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Day 91:  Update!  So sorry to not have posted sooner.  I finished in the top 10 but alas only the top 5 plus a wildcard challenger got to move on.  Ironically, 4 years ago when I took part in the TMC, that would have moved me into round 3 as it was the top twenty for round 2 and top ten for round 3 back then.  No regrets, and although I felt a let down then next day, I am very happy for the 6 that made it through.

I am grateful for the chance to have taken part in this and for the positive changes I have felt.  I need to remember why I started on this journey and how much I love being lighter before I start putting on weight again.  It will be something I need to keep up with or else I will slide.

TMCLBD Chad and IMatt Jamieson the husband of one of my fellow challengers captured this moment at the Little Black Dress party.  It makes me smile to see both of us dressed up and looking happy.

Created on 2017-04-17 06:02:26

Day 86:  Today is the wrap up for this round!  It will all unfold at Sammy J Peppers and our Little Black Dress Cocktail party event.  It is both exciting and unnerving!  Only 5 of the 15 and 1 wildcard challenger will progress to round 3.

Last night, Chad and I headed out to support the Abbotsford challengers at their Top 5 announcement!  Another chance to dress up for me and time to mingle with people that I have met during the course of the my time in this Total Makeover Challenge.  I wore a  dress that i recently picked up at Inn For Women and loved how comfortable I felt in it and in my skin.  I may not have known everyone, but I made a point to chatting with those that I did instead of just sitting at my table only talking to Chad.

We were blessed with such a beautiful day.  A sunny day in between rainy ones.  I actually did a bit of puttering in the garden and I see my raspberries, blueberries, roses and irises are alive! I was quite worried about my roses as I cut them back quite a lot in the fall and then hadn’t wrapped them.  I thought my brown thumb had did them in again as only one of 6 was showing buds a few weeks ago!

I will post again to give you an update on the results tonight.

Created on 2017-04-12 14:36:24

It is only a few days left before we find out who moves on to Round 3 and I want to share with you what the Top 5 plus Wildcard will receive and what the Top 1 will win as well.  These are all donated by sponsors as well!

ALL TOP 5 plus Wildcard Challengers will receive:

  • A gym membership with SHE’S FIT
  • Weekly Weigh and Measures by HERBALIFE
  • Weight Loss Coaching and  Nutritional Support BY HERBALIFE
  • Professional Hair Cut and Color with hand and foot massage by THE LOOKING GLASS SALON AND SPA
  • Professional Makeup Application by SHOPPERS DRUG MART
  • Professional Photo Shoot with TARRA LEE PHOTOGRAPHY.
  • Unlimited 1 month Yoga Membership with OXYGEN YOGA
  • Set of Lashes from FABUTAN LANGLEY
  • Skincare Set from DoTERRA
  • Flower Bouquet from SAVE ON FOODS
  • Lessons & Star in a Fashion Show
  • Team Building Getaway to Tigh Na Mara Spa with FROCK-OFF
  • Art Workshop by ZEALOUS ART

THE WINNING Challenger will receive:

  • 1yr. Gym Membership with SHE’S FIT
  • Highlight Video of the Total Makeover Experience by E.A. CORPORATE CARE
  • Boudoir Photo Shoot with TARRA LEE PHOTOGRAPHY.
  • Aromatherapy System from DoTERRA
  • Hair Style by THE LOOKING GLASS SALON AND SPA & Professional Makeup by SHOPPERS DRUG MART for the Photoshoot.
  • Eye Lash package, Full set of Gel Nails and Body Massage by THE LOOKING GLASS SALON AND SPA
  • Providing a Health Mouth by 200ST LANGLEY DENTIST
    • Up to a $3000 Value for any services needed in the following areas:
      • Full Comprehensive Exam
      • Xrays
      • Oral Cancer Scan
      • Teeth Whitening
      • Basic Restorative (Cavities, Old Fillings replaced, Root Canals)
      • Molar crowns
      • Hygiene & health gums
      • TMD assessment (night guard)
Created on 2017-04-09 19:43:38

Day 83:  Yesterday was an awakening for me, we took it easy and have a lot of bread that needs using up… So for breakfast it was waffles, lunch was an egg sandwich and dinner was a hamburger on top of indulging in wine and snacks at a Tammy Floyd’s Mary Kay party. Between eating all the extra carbs with high calories and not exercising I was feeling soo weighed down by the end of the day and I could see how easy it would be to slide back into the old habits.  Except, last night we headed out to the pool at 9 pm for a workout instead of just going to bed.  And today I am right back into making better choices.

Soooo, some improvement in how I handled the day, but it was a great reminder that it is very easy to fall back into old routines and slowly start adding the weight I have worked hard to shed back on.  A picture popped up on my Facebook feed today.  It was my before and after photos from 2013 when I took part in  the TMC.  I definitely was heavier at the start of this year’s challenge.  I guess I gained everything back that I had lost in 2013 and kept going!

Today, Chad joined me on a 5 k run walk around the neighbourhood.  I love how game he is now and getting more active along with me.


