hope we try and keep in touch.

I know I will need support still when this is over.

less than a week to go……………………….

please keep voting for me – tomorrow noon and it’s done!

love you guys!


Created on 2017-05-10 19:17:59

May 9.2017

Good morning! so we have been practicing for our final event – learning to walk and strut our stuff! The Abby ladies and Langley ladies are all working together to showcase some clothing  – we are having lots of fun doing this! Everyone is very encouraging and supportive to eachother. We are all super excited to be doing this. Will be a blast! A great way to end our journey for sure.

I am really happy with how things have played out since I joined this. I will miss it.

One more week and that’s it.

Voting is still happening till Thursday noon – and THANKS everyone for supporting me – I am in awe of the support from everyone. So thank you:)

Have a great day – enjoy the sun – go outside!!!!



Created on 2017-05-09 15:07:23

May 8.2017

This past week has been super busy! we are getting ready for the main event – Shape Your Vogue! we are strutting our stuff with different clothing companies.

I am super excited for this night – everything I have been working for will finally come to a ending – I am so glad I did this challenge. Has given Me back – I finally feel like the real me again – love it!

Will be great to start on with my new plans after this is done. I plan on being a part of a financial company and train to be a financial advisor. I am very excited to start this!

We are currently in voting week, I am so amazed and appreciative of all the support!

I have shared my journey to the world and getting back tons of positive feedback.

I have had family and friends tell me I inspire them to do something for themselves – which is great that they feel and want to get going on helping themselves become happier!

I have become a better version of Tina and I love my life.

Please continue to vote for me – voting ends Thursday at noon.






Created on 2017-05-08 17:27:16

May 5.2017

We are in our last few weeks of this challenge. I am feeling a mixed bag of emotions.

I feel very excited, nervous, happy, sad, worried and empowered! With the last 4 months of learning new things, meeting new people and learning new things about me – it’s all coming to an end. We in this challenge have all talked about this and we are going to keep a group of us together to help support after this is done. I love this idea and want this to happen.

I have realized that WE all need support and love. And this has totally contributed to my success in this journey.

Voting starts today at 3pm – every day 10 times per day per device you can help me win this total makeover challenge – till thursday noon!

I honestly have done everything I can in this challenge. I have been myself and have tried my best to be a friend to whoever needs. I have been honest and open and feel good about this. I loved this experience and feel so grateful.

To everyone in this challenge I am amazed at your commitment to yourselves and am very proud of each one of you!

So please help me win and vote like crazy!!!



Created on 2017-05-05 18:38:41

Edited on 2017-05-05 21:47:41

May 2.2017

Well it’s a beautiful sunny day today! love this weather makes me feel so good!

I have been in my head the past couple days, not sure what it is. I feel anxious about the challenge ending soon. Worried about what I will do. The weekly meetings and activities we have been doing have kept  me busy! So easy then just keep busy – well I do have some plans so I may be okay?! I am worrying. I play this back and forth in my head – negative and positive thoughts. With everything I have learned I am fighting these annoying negative thoughts! it’s all choice I know. On the most part I am doing well – I have been keeping up my activity and eating right. I have been working on my personal journey video and it’s coming together nicely. This is also something I must hand in for points to win!

Update, my Grandma is doing a bit better. A bit perky! so that’s a good thing.

It almost feels like my real world is full of negative and sickness and this challenge world is full of positive and empowering events! it’s really weird to be honest – I guess this is why I am worrying.

So keep busy – love me – love others – be true – be honest – this is what I vow to myself.



Created on 2017-05-02 15:26:34

May 1.17

So the weekend was full, I am tired. This morning I was going to do the 0545 hot bootcamp yoga class and ya that didn’t happen – I am so tired. I justified so many things in my head to make me feel better – and ya not really feeling it. That effort it takes to push yourself is sometimes not there and today was it.

I am feeling a bit anxious and nervous lately – I guess because it’s the near end.

