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03.23.17  |  Doing things for ME

Part of a challenge Gina from Herbalife gave us was to do something that makes us happy, something different for ourselves. Im spoiled, I get to do a lot of stuff, more than people without kids do and I have 3 very young ones!! But usually its business related stuff. I don’t really have time or extra funds to spend on hair and all that stuff for me personally.

But this last month I’ve been fortunate enough do some really fun and awesome things for MYSELF. Loving that this challenge is showing me to put effort into these things. It started off with getting my eyebrows Microbladed by Mandi at Avenue 42 in Brookswood area of Langley. I could not recommend her enough. She is extremely experienced and talented. I also won a certificate at an event for Lash Services with Stefani from Organic Makeup Artistry. She also happens to be my be my neighbour so I literally walked 2 minutes to her house. I opted to use it towards her new Lash Lift service. So amazing that these lashes are all mine, just essentially permed. Stef is so great and does a variety of services!!

Today I went to get my hair done at Ambition Salon with owner Casi Gill. I just put all my trust in her and we decided to just go for it with a lavender shade. I was so amazed and loved the change!! She is extremely talented!




Created on 2017-04-01 18:22:33

03.20.17  |  Getting in Front of the Lens

IMG_5513 IMG_5518


Surprisingly I got in front of the lens TWO days in a row. As a photographer I am totally used to being on the other side. As a mom of 3 who has gained weight, thats where I prefer to be. I think its a very similar story for those of us who are moms. We are the ones taking the photos and not existing in them. Thats how I run my business, its to photograph every day women and give them an experience they won’t forget. Thats also what I love about this challenge. We are changing from the inside out and showcasing it.

I started off the morning at The Looking Glass Salon & Spa with Kayleigh who curled my hair. I loved the job she did! and was fun to see fellow challengers getting all done up as well. Next stop was Shoppers at Thunderbird where I had my makeup done. I opted for a smoky eye and I loved the colours of foundation she chose as well. I really need to get back for another consult when I have more time to pick some things!

Off to Tarra’s for the shoot itself. She knows that I’m a photographer, but I told her I am so terrible when it comes to me behind the camera. I know how to pose women…but myself is another story! lol.

It was so great! and that night we had a team meeting that involved getting our photo done for the paper, so that timing worked out perfectly!



Created on 2017-04-01 18:00:07

03.15.17  |  Experiencing Segment 2 and our Team Open Arms

This segment is no joke.

We are given a huge challenge to plan this fundraiser in a very limited amount of time. Our team has come together and looks like we can really pull this off! We’ve worked collectively and its been so great so far.

For me, I loved the first round in that I had time for the gym, and loved the Amazing Race and everything involved. But it felt very lonely. Like something was missing.

This round being put into a group has been so much fun getting to know your team mates better and working together to do something amazing. We all have different areas of expertise we can offer and even though this is a lot of work, its also been a lot of fun doing it together.


Created on 2017-04-01 17:47:10

03.05.17  |  Supportive Start

We chose Supportive Start as our charity. When we started chatting we knew that we wanted to do something for women who are on a journey much like us. Team member Autumn suggested Forever Yours Lingerie and their charity Supportive Start. It seemed to fit perfectly and our goal was to incorporate a fashion show portion into our event – so perhaps lingerie would be a spicy addition!

What is Supportive Start?

Supportive Start was developed in 2013 by Forever Yours Lingerie to fill a need for women who face barriers in accessing properly fitted bras, new panties, feminine hygiene and other essential toiletries. The Supportive Start program facilitates bra clinics in partnership with charitable organizations from across the lower mainland. Every day we see the difference a properly fitted bra can make in a woman’s life, from her comfort level to the way she feels about herself and we are so happy to be able to support our community in the way we know best…Bras!

What Happens at a Fit Clinic?

A: We have a team of our bra fit specialists (all of them are our current or past staff/sales reps with extensive bra fitting experience) that will come to your facility with our pink suitcases in tow, filled to the brim with new & gently used bras of various sizes ranging from A – J, new panties and toiletries. Each participant is helped one on one by one of our fitters to find 2 bras and 2 pairs of panties that work for her. We bring all of our own racks, and supplies. All we ask is that you provide us with a room to work in:)

Our goal is raise funds but also gently used Bras!!!

Created on 2017-04-01 17:09:59

03.02.17  |  Welcome to Segment Two

Our first meeting in segment two was a full house, even though the Top 15 have officially moved on it is so heartwarming to see same packed classroom. In this challenge you have the opportunity to go for Wild Card for a chance to make it into the 3rd segment. So happy to see most ladies going for it!!