Created on 2017-04-09 19:39:05

Day 81, Friday March 7:  I cannot believe how time has progressed throughout this challenge and that we are already near the end of Round Two!  In my last post I mentioned that voting week had started and it is now completed.  We enter into a waiting period in terms of finding out who moves on to the Round Three, I believe the panel of Judges will have a very tough time to pick the Top Five plus Wildcard as this group of Top Fifteen ladies are so unbelievably amazing!  <3  In 2013 when I took part in the TMC the voting section really did me in, I was not very good at putting myself out there and asking for people to vote for me.  This time around I am so proud to say that while I was not up near the top of the rank for the voting, I did so much more advocating for myself!  In person, through text, over email, posting to the various groups that I belong to and had the support of some fabulous local businesses.  Curves Langley and Malary’s Fashion Network both were rooting for me.

Yesterday, I met up with Tracy another challenger and went to Malary’s to try some gowns on for our Little Black Dress Cocktail party where we will find out who progresses on.  I admit, that I am having a lot of fun with picking and choosing right now.  Trying on some things that I normally wouldn’t touch also.  This was also the end of voting and I want to say a big Thank-you to everyone who jumped on board with sending me messages of how I was inspiring them and telling me they voted.  If I can return the support some day I will!

Wednesday:  This was our FINAL WEIGH AND MEASURE and the break down of our Apprentice fundraiser events.  We find out on April 12th which teams won awards for their events!  Drum roll please….  I lost another 2.8 lbs to bring my total weight loss so far to 22.4 lbs!  My inch loss turned into 24 total as well!  I am very pleased with reaching my goal of being under 140 lbs for this round.  I am feeling great and love that I am not taking desperate measures to get super low numbers too fast.  As I have said before, I came into this challenge with a measured plan for the weight loss so that it would not too dramatic and unsustainable.  Whether what I have lost is enough to move me on, I am not sure, but I am content.

Tuesday’s highlight was meeting up with 6 other ladies in the challenge to do a private shopping experience at Rebel Kat.  What a riot!  I found a dress I liked there and actually bought a crinoline to go under a dress I already own… Time to dig it out and see if it fits again after all this weight loss.  Chad is so funny, he remembers my clothing better than I did and mentioned a dress that I had forgotten about saying last night that I wore it last when I was about this size.  I haven’t seen it in awhile so maybe when we were moving I purged it….

Monday had me going into Malary’s to see about having my TAB bra taken in as it was no longer fitting!  After leaving the store with the intention of returning when I had more time, I popped across the street to Inn For Women a Boutique used clothing store where I was thrilled to find a new dress and two great shirts for $22!  I was in a rush because Bonnie B had issued an invitation to go for a hike at Derby Reach and take advantage of the beautiful sunny day!  We did an hour and a half walk with hill runs along the fort to fort trail and the Houston Trail as well!  Great Workout!  Thank-you Bonnie!  Chad was excited too when I shared the news and said we had to go out to dinner for me to wear it.  Super way to end a day.

That pretty much brings my week up to date but I still need to express just how grateful and honored that the selection board chose me to be one of the 30 ladies originally and for the chance to be in the Top 15 as well.  Being a part of this challenge, while super tough at times, has I think brought out the best in me and reminded me that life is not all about work, eat, tv, and more eating.  So… THANK-YOU to Shape Your World Society!

Created on 2017-04-07 16:01:28

Fri, March 31st!  I cannot believe that it is April 1st as I sit and write this blog post.  I am feeling so very blessed and loved right now.  Thursday night Chad and I attended the last of our Langley Ladies fundraisers.  Team Nine Strong held their event at the Townhall Langley and did a wonderful job of filling the pub to raise money while having a great time.  We were fortunate to win a few prizes!  We will be trying out a 2 week Martial Arts trial and I will get to go try a new gym!  It is great how Chad is right there ready to support me on this journey.  So fun to go try different activities together.

Friday, I popped into Vanilla Clothing(one of the Makeover sponsors) to deliver a thank-you card and ended up falling in love with a polka dotted dress they had on display.  No time to try it on, but it has me inspired to go back and see how it looks on me.  (I do love dots and pin up style clothing).  Some of our group will be heading to Rebel Kat for a private shopping experience before the cocktail party to see what they have there for us.  This store in White rock specializes in Pin Up!  Then it was onto visit Art’s Nursery and see what flowers called my name.  I love buying plants and attempting a garden, but admit to not having a very green thumb.  In fact, quite a few people will tell you its brown!  I walked away with some succulents to plant in my ‘desert’ window planter, a purple heather and a purple rhododenren.  Beautiful!  Now to work on keeping them alive.

Today voting started and I am pleased with myself for carrying my voting cards and actually handing them out to people today.  I have a hard time asking for something for myself.  Well, to be honest, I have a hard time asking for help period!  With my new feeling of confidence though, I was handing them out and explaining them!  :) <3

Off to The Rack Pack Abbotsford groups pub night at the Highstreet Mall.  Chad and I won actually got to sit with some of the other Langley ladies to enjoy some comraderie.  Again, this man is such a good sport to sit with a bunch of vibrant women and contribute when he could get a word in.  Again, tonight we were fortunate to win quite a few prizes!  I ended up sharing part of one prize with our server after finding out in conversation that she just found out she was expecting and would have loved to win a photoshoot.  (I ended up with two so, I parted with one and made her night.)  Hopefully one day she will pay it forward in some way.

Oh… and did you notice that voting week has started and that I have a new picture on the left?  How amazing is that picture really?!  If you have not voted, please take a moment to do so, I would love to continue on with this challenge.  10 votes per day per device.