I saw some of the Top 15 ladies yesterday at the defense class Mary Barbara set up for us. Was really good time, learned some defense skills I hope to never have to use.

Some of the talk after made me feel like the near end is going to be very alone. When this is all done what then – what do we do!

The ladies were busy creating a group for us last night on facebook which is great – to continue the support – sounds like we all would like this after the TMC is done.

I know I will need this  – I love those ladies and enjoy their company very much.

So voting week starts on Friday at 3pm! last time to get your votes in for your favorite challenger.

The next couple weeks they have us very busy – need to go to the clothing stores that are sponsoring our outfits for the fashion show – and we also have lots of meetings to learn what we are doing! learn the cat walk!!

Have a good Monday! xoxoxoxo


Created on 2017-05-01 14:31:11

April 29.17

So right now in my life I have my Grandma Pat not doing so well. She has fluid on her lungs and her heart is at 30%  – this is not good. I went and saw her this morning, she wants to be at home in her warm bed – does not want to go into the hospital. I am not sure if she really understands what is happening because she isn’t experiencing any pain. Which is a good thing the no pain part. I have always had a somewhat close relationship with my Grandma, established my own relationship her many years ago. She is currently 80 years old and if her heart was stronger she may have a different lifestyle – but she feels much older. I asked her some hard scary questions – do you feel like your dying?, do you want to fight? Some may think how can you ask those things, but I have always talked with her openly about everything!!! including men and sex! I love her and wish her comfort and love.

I went to a Life App event last night with another challenger, Erin. I was not really sure what is was going to be about but knew it was a story of inspiration and encouragement. It was awesome. The persons that run this event were very caring, giving and open. I could feel the positive and loving energy. I felt inspired, moved, curious and thankful when I left there. I will  be looking into this non profit moving forward.

Went for a 8km walk with my love this am, was a bit tough on some hills but did it! love walking the trails. Good for my soul!

Have a great weekend everyone! and thanks for following me:)


Created on 2017-04-29 20:09:17


Created on 2017-04-28 15:50:16

April 28.17

Good morning!

So I accomplished my goal  – going to yoga 3 days in a row for the 0545 class! Two of these classes were like a boot camp style and one was a yoga flow  – OMG thought I was going to fall over and not get up this am – lol – it was very hard – I kept telling myself you can do this over and over! I am going to do again next week – 3 days!

Since this challenge has started it has totally taught me that consistency actually works! I  never thought I could be where I am right now back then. So this hard core yoga class is so crazy hard now should only get easier! Our bodies will reward us when we are good to them – this is always in the back of my mind.

This weekend is going to be awesome – I plan on going for lots of walks and spend time with some close ones. I also get to see my photos that were done – the REVEAL! I am so excited – from the last photo I had done I know Tarra is amazing at her job and these ones are going to be AWESOME!  Also this weekend the ladies from TMC are meeting to partake in a self defense class – Mary Barbara thank you for arranging for us – will be great to be back with everyone again:)

Today is Friday and I am looking out my window at work – and it’s blue sky and sunny and I feel good!



Created on 2017-04-28 15:44:41

Edited on 2017-04-28 15:46:10

April 27.17

So we had our weekly meeting last night – and I gained!

This was the first time in this challenge that I have gained – it was 0.4 ounces – not even a pound! I know, I know not a big deal in the big picture – but for me it was crappy. We get points to win this thing if we never gain – I have lost my streak now. So now what – do I wallow and feel bad or do I get mad and get back to it! Push hard and work harder! I am at my last few pounds now so it gets harder to lose – this I know. I refuse to give into my stubborn body – I am pushing back and harder. I was at hot yoga at 0545 again today – was there yesterday as well – I am going again tomorrow am! I booked all my workouts for the week! I will fight this and prove to myself that I can overcome and get where I want to be. Some of you may be curious to know the numbers – well when I started this challenge I weighed in at 173.8 lbs and yesterday I weighed in at 143.8 – that is exactly 30 lbs GONE!! My goal is to be 135 lbs.