This second segment is also known as the apprentice round. I found out that I was one of the Top 3 for points and would be one of the team captains. We were split into 3 teams, including wild cards and our challenge is to plan a fundraiser…..between March 23 and April 3rd. Well, this posed a huge problem for me as I am out of town the 26-3 and I was booked for my big grand opening of The Local Space on the 25th. It virtually left the 24th the only date that worked and i cant even begin to tell you the thankfulness and relief I felt. Whew! Thanks team!!

We are Open Arms made up of: Myself, Cherise, Bonnie, Tammy, Shannon, Darlene, Autumn and Kendall. In addition to raising funds for Shape your world society – essentially paying it forward to next years challengers – we also chose Supportive Start. Planning got underway after a fun team building exercise. I know we are in for a huge undertaking in a short amount of time. And somehow, i have to balance this with opening a brand new retail storefront and my photography….oh, and of course my family! lol

Bring it on!

Created on 2017-04-01 16:53:38

Edited on 2017-04-01 16:54:57

02.26.17  |  Tips for running the Amazing Race



The night before our team got together to ‘make’ our costumes, which really entailed cutting, shredding, dirtying and putting on some fake blood!

We then went to the page that had all of the logos and visited each site and made a master list of the addresses. From the website we made some guesses as to which might be online. From that, I printed a map of Langley and we literally plotted the spots on it and planned a good route.

Heading home after 11:30pm I decided to drive the route and get eyes on all the locations – this actually helped as there were some that were difficult to find!!

My mom had run the Abbotsford race the year prior with her friend Laura who was a challenger and she said that people were HUSTLING. We ran with that…literally, ran, lol. In and out of the car, go go go. Trying to do the online ones during and not get car sick lol. It was insane. and I had an idea to park at the finish line and run and finish the last few in the plaza. Whew, my legs were DEAD. But we were first back and with our family loving the Amazing Race show on TV made it even more exciting.

A huge thank you to each and every sponsor, we got some amazing gift baskets and a TV! We are planning to have a team ladies night to take advantage of the Gift Cards including casino play, dinner, movies!


Created on 2017-04-01 16:44:46

02.25.17  |  Amazing Race VICTORY + TOP 15

I am exhausted. Beyond exhausted.

But the pay off was huge and so worth it (though sometimes part of that is taken away from you with feelings of guilt from comments I hear and receive….)

To say we hauled ass was an understatement, my team all happens to be fans of the reality show the Amazing Race so we took it very seriously…even our choice of costumes LOL. Ultimately it resulted in our win – couldn’t think them enough my mom, sister and two aunts!

We were thrilled to have won the best costume (thanks to the Mayor and city councillors!) It was important to me that we stood out from the norms or anything cute and pretty. I wanted something to remember…and hey, I like the show The Walking Dead….hence, the Running Dead. I envisioned funny photos taken in the each location and I’m thinking they were pretty memorable lol. We won overall and I’d love to share more of my secrets on just how we made it happen in a future post. The prize pack was so exciting and I am so grateful for all the donations, I got to keep the TV but we are all planning an night out with the team to take advantage of movies, dinner and casino, Woohoo!

They announced the Top 15 and it was so bittersweet. Its tough knowing that so many who have worked so hard are not officially going through. BUT they do have a chance at getting the Wild Card and I think many of them will go for it. I am curious about the next part of this journey…

But for now…My body is ready for hibernation…for a week!



Created on 2017-03-19 07:09:51

Edited on 2017-04-01 16:45:09

02.22.17  |  My top 5 hints for getting Business Sponsors

As a part of the Amazing Race coming up we need to find Business Sponsors to either by physical stops or virtual stops. I have felt that people may think because I happen to own a business in Langley that I might have an advantage here, but I still had to work hard! It might be forgotten that because I’m a ‘solo-preneur’ I don’t have co-workers or none of my kids are even school age so I don’t have that crowd to tap into. The only cash pledges I got were solely due to my team: my mom, sister, two aunts – yay team!! Thank you!!

Its important to remember in this challenge we all have some things that will come easier than others. For me, with 3 little kids and two businesses it makes it extremely difficult to get to the gym. The business sponsor part was something that I could excel at, but don’t think is came easy! Here are my top tips based on concerns I heard and experiences I had:

1. Shift your way of thinking. Instead of looking at it as you are ASKING a business to do something for YOU, think about how this is benefiting THEM. At the low cost of $100 they get linked on the event page (which is great for their SEO), a receipt is provided so they can write off this expense as advertising, and they either have traffic going directly to their website or INTO their place of business. This is potentially about 30 teams of 3-4 each = new people exposed to your business, not to mention an awesome photo taken and posted to social media.