Created on 2017-04-01 08:04:51

Wed, Mar 29:  Tonight before the meeting I was running ahead of schedule and the sun was shining, so I spent some time walking around downtown Langley before our meeting.  After yesterday’s makeover I was feeling confident and was happy in my skin even without the makeup and fancy hair!  I popped in to the Passionate Home to check out some of their home decor ideas and items and Forever Yours Lingerie as well to buy some new foundation pieces that will fit after shedding so much weight.

With one week left to go I am SOOOO happy to report that I have now dropped a total of 19.6 pounds and 22.75 inches!

I really enjoyed our special guests tonight from the Passionate Home and Rack Fashions to help us with home decor and how to clothe our body type best.  There was a lot of laughter and helpful ideas.

Created on 2017-03-30 06:20:12

Day 71, Wednesday March 29:  It seems like an eternity since I have blogged.  A lot has happened in the last 3 weeks.  In my last entry I had been fighting off a cold which turned into a two week sickness with very little sleep and low, low energy.  It also happened to coincide with the start of a 3 week long farm sit gig and the planning time of our Apprentice Challenge!  With all that I had going, I had to let some things go and blogging was one of them.  It was all I could do to complete the everyday chores and responsibilities as well as planning a fundraiser.

On Monday, Mar 20 I was scheduled along with some of the other Challenge ladies to receive hair by The Looking Glass Salon, makeup apllied by Shopper’s Drug Mart and a photo shoot with Tarra Lee Photography.  Just as i pulled into the parking lot for my first appointment, my friend called to say that I needed to go right away as my horse was spurting blood from his leg.  I will admit I had a moment of ‘Maybe she can deal with it’ before coming to my senses and zipping out of the lot.  I scrambled to call our TMC organizer and tried to explain to her through my hysterical blubbering that I wouldn’t be able to make it to my appointments and would miss the photoshoot.  To make the long and bloody(literally it was spurting out with every step he took and then later spraying) my horse needed surgery to stitch up veins in his lower leg that he cut and that meant a trip to the vet clinic($$$$).  I am so proud of myself for that day.  Because although it was extremely stressful, I did NOT revert to my emotional eating/bingeing response of the past.  Update: He is on stall rest, bandaged, taking antibiotics and fighting a bit of infection at the site.

Friday, Mar 24 our team of 8 ladies called ‘Open Arms: Women Helping Women’ put 3 weeks of hard work together and put on a Soiree Oh La La with a fashion show to raise money for Shape Your World Society and Supportive Start by Forever Yours Lingerie.  It was a unique event and such a lot of fun.  I modeled some Firma Energywear and a beautiful cocktail dress as well.  We raised some money and collected over 400 bras for Supportive Start!

Yesterday, I was fortunate to receive my pampering and photoshoot.  Such a wonderful day and Chad brought me flowers before taking me out on a date!  Awesome!  Tonight is the weigh and measure for the Langley Times and voting period!  I am actually looking forward to it as I should be down a bit in weight and definitely down in inches since the last measure.

Created on 2017-03-29 21:13:36

Sunday, Mar 5, Day 47:  What a rewarding weekend, but man do I need sleep.  I have had a stubborn cough that wakes me up and doesn’t let me back to sleep.  I am good during the day but at night when I am relaxed it hits me.  Meds do not seem to help either, I have been living on my eucalyptus candies.  The last 4 days we have been on a sugar counting challenge to monitor how much we eat and try to limit it to 50 grams per day total!  Well yesterday I had 97 grams which works out to almost 22 teaspoons of sugar!  Visually it is astonishing how much that works out to!  Today was better as I kept in mind about the cough candies and limited the sugar in the rest of my meals.

As I mentioned in my last blog posting, I was concerned about modeling clothing at the Health and Wellness show.  Well now, I am here to tell you that I had the pleasure of helping out!  It went really well and the other models were so friendly!  I also had a chance to wander around to check out the different vendors, there were a lot of products to sample and try.

I am really glad that when I was asked to help out, I didn’t react with my impulse answer of ‘No way, that is not for me!’  Thank-you Shape, Your World Society for accepting me into this challenge and giving me a chance to boraden my horizons!

Back to the gym for me tomorrow as I have not worked out since Friday to give my body a rest.  Well, Chad came for a walk with me on Saturday but I don’t really count that as a workout.  Tomorrow morning before breakfast we will head out for a walk with run intervals.  It is very exciting that Chad is on board and keen to start training to do a Duathlon this summer (swimming is not his cup of tea just yet) when I do a Triathlon.

Off to bed, where I pray to be able to sleep more than 2 hrs!

Created on 2017-03-06 06:14:21

Thurs, Mar 2, Day 44:  I had a rough night with muscle cramps and feeling the onset of a cold.  Maybe I stretched too far in the yoga class I tried yesterday?  Some coughing and my brain was whirling with thoughts of our next Makeover challenge.  I got up in the middle of the night and rubbed some tiger balm on my legs and jotted down ideas before trying to sleep again.  Sure enough when morning came, I discovered my voice was scratchy, I am hoping that with some rest, it won’t develop further!  I have a busy weekend and will be stepping outside of my comfort zone to lend a hand at the Health and Wellness show in Vancouver helping model Firma EnergyWear and other clothing from Malary’s Fashion Network.  EEK!  I can do it, but holy moly will I be nervous to be up in front of a crowd.


Created on 2017-03-03 07:23:29

Day 43 continued:  I’m down again!  Total of 13.6 lbs now.