This challenge isn’t just about the physical body changes. It is also about the emotional part as well – everything to do with who TINA is:) I can tell you that this girl is on fire – I feel so much passion and know my purpose. I am excited and happy and love my life.

Some news for you, remember that relationship that ended a while ago –

This person appeared in front of me  – at a  night out on a friends birthday – when we saw each other the love in our eyes was still there. He has realized the he has some work to do with his life and brain- like we all do – and knows now what he wants.

We have been talking and being together and it is wonderful. I never stopped loving this man.

The only thing different now is that I know I am happy with or without this relationship – I am good with me.

Life is full of ups and downs and we must learn to ride this – don’t fight it and don’t be afraid of it. LET things happen.  Having FAITH and just be happy – appreciate what you have.





Created on 2017-04-27 15:54:25

April 26.17

I have taken some time to process my weekend. Last Thursday we left for Tigh Na Mara in Parksville. We were invited to a women’s conference, Frock Off. This lasted till Sunday afternoon. The entire time I was feeling empowered, accepted, inspired, driven and happy.

I met different women from all over the country, lots from the island. They all had their own stories of success. Some were sharing their personal stories of a tragedy to success. This was so empowering to hear  – these women are strong!

I appreciate everyone who shared and who was open to us. Very brave – loved it!

I had learned my purpose back when we did the the REAL ME conference – and now after this event I feel like I can and will put that purpose into ACTION!

I learned that we can’t wait for things – when you want to do something in your life – DO IT – don’t wait!

I loved spending time with the other challengers and leaders. It was great to relax and have fun with them. The bonds are getting stronger and can call these ladies my friends.

The beauty of the island is amazing – each morning I was out on the beach doing my walk/run program – was absolutely beautiful – would love to live in that kind of environment permanently – one day:)

So now we have about 3 weeks left in this challenge – getting ready for the Shape Your Vogue event – a fashion show we all star in!

Also had an amazing day on Tuesday  – went for my hair style with Jessika at The Looking Glass Salon – was so nice  – she knew exactly what I wanted and did it! enjoyable and great conversations were had. Then I had my make up done at Shoppers Drug Mart Thunderbird location – the lady who was there was so nice and accommodating – she knew her stuff! my makeup was soft and alluring – what I wanted – also hooked me up with some new face serum and day cream – so needed:) Then I went to Tarra Lee Photography for photo shoot. I had brought some stuff with me – when I got there she had a plan for me – she also had outfits for me to wear – I had 6 different outfits !! I felt like a model for sure – felt sexy and hot! great experience – Tarra makes you feel beautiful and her direction was awesome.  We will get to see these at the end  – can’t wait!

I am so appreciative of all the support from my family and friends. Know that this journey was done with you all  – your love and support means so much to me.

Weigh in is tonight – feeling a bit nervous about it. The weekend was full of indulging –

live – love – laugh



Created on 2017-04-26 17:07:33

Edited on 2017-04-26 17:15:32

April 18.2017

I made Top 5!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am so grateful and blessed. I cannot thank all of you enough, with all your support and encouragement I am in the Top 5.

So excited to be in this challenge still. Very happy with how I have accomplished my goals of getting to this point.

I was sad to see the other ladies not make it, I know how hard they have worked and deserved a position as well. I hope to stay in touch with them and hope they continue on their own journey.

Now we are in the last segment – Top Model! There will be a final show, May 16th – called Shape Your Vogue – which I won for creating name of event!!!! my mom and I were brainstorming one night and came up with it. Pretty cool they loved the name and the fashion show will be called this now! So May 16th the winner will be announced for each city. Can’t wait!

We will have another voting week as well – starts May 5th at 3pm till May 11 at noon. Will need all your help on this!!!

When you are in the Top 5 you get lots of goodies!!! we are spoiled!

I just had my eyelashes done by Elizabeth at Hush Studios Fabutan in Walnut Grove – never have had this done before and I can tell you I definitely will do again! they are so beautiful! and love that I don’t have to wear mascara!

