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Well the time has come to the end of thirst segments how I am very envious about tomorrow. It is the amazing race and then after that we find out who the top 15 are, I sure hope I make it, but if I don’t I will continue to try and make it in by the wildcard.

This journey has been wonderful meet some great ladies and learn some valuable information. This has been amazing few weeks and look forward to the next leg.

Good night!

Created on 2017-02-25 06:24:01

OMG, this voting is so nerve racking!  I feel bad reminding everyone every day but if you don’t out of site out of mind.

Been going to the gym this week but feel it is not helping.  Feeling bloated and blah.

Sold all my tickets, that was really easy even helped another lady sell a couple of hers.  Also pledges I thought were going good until I seen what one other lady has raised.

So much going on personally having a hard time staying focused.  One step at a time.


Till tomorrow!


Created on 2017-02-22 12:52:10

Monday morning and have been reflecting on the Real Me Seminar that I attended on the weekend.  WOW is was sure eye opening and nothing I thought it would be.  It made me realize that life is way to short to not to live each day to its fullest.

Well voting has been open for a few days and it is no nerve racking, want to get to next round so bad.  But I am sure all the ladies do.  So if you are reading this pls vote up till Thursday Feb 23 at noon.

till later

Created on 2017-02-20 13:05:50

Good morning,

I sure have been not blogging much as I really don’t want to continue complaining that this is challenging, of course it is you twit, hence Total Makeover challenge.  Now it is time for voting, I have plastered my facebook, instagram and work friends to vote.  I hope everyone finds it easy to do that as I don’t want it to be a inconvenience for anyone.

I sure am loving the results I am seeing in my clothes.  Everything is loose on my in my tummy area and that is what I need.  now if the damn weight could just start falling!

looking forward to tonights class and tomorrows.  It was a bit overwhelming on Wednesday but I really enjoyed it.  Tonight and tomorrow should prove to be interesting.

Well wish me luck with voting and I am excited to see what comes next.

I will let you know how I am doing after tomorrow.


Created on 2017-02-17 19:23:37

Well hello again,

After writing my negative blog in the morning, I thought this is ridiculous and you need to kick yourself in the ass. So finished my work day and had to go to Shoppers Drug Mart and Costco and wanted to make the 5pm Circuit class at She Fit.

Went to Costco and was walking through the clothing area and they had Alfred Sung dresses on sale, I was looking at them prior to Christmas and they were $40 but yesterday they were clearing them out at $10, so I picked up my normal size and I thought for a minute, “No you put that back and if you want a dress get it one size smaller!” So I listened to myself (at least someone does) and I picked up a size smaller. When I got it home I didn’t try it on, I just hung it in my closet and thought that would be perfect for the little black dress event.

I had a great circuit & core stretching class with some great ladies from TMC. And after I left class I realized once again that I’m doing this for me and I need to be first and we all have bad and good days, we just need to learn that the good days are way more powerful than the bad days. It takes more muscles to frown then it does to smile, so today I have a permanent smile thinking of me wearing that little black dress ;)

Have a great day everyone and enjoy your day and remember live today like it is your last day and be happy we woke up and we can get out of bed!

Created on 2017-02-08 10:05:57

Good afternoon,

Well what is good about it, I am feeling defeated this week, feel bloated and not fully engaged.  Went to gym yesterday and will go to the 5pm class today, I am hoping this will help.

I have been eating good and will get on track with the workouts.

Have a great day and enjoy the snow!


Created on 2017-02-07 16:58:33

Good afternoon
So glad I made it to the gym before the snow came again. I never thought I would say this but I sure missed going to the gym these last few days but with unforeseen circumstances I had to be at the hospital with my niece to be support for her while her mom had a tumour removed. It was successful and now is recover but I could go to the gym today and it felt fantastic.

I hope everyone is staying safe and warm during this snow shit.

Created on 2017-02-05 20:25:19

Good morning,

Thanks for coming back to my blog. I had a couple of ruff days on Wed/Thur but with the help and support of my family, friends, Anita and Gina I have a new outlook on me. On Wednesday when I got on that scale and I hadn’t lost a pound I was so disheartened, I was crushed, ready to give up and crawl back to my comfort zone which was sit on my chair and play games on my Ipad and not do physically activity.

Then I had to get measured as we get measured every 2 weeks so I was even more nervous, as I approached Gina for my measurements I broke down and was bawling like a baby. She asked me why I was crying and I told her it was because of my number on the scale, she said lets see your measurements. She began to measure me and no shit I could not believe what I saw, 3 inches here, 1 there, and so on and I lost around 10 inches in 2 weeks, she then put her arm around me and said see, it is not the scale number that people notice it is the inches lost that is noticeable. I thanked her for her compassion and I felt so much better. She also advised me that I should put my scale away and not look at it as it was consuming me. So I went home on Wednesday night and put my scale away. Life has been better.

So I learned a valuable lesson don’t always willing to give up too soon.

Thanks for reading me.

Created on 2017-02-03 11:11:04

Well hello Tuesday,


The sun is shining and I feel better than I have in days, no I don’t think I have lost a lot of lbs this week but I have lost inches as my tops and bottoms are not as tight.  That made me feel better, I have always been about the lbs but I have to not think this way it is not always the lbs but also inches.  I had a great workout yesterday and enjoyed it.  I am struggling to get a team together for the Amazing race so that is dishearten, but I will not give up.  One day at a time is what I have to think about.  Back to gym today and enjoy my day!


Have a great day!


Created on 2017-01-31 12:13:08

Good Monday morning,

Well had a struggling weekend but I did manage to get to She Fit on Sunday Morning and then came home and walked on my treadmill for 1/2 hour and I felt much better.  I am struggling to get a team together for the Amazing Race.  With not having a lot of people I can call up and say need your help it just breaks me down on how I am not fortunate to have a list of friends, and this is my fault cause I push everyone away.  I will continue to try and get this.  Thanks for reading my journey!



Created on 2017-01-30 09:46:39

Good morning,
Thanks for taking the time to follow me during this journey.

It’s Saturday morning and wishing I was heading to the gym but have to go do stuff so this afternoon She fit I will be there.

Created on 2017-01-28 10:32:44