2. If you are having struggles with seeing the value, try offering them your own personal offer for exposure. Facebook and Instagram posts are great. Leading up to or even after tag and share your sponsors business page. I even tried something new by doing a Facebook Live at one of my sponsors

3. Be a patron of your potential sponsor. Search out new & neat locations that you think would be great for people to know about. Try it out – go their for lunch or coffee, try a service, or make a purchase. I went into a location and had lunch, I enjoyed it and worked up the nerve to ask at the front desk. Yes – I was nervous!! But I also felt good that I was also a paying client of the establishment. They said yes!

4. Embrace the No’s. From my point above, the worst outcome could have been a no. I tried lunch at the business because I was genuinely interested to try! But if they were to say no (and I definitely got a lot of No’s) we need to remember it is not against us personally. They just don’t feel like it would be a good fit for them, and that’s totally okay.

5. Facebook! This was a huge lead generator for me, and ironically enough how I found out the Total Makeover Challenge existed last year. One of the contestants from last year posted on a community Facebook group looking for sponsors so I did the same throughout Langley and got some great responses. I also secured some virtual stops from people who had a Direct Sales company or other mobile or out of area businesses.

So these are my top tips!! It allowed me to come up with 14 sponsors!! Yes there were some friends I knew that own businesses – BUT I still had to ask them…I also did crazy things like drive around Langley while my kids napped scoping out cool places and reaching out to them on Facebook.

Created on 2017-03-19 06:52:51

Edited on 2017-03-19 06:53:07

02.19.17  |  Will the Real Kristy Powers please stand up, please stand up!

The Real Me seminar was quite a journey! The speakers were incredible and the activities were powerful. I did find certain ones resonated more with me than others. Two that really stood out for me was writing your own eulogy and a task where we were 5 people on a boat and only 2 could be saved. These both sound morbid, but it was more an eye-opener to what you want in life and a metaphor for how you navigate life. The fact we get this kind of personal development in our challenge is huge, people pay a lot of money for these events!

At the end we came up with our own mission statements. We were to ‘try it on’ see if it ‘fit’ and adjust if needed. Mine came together and I found it to be a perfect fit:

“My mission is to create connections with people and encourage them to realize their value and manifest their dreams”




Created on 2017-03-19 06:20:44

02.17.17  |  VOTING DAY!!!

Today is the first day of week long Voting Period. Part of this number (30%) will be used towards determining who moves on. We are being cut in HALF from 30 to 15 and find out next Saturday at the Amazing Race.

Here’s a little about the voting: its Max 10 votes per day, per IP address and only valid to people in BC. What does that mean?? If you have a group of you at work and home and all using the same wifi that = one IP address. You can totally use your data off the wifi outside of the home if you wish to double up on votes. But if more than 10 come from the same IP then they will be canceled out.

Ive been a bit quiet promoting it, just so I don’t inundate your Facebook Feed. But full disclaimer that you may be seeing a bit more of me this week. I would LOVE love your support in votes. This challenge has been just the thing I need. Its been a struggle to juggle it all. But I know the value and benefit of this. Thanks for all of your support!!

Created on 2017-02-17 20:42:09

Edited on 2017-03-19 06:07:18

02.16.17  |  The Real Me, Part I

Final weigh-ins for the Voting were done last night! I am satisfied with the outcome! Down 8 lbs and 8.25 inches.

We started the first day of the big seminar “The Real Me” featuring Trish and her husband Bruce Warren. Both of them shared a lot about their journey’s and they also have 5 kids! Wow!! This is an incredible opportunity to do some training, digging and soul searching included with being a challenger. People can and do pay thousands for things like these! Looking forward to the Friday evening and full day Saturday of this seminar!

Created on 2017-02-17 20:33:34

02.14.17  |  Fibre, Fibre Read all about it!

What better day than Valentine’s Day to talk about the romantic subject of Fibre! It was this weeks challenge to get a goal of 25 grams per day in our diet. For some reason I found this to be slightly more challenging then the others for some reason. But like most things, once you get into the swing of things it becomes easier.

Our challenge was to upload photos from one of your days and the fibre content. For me it was 28 grams, which is great. We don’t to over do it on fibre as it could have the opposite effect!

IMG_5199No special dinners out for us. Staying on track because tomorrow is the big day – final weigh-ins for the public votes. I am seriously terrified after the weekend I had! Wish me luck!