Created on 2017-03-02 07:19:49

Wed, Mar 1st, Day 43:  (If I am still counting correctly, haha)  We started on this journey on Jan 16 and I am so happy with my progress to date!  While there are still moments of negativity and low energy, they are just that, temporary!  I am able to keep that in mind and not blow everything out of proportion when feeling down.  The funny thing that happened last week is that I had a few days of feeling bloated and that maybe i had gained weight when in fact I was down!  Our brains are not always correct or kind.  I am working to change those perceptions and not stress over the scale.  This Sunday after swimming class(where I am progressing with my dolphin kicks and flip turns but drowning with my attempt at the butterfly!) I felt like my suit was loose and asked Chad for his opinion.  He recommended staying in the water, lol!  So its time to try my old suit or go get a new one!  I’ve also noticed my jeans could use replacing too!  It can be expensive to shed weight!

Today, I am off for a workout at Curves before heading over to try EnVie fitness in Walnut Grove for a yoga class.  There is a 7 day trial there right now and they offer a range of different classes, that I am interested in trying.  I will see what I can fit in during the week.

Out nutrition coach Gina Harmsen with Herbalife has challenged us to a week without complaining.  I am keen to see how much I catch myself this week.  I feel so much more positive since starting this challenge, but I’m sure I still complain!

I do find that an area I still want to grow in is my social side.  I am typically quiet, introverted and find it hard to engage other people until I get to know them better.  Hopefully, I can make it to some group classes with some of the other Challengers.  Tonight is our weigh in and next meeting where we find out what this round will entail.  I am looking forward to that!

Created on 2017-03-01 17:53:57

Mon, Feb 27, Day 41:  It was a busy weekend for sure.  Sorry about the delay in posting about the results of the top 15…. I’M IN!  I get another 6 weeks in the challenge to learn, grow and shed some more weight and bad habits.  I am very happy to have made it in to be able to continue on.  See below for a list of the generous gifts and donations that we will be receiving in this round from sponsors:

All TOP 15 Challengers will receive:

  • A gym membership with SHE’S FIT
  • Body Composition Test by HERBALIFE
  • Weekly Weigh and Measures
  • Weight Loss Coaching and Nutritional Support
  • Sacred Gifts Workshop
  • 1 Week Red Light Full Body Skin Rejuvenation with FABUTAN LANGLEY
  • Essential Oil Blend Package from DoTERRA
  • Professional Hair Style with Hand and Foot Massage for Photo Shoot by THE LOOKING GLASS SALON AND SPA
  • Professional Makeup application by SHOPPERS DRUG MART for Photo Shoot
  • Professional Photo Shoot with TARRA LEE PHOTOGRAPHY & complimentary 8×10
  • Complimentary Ticket to Cocktail Party
  • Flower Bouquet from SAVE ON FOODS
  • Workshops on topics including leadership, public speaking, Hair & Make up, How to Dress for your shape, Interior decorating
Created on 2017-02-27 18:49:23

Fri, Feb 24, Day 38:  I surpassed my goal of shedding 10 lbs!!  Over 11 lbs and over 15 inches gone!  I was actually surprised to be down another 3 lbs  in a week!  I think there were quite a few happy ladies on the scale this week!  Our meeting Wednesday night had some great speakers, first was Marlise Kelsey with World Financial Group who gave an informative talk on finances and second was Sara Darwin with doTERRA wellness products.  Both speakers had gifts to offer us on top of their speeches!

Thursday, I felt so completely blessed and joyful with my day.  It started off with a power walk with Deanna Tall my ReMax sponsor, lots of sun, a surprise gift from one of my students of a ticket to go with them to Cavalia on Saturday night, I connected with an old friend to go for an impromptu trail ride and ended it all off with a long soak in a bathtub.  I have been taking pictures daily(most days, haha) and yesterday I could have posted 3 pictures!

Today, I am feeling the stress of getting everything done with ending a housesit, seeing clients, unpacking and repacking and trying to organize what I can for tomorrow’s Amazing Race Fundraiser.  It is the last event in the this round and at the end of it we find out who is going to take part in Round 2 as the top 15!  Very exciting, I hope I can sleep tonight.  Part of the stress, is that I procrastinated with getting the costumes together and now I can’t find what I thought I had and am scrambling to come up with something.  I definitely could have done that better.  I had better get to it!

Created on 2017-02-25 04:35:54

Wed, Feb 22, day 37 & end of Round 1:

Wow time has absolutely flown by so far in this challenge.   Tonight we hand in any pledge money we received for the amazing race, hand in our contest ticket stubs, and final weigh and measure for the 5 weeks.  After tonight we have done what we can and the numbers go to calculated up to figure out the top 15 who will move on.

I mentioned on Monday that I was starting at a housesit and was worried about reverting back to old habits.  I am super happy to report that I have not fallen back and in fact, I used their exercise room after dinner for the first time!  Of course, the epsom salt bath was a great reward after and why not get a bit more of a workout in?

I will keep you posted how my weigh and measure goes tonight and if I hit my 10 lb goal.

Created on 2017-02-22 15:42:23

Mon, Feb 20, Day 35:  Swim class was challenging for me last night… the week prior I started to learn the flip turn and this week we added the dolphin kick…. Well, I had a LOT of water up my nose and some real difficulties with the undulating motion of the whip kick.  Rome was not built in a day and I definitely can not learn these new skills in a class or two!  I will persevere though and see what comes of it.  At least the other people in the class are friendly and encouraging!