This weekend we all leave for a leadership conference  – at a amazing resort in Parksville – all paid! Tigh-Na-Mara Resort – so excited  – going to be a ton of fun!!

Getting my hair colored, cut and styled tomorrow night with Jessika at The Looking Glass Salon. Jessika is super fun and had some creative ideas for me! looking forward to this.

Then I have a consult with Tarra Lee Photography – talk about what my photo shoot coming up will be and what I want to be!

I am so overwhelmed and extremely happy!

Thanks to everyone who came out to the Cocktail Party and was able to share the evening with me – was a great time!

I also won lots that night – beautiful gifts were given out!!! xoxoxoxoox

Talk soon – I need to prepare my speech for this weekend:)




Created on 2017-04-18 18:26:19

Getting very excited and nervous!!! Today is the day my friends! I am feeling very proud of all the ladies in this challenge. I watched some video from the Abbotsford groups night, the support and love we all have for eachother is amazing. I hope everyone stays connected and continues on their journey. Today is going to be a great day! Good luck to all my fellow Langley ladies! Love you all and know the support will always be here no matter what outcome. xoxoxoxoxo

Created on 2017-04-12 14:37:58

April 10.17

We are 2 days away of finding out who the Top 5 plus Wildcard will be! So exciting to be this close! This challenge has been so rewarding for me, I am so happy! I can honestly say I feel happy with me – this is a first.

When I signed up for this I was in a depressed state. I was very unhappy and crabby. I wanted to stay in my bed and not go anywhere. The everyday grind was not good, I had so much pain and was so miserable.

Now I am happy. I have energy. I love me:) I try to be very positive with my internal thoughts and believe in the process of saying and believing in positive thoughts.

The more we do this, the more we are!

I am really happy with the new friends I have made. Some of us were together on the weekend, it was so much fun! I haven’t laughed that much in a long time.

Surrounding ourselves with positive peeps make the biggest difference!

I believe that I will be in the Top 5, because I have done every aspect of this challenge to my best ability – I can honestly say this. I also just feel it – xoxoxoxo

I love your support – please continue to support me, I appreciate all of it and I know I couldn’t do any of this without it!


Created on 2017-04-10 20:48:06

April 1st! wow time is flying by – this challenge is coming into it’s last segment. We are currently in the voting week – that means that everyone can pick their favourite and vote – everyday 10 times per day- asking all of you to please do this – it’s done Thursday noon – then on April 12th the Top 5 will be announced.

The past few evenings I have been out with fellow challengers – their fundraisers – been so much fun – surrounded by by new friends. I love how we all are supporting each other while still in a competition – very healthy and respectful with each other – love them!

This Wed will be my final weigh and measure for this second segment – hoping to make my total weight loss an even 30!!! wish me luck! With all the parties lately it’s been a challenge – Thursday evening I indulged! I will be working hard at the gym, hot yoga and walking – was totally worth it!

My personal life is a bit rough right now, with the person who I thought was forever now gone it’s been hard. I miss him so much and it’s so painful to know he isn’t interested in being with me anymore. I keep telling myself that this was his choice and I am worthy of a better relationship  – over and over in my head. It will be hard for a while. I know I will be okay – takes time.

My family and friends who are showing and continuing to support me thank you! I could not be doing this without any of you. I love you.


Created on 2017-04-01 20:22:56

IMG_0864 IMG_0866 IMG_0874

Created on 2017-03-30 05:04:52

Today was a good day! The Pink Ladies went to Gateway of Hope and delivered all the donations we collected. We had over 60 filled purses and lots of extras. The will be well received by the clients at this centre. The Langley Times will feature this next week!

Last night I had a great meeting with a new friend, Jody Thomas founder of SheaKardel. Jody and I just met last night. I had contacted her as a potential sponsor way back when, she emailed me back and loved the ideas. The Total Makeover Challenge was something she loved and wanted to be a part of. Jody was super positive and giving, she donated a beautiful gift for my auction basket for the upcoming Cocktail party, also will be my personal sponsor, AND sponsored an outfit for me to wear at party. Loved the meeting, love our community !!! Super excited.