Created on 2017-02-15 07:30:23

Edited on 2017-02-15 16:30:38

02.13.17  |  Wins + Fails + Family Day

I went into the weekend strong, I was able to make it out to the gym and keep on track this week and lost 2 pounds since last time (on my home scale). Choo Choo! But this past weekend I totally derailed. And, I anticipated it could happen  – that’s why it did. What you think about, comes about. Lack of planning and an insanely busy weekend led to much eating out and not nearly enough water intake. Back into easy old habits. My body retains water very easily so I actually feel the swelling in my body.

I chuckle relating it to if my son spills a bit of water and then his coping mechanism decides to just make things worse and dump the whole thing. I think he’s a lunatic when he does this. Pot meet Kettle. 

So I need to make this shift back. Tomorrow is a new day.

But today is Family Day and there are still plenty of wins to spin this back onto the positive. A win – I avoided drinking my calories at least! And we made huge headway with some renovations we’ve been doing. This Family Day the kids saw a bit of Daddy by bringing daddy coffee + timbits and then lunch later on (Damn you, 50% off Dairy Queen Willoughby – but thank you, because you are also one of my amazing sponsors! lol.)

I am so grateful for all the help I get with the kids (most times my sanity needs it. For example the mix of sharpie + furniture that occurred this morning) Especially thankful for all the hard work my husband Matt does for all my crazy ideas. After work on Saturday, then first thing Sunday for 13 hours + today another full day.  But the results were amazing – this supervisor approves ;) lol. Without too many details stay tuned for a full blogpost on my website but for now also a huge thanks Megan’s Matt for making it possible for us.


Although I did not make it to the gym I’m actually feeling it my legs from all that squatting, climbing ladders and building a dozen chairs! It felt great to get back to some physical projects, I really enjoy it. But for now its back to behind the computer and a big to do list!

Created on 2017-02-15 07:18:17

Edited on 2017-02-15 16:57:22

02.10.17  |  A thing to know about The Total Makeover Challenge

At our last meeting Langley’s Coordinator, Anita, opened up and really showed her vulnerability. It really put things into perspective.  This is a Challenge…its not a walk in the park.

We are almost done our first segment and this is an open letter to myself, to any current challengers or ones who are considering it for next season. First off – DO IT. Go for it. Take a chance.

But just know there are many facets to this journey, We will rock some and others may not be our strong points. That is okay! You just do what you can, try your best and then push yourself even further. A little healthy competition has been great, but don’t let it get your down by comparing so much. Compare yourself…to yourself, and watch your own growth (errr….shrinkage?) Find someone to vent to, its okay to vent and open up about your stressors. But find balance in that you aren’t always focusing on the negatives and what you can’t do. Focus on the positives and the wins and the rest will follow. We have a lot of great resources and support along the way.

This isn’t something I’ve been asked to write. Just a a quick(ish) thought dump! Which I’m sure I will be able to elaborate on in future segments. This is advice that I am totally directing at myself to take. Sometimes I love the uplifting quotes, other times I need a kick in the ass and some tough love :)


Created on 2017-02-15 06:10:49

02.09.09  |  Snowmageddon 2017

Our meeting was cancelled tonight due to weather. Totally understandable, and the correct call because of safety. It has been nasty out there. But I was still sad to miss our meeting. I look forward to them because of the awesome topics + guest speakers. Not only that, but I knew I was down weight wise for sure!

Consider this another post about the weather lol As if we haven’t seen enough with our own eyes and all over social media. It really has been a crazy year for it though.

Created on 2017-02-15 05:41:22

Edited on 2017-02-15 05:41:34

02.07.17  |  Get a life!…and Life Coach that is. 

If I feel I am right about something, you may find me really being stubborn about it. If I’m wrong, I have no problem owning it. Another amazing opportunity with The Challenge is a session with Life Coach, Heather Reider that I had booked last week. I set two reminders with the phone number to call into. Even the morning of I spoke about the it at one of my meetings. After a back to back day and doing the rounds picking up the kids, I realized I totally missed the call!!! Oops! Its funny because at that time I remember having a feeling there was something I was supposed to be doing, then not quite as funny when I actually clued in to what it was. Sorry Heather! But I am so so grateful we were able to reschedule.