Today I start a housesit gig and have a menagerie to look after.  Typically, this would be a time where I would go a bit crazy with my food/junk intake.  I am happy to be doing this Makeover Challenge and have such determination this time to not start binge eating and sabotage my hard work so far.  I also made it to the gym today, which most often fell away when I take on another person’s chores.

I am looking forward to a hot, epsom salt soak tonight in a beautiful bathroom oasis.  Well, actually I am just thrilled that there is a tub.  Small pleasures!

Created on 2017-02-21 03:36:34

Saturday, Feb 18, Day 34:  It feels strange to have skipped a day, but I am honestly quite exhausted and don’t have the energy to go back and do the post!  Sorry folks.  Friday evening we continued on with the Real Me Development course and spent all day today delving into ourselves to answer questions and ultimately develop a Mission Statement.  There were some very emotional part to this course and many areas where I was feeling confident and settled.  By the end of it though, I was overwhelmed from the noise of cheering collectively as a group for each participant after they read their Mission Statement.  60 ladies can be very loud!

As soon as the course wrapped up, I grabbed my bag and literally ran the 2 blocks to where I parked my car as Chad was meeting me to drive in to Vancouver for a Gala.  Talk about planning to do to much!  I managed to change in the car as we drove(somewhat challenging and good thing it was dark out!) and we just made it on time.  It was hard to fully enjoy the live band as I had a headache already and it was just compounded by the volume of the music they were playing.  We didn’t end up knowing anyone, but made friends with the family at our table.  They had a photobooth set up and we had phone posing with some props.   PS:  It is voting time, so if you have not had a chance to do so, please vot e each day 10 times!  <3  It is much appreciated!

As I mentioned, I am exhausted and hope to sleep in tomorrow morning!  Time to regenerate some cells while I rest.

Created on 2017-02-19 08:19:00

Thurs, Feb 16, Day 32:  My day started off really, well and I was on target to get all my tasks done today… and then it was derailed.  On a positive side, the sun came out and I was able to get a ride in on a friend’s horse, teach a lesson and soak up a bit of Vitamin D.  An evening with one of my students at Colossus and dinner out at Boston Pizza where I had part of my pasta dish and saved the rest for Chad.  I even made it to the gym before closure tonight to get my second workout(I hit the pool at lunch time for laps).

I tried the rowing machine today for the first time.  I sure don`t have the stamina for that!  It is a late night and I have a busy day tomorrow.  Hope to find a dress to wear to the Pregnancy Options Gala fundraiser that Chad is taking me to on Saturday night!  Voting starts tomorrow evening and I had a few opportunities to hand out my voting information cards today and was too shy about it… ack, something to improve and work on.

Created on 2017-02-17 07:00:37

Wed, Feb 15, Day 31:

Week 4 weigh and measure update! I have shed 8.6 lbs and 12 .75 inches so far along this journey!  We have one more week, so I should hit my goal of 10 lbs shed, but even if not, I am really excited about the inch decrease!  I have noticed my clothing fitting better and its easier to do everyday tasks.

Tonight we had the first session of The Real Me Development Seminar.  Training to help me to uncover hidden talents, my mission statement and through understanding why I make certain choices, to change them!  As It is really windy tonight, I am going to say good night, but I hope that you are feeling inspired.

Created on 2017-02-16 06:43:40

Tues, Feb 14, Day 30:  I got up this morning and decided that I wanted to change it up a bit so I went to Gold’s Gym and bought a day pass to use their facilities.  Lol, I didn’t end up changing up all that much as I used the pool for laps(that makes it day 3 for swimming) and then I sat in the infrared sauna.  It was pleasant to sit there, sweating, drinking and reading a book before continuing on with my day.  I actually got to ride one horse today which felt super to not just being doing chores!

This evening I headed into She’s fit for cardio on the treadmill and their Core class before calling it a night.  I have improved since I first started and am able to do at least the first set all the way to 12 reps of each exercise before getting tired and modifying it.  When I first tried it I would get about 6 reps done in each set and then just lay on the mat heaving away.  Progress!!

My goal for this first segment is to lose about 10 to 15 pounds in a controlled and sustainable fashion.  Tomorrow night is our weigh in and measure that will go into the Langley Times newspaper and be the numbers for public voting.  I will have a better idea tomorrow how I am doing in terms of the numbers, but I feel a lot of improvement in my outlook since starting this program.  The following week is the last weigh and measure that counts for points towards our progress in the Total Makeover Challenge.

As it is a TOTAL Makeover Challenge, the results are not just based on weight loss or inch loss.  Here is a breakdown of how we are judged:  50% Voting(30%Public + 20% Panel of Judges), 10% Weight loss %, 10% Inch Loss %, 10% Attendance to Gym, classes, events, practices, 20% Other Challenges that are presented to us along the way.  On Feb 25th at the end of the Amazing Race we will find out how the numbers played out and who gets to move on in the Challenge.

Created on 2017-02-15 03:37:08

Mon, Feb 13, Day 29:  Today it was family day in BC!  Chad and I spent the afternoon at the pool and ice rink.  A double header of workouts and it was great to have the energy to do that!  It was a madhouse at both venues because of the free sessions the Township of Langley had scheduled.  Home for a spicy root veggie stirfry on quinoa with chicken strips for dinner.