Update I have lost a total of 28lbs and 16.75 inches to date!

I am growing so much in this challenge, I actually feel good about me!

At tonights meeting we talked about our personal style – in the home and with what we wear – loved both of these speakers. Thanks to The Passionate Home and Rack Fashions.

So excited to attend my fellow challengers fundraiser tomorrow night! and also to attend some Abbotsford challengers events – going to be a busy 3 nights!

Finally – VOTING WEEK is starting Friday at 3pm – till Thursday noon – this where you all can vote for me 10 times per day per device! These votes are what will get me to next round so please and thank you so much!

Created on 2017-03-30 05:00:47

So the Pink Ladies have been hard at work – we got together and put all the donated purses and products together – we will be delivering to Gateway of Hope this week!


Created on 2017-03-27 21:29:32


Created on 2017-03-27 21:25:03

Life is so up and down  – when things are going really good some things can come crashing down on us. I have always believed that things and persons are in my life for a reason. I have always believed that if you lived your life honestly and loving it would be the best it can. I just had someone I love dearly tell me they have chosen to not be in my life anymore. They think that they are bringing me down, holding me back. They are sad and depressed and don’t think they are worthy to be with me. This makes me sad. It makes me wonder what kind of love I gave. It makes me think I didn’t love right for them. OR they just need to realize what and who they are and be happy with themselves. I always fought for the people I love – I won’t change – I will always believe that love conquers all!

One door may close but another will open – and it will be even more amazing!

I can honestly say I love my life! I love who I am becoming and where I am at.


Created on 2017-03-27 21:16:04


Created on 2017-03-24 17:30:16

Also wanted to mention I had a awesome day last week – got the gift of a makeover photo shoot!! Had my makeup done by Shoppers, hair done by The Looking Glass Salon and photos done by Tara Lee Photography!! Was really great to feel special ❤️

Created on 2017-03-24 17:29:08

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Created on 2017-03-24 17:16:32
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Created on 2017-03-24 17:11:29

Hi everyone – I am feeling really good! last night our team, the Pink Ladies had our fundraiser pub night. It was such a awesome time. The ladies in my group are amazing woman who worked their butts off to pull of a great time. The evening was filled with fun – we had door prizes, surprise bow under chair door prizes, 50/50, auction raffle baskets, silent auction, toonie toss, photo prop booth and sang a song! The best part of the night for me was singing the song! We were trying to think of a song all week – then I suggested we get the crowd to pick – it was received so well! the crowd loved it they gave us some suggestions we put in a bucket and picked one and sang it! I feel like a woman, Shania Twain – lol it was perfect! the crowd loved it – so much fun! and it felt so good to sing my heart out after being so busy with everything lately!
I never have done a fundraiser before – it was a lot of work – but with such a great team it wasn’t that hard really – we had fun. Also that was first time I sang karaoke in a bar before! lol I loved it will do that again:)
So glad we are almost done, this week we will arrange a visit with Gateway of Hope and deliver the generously donated purses and hygiene kits. Then we do our final report and figure out how successful we were for our organizations!
So far in this challenge I have lost a total of 26.4 lbs – this is very unreal to me still – I see myself looking different in the mirror or in pictures but don’t feel like its me – its really weird – I guess because it’s happening so quickly and I haven’t caught up with it on the inside yet -lol – I am super happy with how I am doing. I love being a part of this – I love that I have made some great friendships – will have even when this is all over.
We had a speaker from toastmasters on Wed night – it was tons of fun and tears – lol – each of us had to get up and speak on a topic given to us on the spot – I loved it – I thought I was going to get off not doing it – was chosen last- lol – my fellow challengers made sure I was getting up there – and of course it was a topic that was deep to me – how do I manage the past and get past things – omg – of course I cried – it was good for me though – as I have always managed to keep one foot in front of the other no matter what life has given me – I try to keep going – I don’t like to look back – I forgive myself and others and move on!
So now I get to attend the other events my fellow challengers are doing – will be great to sit back and enjoy!!
I want to thank everyone who came out last night – everyone who has donated to our causes and to everyone that continuous to support me on this journey – would not be able to do this without any of you.
xoxoxoox love you all.