You know that family snow day from the last post? Well I ended up not using my laptop at all this past weekend and just had some time ‘away’ from it. It suddenly came to me Sunday that I hadn’t reserved a make up time. Turned out, she had one time slot left that also happened to work perfectly for me! I’m a believer in things will happen as they should. I was in a much better headspace to do this call and I got just what I needed from it (not that I even knew what to expect to begin with)

You may be wondering what exactly happens with a life coach call. I even asked if we were supposed to have something prepared but we are completely guided with Heather. She asks the right kind of questions and together your conversation leads to where it needs to go. It was difficult to answer some of the questions because I hesitated that they weren’t the ‘typical’ or ‘right’ answers, but it was how I felt. Its important to be authentic here. For example, I explained what I value and she helped me label that into “Personal Development” – which is spot on! And it really feels like this Challenge is a part of the missing link of that. We touched on emotional eating and how will power will not be enough to be get me through. And its true, I’ve basically been surviving on sheer will power and THIS, the accountability and the fact its so public. But one day soon, these won’t carry me along. I enjoyed hearing about her own journey and some changes she made that could help me in the inevitable near future. I loved that parts of what she said were validating things I had already begun doing, with new takeaways as well. I highly recommend trying a session with Heather and definitely see the value & benefit of having future sessions!! I hung up feeling super pumped and excited and it helped because I was sitting in the car outside the gym the entire time LOL.

Ran into a few fellow challengers. Thanks Erin for snapping this:


Created on 2017-02-15 05:28:07

02.05.17  |  The Silver Lining

Well…it used to be silver, but now its just covered in snow! lol.

What started out as a huge disappointment really morphed into the best snow day ever! Megan and I trecked out to Abbotsford on Friday to setup for Loving Local’s anticipated market: Celebrate! Everything had really come together for us, until Mother Nature had other plans. It was quite the treacherous drive home that night and the following morning they had to make the tough decision to cancel the event.

I felt so awful for the organizers, it was totally out of their hands and they had put so much work into it. All of the vendors did! But the initial sadness turned into excitement when I realized we were ‘snowed in’.


This is a rare occurance. All of us home together on a Saturday! or any day really. It truly doesn’t happen often. Most Saturdays Matt works and if not, I have some sort of commitment, or we have a birthday party or somewhere we need to be! It also happened to be Matt’s birthday… AND Nora finally took her first steps. So it was meant to be. We played games, relaxed, shovelled snow (the boys did anyways, Nora & I supervised) and ordered Boston Pizza for delivery. A much needed family day, sometimes a little  a crapload of snow is all it takes.



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02.02.17  |  Field Trip! 

Yay, an adult field trip!

We started at our usual meeting spot to get weighed and measured first. I knew I had only lost 1lb or so from my morning weigh in at home but I ended up coming up as 0.2 UP from last week. I wasn’t hugely disappointed as I know the weight can fluctuate so much throughout the day. My measurements were all down though, and with Gina we figured I have been overdoing the Dairy and need to increase my fibre.

Its unusual for me to be without a vehicle and I was so thankful for Theresa offering to drive me, oddly enough Leanda joined us as well….the same 3 from the first night at the meet + greet! Awesome!

First Stop: Nature’s Fare

I love Nature’s Fare philosophy and the fact the support local, which is a huge thing for my personally. Kathleen gave us the grand tour, opening packages and cutting fruit and veggies along the way. We started at the Bistro and sampled a bunch of delicious menu items. I was most intrigued by the Tumeric juice. Looking forward to stopping on for lunch again soon.

We tried organic apples + celery and you can definitely taste the difference in quality. The crowd favourite were these amazing Gluten Free baked chips sold exclusively at Natures Fare made by a couple in Salmon Arm “Baked is Best” from True North. Grabbed up a fresh salsa to go with them and everyone at home loved it!

IMG_5087 IMG_5096

Next Stop: Shoppers Drugmart (Thunderbird) 

We had seats + treats (healthy ones hehe) awaiting our arrival. Tonight’s hot topic was BROWS baby, brows. Brittany from Benefit Cosmetics was here showcasing some brow mapping with their awesome products with live demos. Her humour cracked me up, I could totally relate to the references of over-plucking highshool years. LOL It is seriously incredible though, how much a brow can change your face and just seal the deal! Fellow challenger Tracey pictured here got the full shebang including some contouring. I actually loved some of the random facts about Benefit we hears as well…nipple stain anyone??! haha.




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01.31.17  |  What’s on the Menu? 

As a part of The Challenge we have had nutrition coaching at each meeting with Gina & Faye from Herbalife. They also do all our weights & measurements and treck in from Chilliwack.

One thing I love is how they’ve broken it down into steps and given us challenges. Its how I love to manage my goals as well. What is the big picture? Now what action steps does it take to get there. Lets break it down and do it change by change. The first week was water & protein. It made it so much ‘easier’ to just focus on that. Next time was snacks, then what’s for dinner?  We post on our private Facebook group as a part of our challenges.