Created on 2017-02-15 03:18:58

Sun, Feb 12, Day 28:  I’m happy to say that when my alarm went off, I got up this morning!  With my work schedule been on hold, I have dropped into a habit of laying in bed for awhile after my alarm.  I drink 3 cups of water pretty much as soon as I get up and had a shake on my way to the gym.  Struggling with my IBS today and it puts a pall on my day.  I kept going, but it was a stop and go day.

It has been a gorgeous sunny day today and I loved spending time at the barn before coming home to dinner made by Chad.  And I am looking forward to my swimming lessons that start tonight!!  I will keep you posted.  I came across a triathlon wetsuit yesterday that I bought last year with great optimism and did not try it first.  I had been planning on selling it, because I decided it was too much work to lose the weight necessary to fit into it.  BUT, now I have a different mind set and I will fit into it by summer!

Created on 2017-02-13 01:26:13

Sat, Feb 11, Day 27:  A day of rest with a surprise visit from a dear friend of Chad’s.  It was great to have a chance to catch up.  We were back at swing dancing class this week after being cancelled last week.  I must admit that I find it hard to adapt to the different teaching style and techniques after spending years to learn it one way.  There is my inflexible side coming to the forefront.  I am trying super hard to shut my brain off and be in the moment in each class.  It is so hard!  It was great to get out and have 3 hours of class and social dance regardless of my confusion at times.

Created on 2017-02-13 01:18:00

Fri, Feb 10, Day 26:  We are into our 4th week now and while some things are easier, old habits and cravings still rear their ugly heads.  We were dressed and ready to go out dancing tonight, but I bailed as my stomach was feeling unpredictable and I didn’t feel like getting stuck on the way to New Westminster in between bathrooms.  I did make it to Curves this morning and had a really great day.  So, instead of beating myself up for not going out, I will have some tea, do house cleaning and read to unwind.

I realized today that I have not had any fast food cravings recently and quitting that habit/addiction is definitely helping my pocketbook.  Although, I probably have just diverted the funds towards different protein powders to make my shakes with, haha.  That is better though right?  I certainly feel better, and while I still find myself getting irritated at times(especially just before menstruation) I am not nearly as volatile or irrational.  Cutting out most processed sugars has been most beneficial.

Today my name was drawn to win a gift card for Cascades Casino!  That was exciting, and it wouldn’t have happened if I hadn’t put my picture up on the facebook page and entered the online contest.  A lot of wonderful things can happen if we try and take a chance.    Thank-you  to Shape Your World Society for organizing and helping all of us challengers to reach our potential.

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Thurs, Feb 9, Day 25:  2nd Post

I just wanted to take a moment to share with everyone how fortunate I was to be picked to be in the top 30.  Each competitor in this first round has or will be receiving the following from our amazing Total Makeover sponsors and the Shape Your World Society:


All TOP 30 Challengers will receive:

  • A gym membership with SHE’S FIT.
  • Body Composition Test and Evaluation by HERBALIFE
  • Weekly Weigh and Measures
  • Weight Loss Coaching and  Nutritional Support
  • 30 minute personal session with a Trained Life Coach HEATHER REIDER
  • THE REAL ME Personal Development Seminar
  • 50 Minute Tanning Package from FABUTAN LANGLEY
  • Nutritional tour of Nature’s Fare Market
  • Sample Pack from DoTERRA
  • Flower Bouquet from SAVE ON FOODS
  • Workshops on topics including Money Smarts, Self Esteem, Social Media

Next week we have The Real Me Personal Development Seminar to experience and absorb.  It looks to be an eye-opening course and offer insight into why we make the choices we do in life.

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Thurs, Feb 9, Day 25:  Today I did a double workout, 45 power walking with run sprints at She’s Fit and 30 mins swim laps at WC Blair pool with Chad this afternoon.  It felt awesome to know that I am on track for training to do a Triathlon this summer!  I signed up on my way out of the pool for adult swim lessons to improve on my strokes and efficiency.  One more activity to get me out of the house and participating in the community again.  It is very easy to become a hermit, curl up on the couch with a book or watch a movie and stuff my face!  The past weekend with the snow storms, I ended up doing a lot of the couch surfing in the evening and really fighting the snack/craving urges then.

We were reminded that next week on Thursday the voting period opens up and the public has a chance to vote for their favorite Challenger to move forward in the program.  Everyone can vote up to 10 times per day but each IP address can only have 10 votes per day.  This section is quite daunting to me and I hope that I receive enough support through votes to move on as I am not ready to leave yet!

Voting actually counts for 50% of the points in the program with 30% in the hands of our friends, family and public, the other 20% is the board of directors and the sponsors of The Total Makeover Challenge.

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Wed, Feb 8, Day 24:  Tonight was to be our third weigh in and another informative meeting on nutrition, but because of the winter storm warning our meeting has been cancelled.  Its sad, as I was looking forward to seeing how I did and talking with the other challengers in person and getting to know them better.  I find it hard to put myself out into a group and make connections.  I’m typically a bit slow and introverted in social situations but I am trying to change that.  I actually don’t think that tonight’s weigh in would have shown a change on the scale either way.  This week my goal is to incorporate more fiber and vegetarian options to get my protein requirements.