Created on 2017-03-24 17:10:07


Happy St Patrick’s Day!
I feel very lucky in my life, I have an amazing support system. The loving support from my family and friends is awesome. I love that I have made so many great new friends from this group of ladies in the challenge. I feel very lucky:)

Created on 2017-03-17 15:09:34

We are in the midst of organizing our fundraiser for March 23 at 6pm at Rusty’s Pub – going to be super fun – we have so many prizes to raffle off! I have experienced overwhelming support from so many people while doing this challenge. I love that our community cares so much for everyone. It’s amazing when you do this and see it for yourself.
I am doing really well with the challenge, I physically feel different and look different. I feel proud of myself for doing this and know that I deserve it. I know that without the support it would have been a lot harder.
Appreciate everyone so much. I feel like I am coming to be the best version of me!!
very exciting, I am happy:)

Created on 2017-03-15 21:23:18


Created on 2017-03-05 20:16:08

We are at the Apprentice part of the challenge!! This means having a team of us to organize a fundraiser. The group of us are all passionate to help the Langley community, so our charity is Gateway of Hope. We will be confirming details soon. As the event will be March 23!! We are looking for donations, to raffle off. Gift baskets, cards, tickets, cash, etc…
Please contact me if you can give. Appreciate all the support!

Created on 2017-03-05 20:12:30

Well I made the Top 15!!!! It was an amazing day, so proud of all the ladies and myself. The Amazing Race was super fun and exhausting lol, The Fast & Devilish and Code Blue teams were my teams. WE all had a great day. The announcements at the end of the day, was exciting. I won a couple prizes, one for having 2 teams in race and another for not gaining any weight.
The next segment will be lots of fun, with a black dress party to announce the Top 5. I will be working my butt off for the next 6 weeks, going to be tougher now with the initial weight off me. I plan on lifting more weights – more squats, more running!!!! Going to a challenge but I am up for it. Super thankful to all my support – could not be being doing this without any of you. I love that our Langley group of women are so nice and giving – makes this journey easier. WE are not alone and WE can do this!!!! Always believe and state what you want always:) xoxox thanks for following my journey – I am here to kick butt!

Created on 2017-02-26 22:34:04


So we are day prior to finding out if we go on in this challenge!!! Top 15 here I come:)
I have worked really hard the past 6 weeks, in all aspects of this challenge.
I am proud of my weight and inch loss – had a awesome last week. I am currently at a total of 17.8 lbs. and 11.75″ lost!!! I have loved the all the woman I have met – the result our relationships I will have even when this is over. I am so grateful for all the support I have received from my family and friends – and strangers! Appreciate all of you. Please continue to follow my journey as I am telling the universe I am one of the Top 15!!!
xoxoxoxo thanks everyone, Tina

Created on 2017-02-24 21:18:19

Hi everyone, Thanks for taking time to read my blog. I am in my last week of the first segment! Can’t believe how time is flying – it’s been very fun:) I am doing really well – I have kept a streak of losing every week. This challenge had a great course we all took. It was called the The Real Me – it was very emotional!!! We went from everything from the womb till now! It was self discovery on who am I today and what is my purpose here… The best part of it was the connections I had with other challengers. I really loved getting to know everyone and hearing their stories. So we had to create our own mission statement, mine is the following: “<y purpose is to motivate and teach people to accept who they are based on believing, connecting and forgiving”. I came to the realization that I am more than I originally thought. We sometimes lose ourselves in our lives, and this course was the wake up call for me! Well this is voting week, trying to stay calm!!!! Saturday at the Amazing Race in Langley we will find out the Top 15 – I keep saying I am one of them!! the universe will listen:) Again thanks everyone for the amazing support in my journey! love you all! xoxoxox