Here is some of what’s been going down around the Powers’ household, many of which has come from inspiration from fellow challengers. Yes I’m one of those freaks that likes to eat cottage cheese straight from the container (and I can, because no-one else will touch it with a 10 foot pole!) Babybel + Turkey Pepperoni, Taco Salad, Greek yogurt + berries + granola.

IMG_5043 IMG_5052 IMG_5076 IMG_5079 IMG_5084

Created on 2017-02-15 02:58:21

01.27.17  |  Sick to my Stomach.

So…our photos + bios went LIVE on the Langley Times and Website today!

Nothing like an embarrassing ‘Before’ photo to make you realize all the issues you have. lol.

As a photographer I’m always behind the camera. And I know first hand to confirm, the camera…is not our friend. But with the help of some simple posing we can turn that enemy into a BFF for life. I photograph a lot of women so pose coaching is key – especially with curves! I would avoid taking a picture straight on, instead I would say stand at a 45 degree angle. Want to minimize the booty? Kick it back. Want to minimize a double chin? Put it forward. But alas, the requirement of a decent before photo means the dreaded straight on. I guess an unflattering white shirt is much better than having to do in a swimsuit, am I right!? Always gotta look at the positives! lol.

But if I’m being honest, I was NOT feeling very positive about these photos. I actually felt sick to my stomach. I wanted to take them down and QUIT. But after my own little drama fest I accepted at moved on. It is what it is. And this is what its all about. I am so thankful for this opportunity and making the decision to do it. This is all a part of the journey! (but Come on…by darn baby hairs & baby bangs. SO annoying lol. After back to back…to back children, I’ve always been in that awful baby hair stage where everything falls out postpartum and has to grow back in.)

This is great motivation to go on with this Challenge and get to experience another photoshoot with one of our sponsors Tarra Lee Photography who will really work her magic!

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Edited on 2017-02-15 01:15:50


No seriously. Cupcakes are following me.

I saw them peeking at me in the hospital, they made an appearance at a grand opening on Saturday, and were in full force flaunting at an ALL day event on Sunday where I even had to photograph them. My will power has upheld. Surprisingly easier than I expected, I think I’m just more taken back by why my life is surrounded in so many cupcakes lol

Langley Headshot Photographer-9297

Just when I thought I’d have a break, they literally stalked me. While Megan, one of my business besties, and I were running errands there was literally a backseat full of the most beautifully decorated cupcakes riding around behind me. Everyone was gushing over how great they were at our event that night. But I held strong, even after learning the most brilliant way to eat a cupcake is to break it and flip it into a cupcake sandwich.

Here’s the thing, I’m not one for being an extremist. I believe that we should all be able to have a treat sometimes. We can’t fully deprive ourselves. And, as Herbalife’s Gina mentioned, when we give into it after withholding for so long it often turns into gorging.

But for now, cupcakes. I win. Nice try though.

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Edited on 2017-02-15 00:33:28

01.25.17  |  Knock, Knock.

Oh Hey, nice to see you (steps through the door and falls down the staircase)

Yes, I’ve definitely stepped outside of my comfort zone and fell face first into a different timezone.Previously, ‘outside my comfort zone’ meant putting on a pair of heels or venturing into something bubbly instead of my usual go to cab sav. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a creature of habit, and I always do different things. But this Challenge is really big for me. It may be surprising to some, even to myself, I’ve done public speaking, I’ve blogged before and gone to bootcamps.

But this is a different ball game for me.

Enter Week 2, and our first actual weigh in. You know, the one to see if you’ve lost or gained from the first time. 30 women lined up at the scale, myself near the end and at the front a video camera held by the lovely Trish Warren. Why am I at the back? I’m never at the back! I’d prefer to just get things over with…but I think we all had the same thoughts. LOL Standing in the line I was a giant ball of nerves. So many claps and cheers. I’m just praying I didn’t gain. I literally couldn’t look meanwhile trying to hide my fear from the video camera lol.

 Anxiety turns to relief. I’m down 6.2! Of course, I know that much of it is water weight going from a high salt diet and no water to drinking litres of water each day. But I don’t care, I was thrilled! The handwork paid off. Now just to keep up this momentum! and a big congrats to all the fellow ladies on the accomplishments. Collectively we lost the most weight out of the two cities, yay Langley!!! But Abbotsford had some serious weight loss as well.

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01.24.17  |  Excuse me with my Excuses

“No Time” the most of often used excuse out there. For me, anyways.