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Tues, Feb 7, Day 23:  It felt great yesterday to get back to Curves and I hit the pool for 30 mins of lap swimming(with breaks).  Today is a She’s Fit day and I’d like to work on walk/running on the treadmill.  I am using a gift card today and getting a massage this evening!  Something to look forward to.  :)

Looking ahead on Feb 25 there is an Amazing Race fundraiser benefiting the Shape Your World Society and the Langley Food bank taking place at Douglas Park in Langley.  Teams of 4-5 in costume will be going around to local business sponsors and getting their passports filled out.  There are prizes and fun to be had.

Thank-you to Curves Langley

and Bates Tack Shop for signing up as location sponsors!

That is also the day that we find out who of the 30 ladies in the Challenge will be moving on to the Top 15 and who has to continue their journey solo with a chance at the Wild Card position for round 3.   It looks like it will be an exciting day for sure.

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Mon, Feb 6, Day 22:  We are in the midst of a series of winter storms here on the the west coast and while it is really beautiful to see, my income is seriously hampered by the snow, ice and even rain.  I work outdoors teaching horsemanship/riding and have to be flexible each day to see if it is a work day or not.  This winter has been dreadful for income so far, I had just put the horses back to work and had students back two weeks ago and now I am off again until the arena clears and it is safe to ride again.  Of course, that is why 2 years ago I went in search of a skill that could keep me going in inclement weather.

In the fall of 2014 after losing the baby, I took the plunge and applied to the Spa Therapy Program at Vancouver School of Bodywork and Massage.  I had always been interested in massage but had never done anything about it, until then.  The program was emotionally challenging as I have a tendency to resist change, but I persevered and graduated with honors!.

It seems that I am not a very good business person and since graduating I have not done much to develop my mobile massage business.  One excuse after another and here we are in the worst winter in years when those skills could be helping to offset the loss from my other business.  I am hoping that through this Total Makeover Challenge I will gain the confidence to put myself out there, to network and to offer my skills to other people.  Probably, unless you were close to me, you would have had no idea that I even did the course!

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Sun, Feb 5, Day 21:  Slow start to my day and many hours of snow shoveling this afternoon.  On my way to the barn today, I noticed that one of my friends had not cleared their driveway yet, so on my way home I thought I would detour and do it for her.  Well.  Seeing as it darkish, I left my car parked on the side of the road with the key in and the right turn signal on(as well as the lights and the radio).  When I was done, I opened the back door to put my shovel away and wondered why the interior light was so dim…. !  Then the car wouldn’t start.  Ack!  Thank goodness for Chad who came to give my battery a jump.  I was passed by about 10 drivers and no body slowed down to investigate why the car was pulled over with its hood up or somebody standing in front of it with jumper cables.  Of course, I wasn’t jumping out in front of them begging for aid, but still to not even slow down and ask?  Off to bed and a new day tomorrow.

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Sat, Feb 4, Day 20:  So much more snow overnight and I ended up shoveling snow for about 4.5 hrs today between my house and at my barn.  It is a real shame that the tractor is not operational at the barn.  What normally takes me about 30 mins for chores, took 4 hrs by the time I dug a pathway to each horse and did the driveway so when my friend got back from work she would make it up the drive.  The positive is that it was a big workout.  The sad thing was that you couldn’t even tell that I had done pathways and cleared part of the paddocks of snow yesterday.  There was that much new stuff and the influence of the wind.  Because I spent so much time working I did not get my water quota in today and I really felt it this evening as i was snackish tonight.  Popcorn and no sugar added fruit juice was my after dinner snack.  Not the worst, but not the best either.  Dancing was cancelled again tonight and its just as well!  My back, arms, thighs are tired enough from my days exertion.  Night folks!

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Fri, Feb 3, Day 19:  Snow day!  So pretty, but quite disruptive.  I had to cancel 2 lessons and didn’t make it to the gym.  I spent over two hours shoveling my driveway, my friends driveway, and part of two horse paddocks to make it easier to clean tomorrow.  So I feel I got my workout in!  It was

My therapist <3

My therapist <3

coming down so hard that by the time i made it back to Mystery’s paddock to clean the ground was covered again.  :(  Chad brought home Nando’s and I had to be careful to not overeat that, it is just soooo tasty!  I’ve noticed some of the other ladies are much handier with media and blogging.  For example, including pictures and graphics, so I have given it a shot tonight.

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Thurs, Feb 2, Day 18:  Sunshine but windy today.  A lovely day to spend outside in the company of frisky horses!  I was able to get everything done on my list today, which feels amazing as too often I put too much on my list.  I then feel like a failure when I leave things undone, which is something I’d like to learn to let go.  I can only do so much.  When I was in my twenties I had juggled 4 part time jobs and my hobbies.  I have slowed down a lot since in recent years, but find that I have also dropped a lot of activities that I enjoyed.  Since deciding to apply for this Makeover Challenge I also took the step to start Swing Dancing again.  I am thankful for the motivation to do that!

This evening, I had a great workout at She’s Fit with another challenger, Bonnie Blanchard tonight, a killer core and stretch class made more fun with some shared pain and laughter.  :)  I packed a lunch box full of food and had a yummy thai dinner.

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Wed, Feb. 1, Day 17 part 2:  Meeting update!  I ended up down a pound this week and have lost a total of 7 and 3/4 inches from my chest, waist, abdomen, hips, thigh and arm since the first meeting!  I feel I am on the right track so I will continue with the my workouts, water consumption(9.6 8 oz glasses now) and having protein with my meals. We were reminded tonight that the number on the scale does not reflect the changing body composition from fat to having more muscle.  My goal for this coming week is to enjoy the journey and trust the advice from our coaches!