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Hi everyone, Well we are coming into the voting week now! Langley group starts voting on Friday Feb 17.17 at 3pm – asking all to please vote for me – we can vote 10 times per day, per IP address – using your data, wifi, work computer, friends, families!! In order for me to get to next round this VOting is very important – it’s super easy no forms just a click 10 times per day on each IP address, device for a week! on Feb 25th at the Amazing Race – the Top 15 will be announced!!!
We started our REAL Me seminar last night – looking at some root things in me – emotional and revealing! This will be going on this weekend as well – I am very excited and scared!
Our weigh and measure last night is also the last total of this segment – so far in this challenge I have lost a total of 14.6 lbs and 4.25 inches! I have been working hard! my body is changing – this eating and working out actually works! :)
I appreciate all of you! my sponsors, my family and friends! love you:) and thank you so much for the amazing support!

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Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!
I have been feeling really good, waking up with energy and feeling happy! This challenge has really been good for me – I can’t believe how much food and movement can do for me. I do now know and believe that I need to do this for the rest of my life – I keep thinking of my conversation with Heather Rieder – Life Coach. She said for me to be kind to myself – to my body – to listen to it! My body will tell me when things are not good – to really care for my body – and it will reward me! Not to worry about what my goal weight should be – to just do my job of treating my body with respect and kindness and it will be what it will be:) I have been doing this – and no more headaches, back aches, stomach aches!
Life is so good and I am surrounded my the most caring and loving peeps! Thanks for following my journey! xoxoxoxo

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It’s Saturday had a great day! I woke up feeling very energized at 0700, went for a walk. It was great to not have to fight the snow, little bit of ice but not too bad. Spent the day hanging out with the kids, important to relax and have fun! I made an awesome dinner, consisted of steak, shrimp, sweet potato, asparagus and cauliflower. Very yummy !! Then ended the night with a comedy movie:) Tomorrow waking up early and heading to the gym. Need to work hard as Wednesday coming up is our weigh and measure for profiles. So exciting!! Just want to let everyone know I’m working very hard and I’m very committed and excited:)

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Today was a great day! Thursday nights my son and I have date night, we started doing this a few weeks ago. Because of our busy schedules needed to make a point of spending quality time together. When I got home today I asked him where do you want to go?he said white spot I immediately went on on the Internet looking up nutritional information on menu items!!! I had an idea of what I was going to order when we got to the restaurant. I figured out I wanted to get the fish tacos with green salad no dressing no extra sauces just lemon and lime on the side water with lemon to drink. It was super yummy and low in calories and fat! It felt great to spend time with my family in a restaurant and make smart choices and feel good about it afterwards :)

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Today has been physically and mentally challenging! We had a crazy snow storm and it has made it tough to get out and move!!!! But with the push from my boyfriend we did go and walk the trails at Campbell Valley. I was having a hard time the snow is tough to walk on, after a few resistance moments I overcame the negative thoughts of I can’t do this! I am currently in week 3 – I have lost just over 10 lbs now and a few inches, it’s getting harder each week. Usually I give up by now – but because of this challenge I have the support to keep going. The amazing women in this group has been overwhelmingly supportive, feeling like I can and will do this! I also have some amazing sponsors who believe in this cause and me. Big thanks to Julie, Justin and Nathan! Thank you for sponsoring me, hopefully all your business links will be up on here soon! With only 3 more weeks till the announcement of the Top 15, I am pushing harder n harder! Learning to run is happening on the treadmill, going to the gym for 90 min ! Aiming for a stronger and healthier me! Thanks everyone for following my journey, I will update weekly:)

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First of all want to thank everyone, my new friends and sponsors!!
This is the 2nd week of the challenge. I was so excited week 1, super gung ho! And now I am feeling the struggle, low confidence creeping in! Today was a low day for me but I did overcome it! walking for 2 hours helps. Trying really hard to overcome the demons in my head, believing I can do this!!
Thanks for following my journey:)

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