Its funny how we somehow create time when we want to though ;) But it usually comes with a sacrifice. This is where my word for this year B A L A N C E comes in to play.

Almost every day Matt leaves before the gym opens, Some days I’m with the kids all day, and when he gets home often I am running out the door to an event. Rinse and Repeat. Other days I am extremely fortunate to have the help of my Mother in Law with the kids so I can focus on my business and get errands done. I often have so much to do in that time frame that it goes so quickly. Then comes along an evening where I actually have NOTHING to do, and sometimes I would love to do just that. Nothing.

BUT Tonight I went to the gym, I went on the weekend and I went last week in the day while my kids were being watched. Each time I have given up dinner and time with the family or important stuff I had to get done in my business. But, each time I have also gained more energy, more strength and less feelings of stress.

Here are some ideas that I’ve thought about to find the balance of it all:

  • trying Yoga at 5:45am class and Matt delays going to work (But if I go to bed early I also lose uninterrupted work time)
  • going to Yoga late at 8 or 9:15 which could be relaxing before bed and is after kids are in bed
  • putting some audiobooks on my phone and getting new headphones and listen & learn while doing cardio at the gym
  • looking into facilities that have childcare (but with 3 it could add up and I’m so thankful for my complimentary She’s Fit membership)
  • working out at home with the plethora of DVD’s I own lol and more family activities like skating (but I don’t get points for the challenge)

Now if only a personal chef and cleaner were in the budget! I welcome any of your ideas for a busy mompreneur with 3 kids not of school age yet!

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01.22.17 | Will Power. Whoa…I actually have some.

Disclaimer: this post may be rambly, slightly whiny.

I’ve had a busy week, and not a lot of sleep. I bet my tune is the same as many of the other Challengers.

Much of it was in a fog, a sensation like you are somewhere else, yet freakishly awake. Hello, adrenaline. I was supposed to start my 3 day Herbalife Trial, but with everything thats been going on I haven’t been able to get myself organized. (Okay so technically the idea is it should be easier for me on the trial, but mentally I wasn’t prepared lol)

During the week I had something going on every night, little to no sleep, and the daily routine getting the 3 littles out the door – which is a feat in itself. At ages 4, 2 and 1 they are pretty reliant little beings. Plus running my business and expanding it, so Saturday was all about this. Once Matt got home from work it was down to work for me. Despite being on two hour sleep I was so wide awake but knew I had another long day ahead.

Sunday morning, up bright…I mean dark, and early. I could have been grumpy because I “had” to get up early and head to Kits for the day, but I wasn’t. Truthfully it was excellent morning, sneaking out before anyone was awake, watching the sun rise with my Starbucks (just coffee nothing fancy!) and no screaming or fighting coming from the back seat. It was amazing!! I’m not an early riser, never have been, but perhaps this just converted me! Plus I was excited for busy day of Vision Boarding and powerful speakers hosted by my friend Genicca of The Badass Lady Boss Collective. It turned out to be a phenomenal day, not that I would expect anything less of her events.

IMG_9508 IMG_9656

Yes, I’m fairly busy, I’m not complaining about it but I’m happy to know its doing things I love and enjoy. This challenge though, is what I’m aiming to use as a link to bring B A L A N C E back in my life = Doing things I put off like exercise and meal planning.

Here is where my will power amazed me this weekend. At the birth Friday evening, and up all night, I opted for just the coffee, no sugar and somehow did not but any of the cookies, cakes and treats at the hospital coffee shop. On Saturday a grand opening with sweets galore and didn’t touch one. Sunday delicious looking cupcakes and cake pops for each session were there. I photographed them and walked by 123902834 times, and yet I chose to have none, not 1 or 2 or 3 ;)

Maybe its the fear of knowing I’ll be getting weighed in this week, but either way, I am celebrating this win. I know its totally due to this challenge, its the accountability and posting on our private Facebook group that helps so much!

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01.20.17  |  Sleepless in Surrey

I don’t experience this often or ever really, but all week I barley slept. I may stay up late, but I’m usually a very good sleeper once I get into bed…and put the computer away. Thankfully, Thursday was decent night so Friday was more manageable. Which was great because I was anticipating a bit of action…That evening I got the message that contractions started meaning a special project was about to happen and I was going to be able to document a life come into this world. Not because the couple hired me to but my main duty was to focus on getting my dear friend & birth doula Sammie in action!!

Now, if you don’t know what a Doula does you need to check out her site: Essentially they are a birth advocate and support person. We had our second babies just a day apart in June 2014 and how cool to have her at the birth of Nora in October 2015.  Here are some never before seen photos she captured:



So when I did tThe Maya’s Branding photos, we really went all out by actually capturing her IN ACTION at a live birth. So thankful for the couple who allowed us to do this. Gosh I wish I could commit to photographing these more, it was such an amazing experience. Having 3 children each with completely different labours it was so interesting that I could totally tell when the baby was coming just through the way she was ‘talking’ and sounding, even though at the time the mama in labour did not expect it. Here are some of mine:





I made it home and in bed by 5:30am just in time for my husband to leave for work at 6:30 and not too much longer the kids were all up! Instead of going to bed early I end up staying up far too late past midnight. Thank you to my dear friend Adrenaline! This is not great for The Challenge, sleep is so important for weightloss!


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01.19.17  |  She’s FIT! and I plan to be to!


Seriously! The opportunities we get by being in the Top 30 makes us all winners, and yes its totally cheesy – but true!

I’m so thankful for our sponsors for making it possible. Today was my first visit to She’s FIT Langley. They even called me a few days prior to let me know they were expecting me and wanted to setup a time to show me around. The thing is, I was already a member about 7 years ago before I got married. At that time I was working with a personal trainer (Yo, Jenn!) and was familiar with all the machines. Yet, today everything seemed so foreign. I was thankful for Jolene refreshing my memory with a tour and since I was pressed for time I wanted to stick to cardio. I re-introduced myself to my old friend the elliptical and was super excited to run into a new friend, Cherise, from the Challenge!

Even though it was only 30 minutes, it was something. Even thought I was on two hours sleep, it was worth it. I left there feeling rejuvenated and EXCITED to come back.

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01.18.17  |  The First of (Hopefully) Many

 Tonight was our first weekly meeting, they happen every Wednesday at the new Timms Centre in Downtown Langley. Its such a bright and beautiful building! The journey to end if a 4 month process so hopefully I will be seeing a lot of this place.

Up first – weigh & measure, no shockers here as someone who has frequently done the measurements and weigh myself daily anyways. We had the lowdown on nutrition, with a focus on H20 and Protein from Gina & Fae from Herbalife. These ladies – and all our sponsors – are SO generous to donate this time to us. Even though I thought my journey began a few days ago after the Meet & Greet, after tonight I knew I was down to business. For real this time.

It was nice to see those familiar faces I had met on our first day, and chatting with some new ones. The night was packed with valuable info. I just love Gina’s analogies and look forward to more of her real and honest talk. I’ve NEVER done any of the things she’s done..Nope…NEVER ;) its actually hilarious how uncanny some of her old habits are to mine and many of us in the room, I’m sure.

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01.16.2016  |  An Introduction

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Welcome! Make yourself comfortable, this is where I will be sharing my journey in the Challenge. We go from Top 30, to 15 then to 5 when the winner is announced! I first heard about The Total Makeover Challenge on a Facebook group last year this exact time. Someone was looking for businesses to be a check in point on an Amazing Race and I jumped at the chance as I was just in the middle of moving my studio right into the heart of Downtown Langley. It was in the back of my brain that maybe I should try out for it next year, never would have I imagined that here I am – I did it!

I’m gearing up to be honest and candid, but for now here are some fun (okay, general) facts about me:

  • 31 years old: and learning to embrace aging not everyone is fortunate enough to turn another year older.
  • Married: to Matt for 6 years, together for 14. We moved to Clayton Heights from Burnaby in 2008. Currently reside in Cloverdale
  • 3 crazy kids: Lucas – 4, Evan – 2, and Nora – 1.
  • My passions: Photographer at Kristy Powers Portrait located in Langley and expanding and collaborating into a venture that features local small businesses. I love being an entrepreneur!
  • Word of the Year: B A L A N C E  | between my Home, Businesses, and Health!
  • Kisses: I’m a sucker for anything Mint Chocolate.
  • Disses: Tomatoes + Cilantro…and definitely spiders.
  • Wishes: For more Travel, put what you want out the universe and see what happens!

I can’t wait to share more with you along the way…

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01.15.17   |  Fresh Meat at the Meet + Greet


Group Photo


There were no school bells, no lockers to find or no homerooms to get to. But if I can compare anything to the Meet & Greet it would be like your first day of highschool. A bit of nerves and not knowing what to expect and a room full of new ladies! Okay, so where do I sit?! I found a booth with two wonderful Langley challengers and Abbotsford one joined us as well. We joked that this was the ‘Last Supper’ and all had delicious meals at the Phoenix Ballroom. The evening was packed with great speakers who will become familiar faces along our journey.


…and that journey begins NOW.

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