After our weigh in we had a field trip to Nature’s Fare for a fun and informative tour of the store.   They have an impressive array of organics, non gmo, gluten free, dairy free grocery items, a huge supplement section and an organic bistro.  We were fortunate to have a chance to sample many different products in store and received a 10% discount on our purchases.

It was a busy night and after the tour we drove over to the Shoppers Drug Mart by Colossus and had an eyebrow clinic taught by Brittany the Benebabe rep for Benefit San Francisco.  We learned about eyebrow mapping and how the shape and placement of the arch can change our looks.  For someone who does not wear make up very often(and when I do it can be hit or miss) these tips seem attainable.

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Wed, Feb 1, Day 17:  Its our weekly meeting day and time for weigh and measurements to be taken.  I had started off pretty well this week and felt that the numbers on my scale was dropping, but the past 2 days my numbers are up.  Groan.  So I’m dreading this portion of tonight’s meeting.  I have been feeling energetic and active though and that is more important than some numbers.

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Tues, Jan. 31, Day 16:  Pretty positive day for me.  I welcomed back a riding student who has been away from the barn for a few months, enjoyed my birthday float at SensaFloat Spa and went to the gym.  The parking lot was packed at She’s Fit, but I was able to get in and catch the last half of the circuit class and then did the core class.  I am quite weak in my abdomen and am currently only able to 8 reps before my muscles give out.  We are guided through 3 sets of 12 reps for each exercise.  I am excited to see a difference in a few weeks.  I picked up some Thai food on the way home and enjoyed some yummy curry.  I had homework from the coaching session to pick one thing to accomplish that was holding me back.  I had said ‘clear my desk’ and finally got it done at 10 pm after much groaning and procrastination.  But its done and feels great!  And I found some important papers and immediate tasks that I need to deal with tomorrow.

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Mon, Jan 30, Day 15:  I hope I can manage to not mess up the daily numbering, lol!  Today I had my one on one appointment with Heather Reider, Life Coach.  This was a 1/2 hour phone appointment that I was actually 10 minutes late for as I mixed up the times.  Thank goodness I went to look up the phone number early and noted the time of appointment was different than my brain had remembered.  After asking for a brief history of myself she jumped right into what she thought were pertinent areas of focus for me.  I didn’t have any expectations for the coaching session and was surprised to find myself crying and processing the questions she raised.  She channeled onto my grieving right away and said that it sounded like I didn’t allow myself to fully grieve and process the emotions.  That I wanted to control them, squash the emotion down and was afraid to let go fully.  Her comments resonated deeply within as I thought back to losing my mom in 2004 and how I was very angry, pushing family away.  Eating my pain away and hiding my true self started then and continued until 2009.  Now, I do have to say that I have had many active, healthy years where food and sugar has not ruled my life.  In fact, most of my pictures on Facebook are from good years as I have been ashamed to share or even take photos from the years when I have been heavier.  After getting married in the fall of 2012, I quickly put on 30lbs by January of 2013!!  I actually signed up and took part in The Total Makeover Challenge then and after 2 segments I was lean and trim again until we experienced a miscarriage.  Then off I went again with into the grief eating cycle.  At least that time I didn’t push my family and friends away, so I see some improvement in my actions.  What I take away from my session today are three things:  Perspective is key in how we look at trauma/loss, I should not hide my ‘ugly’ bits of life, and that I need to forgive myself.   I am a work in progress and open to improvement.

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Sun, Jan 29, Day 14: After our late night we slept in and my husband Chad made me breakfast!  I had a bit of a late start to my day and did not plan well with my food.  So by dinnertime I was really feeling emotional and unable to make a choice of what to eat.  I ended up throwing some pasta in a pot and opening a can of chili to go with it.  Quick and easy but a salad would have been better.  Lesson learned though, I hope!

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Sat, Jan 28, Day 13:  Day of rest and swing dancing at Trinity Western University in the evening.

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Fri, Jan 27, Day12: Its interesting how my stomach seems to have shrunk now that I am eating 6 smaller meals versus 2-3 large ones and how I don’t need to eat as much in one sitting before feeling full.  Tonight we went out to Royal City Swing and had free admission because of my birthday!  Another super fun evening and I was able to fit back into one of my old dresses! 

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Thurs, Jan 26 Day 11: Today was a big day as I went to Brookswood to ask a few businesses if they would like to be a location sponsor for the upcoming Amazing Race event that the Shape Your World Society is putting on,  then on to Curves Langley who excitedly agreed to be a location sponsor!!  I also met with both my fabulous profile page sponsors today in Cloverdale.  First stop was Malary’s Fashion Network where I had a chance to try on some of the new products in the Firma Energywear line like the slip dress and the new color blue base layer hi-rise leggings with the invisible tank.  In her desire to see me succeed in the Total makeover Challenge, Yvonne Hogenes gifted me a base layer set that I will be wearing daily for at least 6 hours per day to reap the health benefits of the garments.   I feel truly blessed to be supported by this inspiring businesswoman.  Next stop was for a lunch with Deanna Tall my dear friend and Real Estate Specialist at the Henry to celebrate both of our January Birthdays.   It is always refreshing to catch up.  From there I went to ride horses in the afternoon and I did a cardio workout and a core class at She’s Fit. 

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Wed, Jan 25, Day 10:  A new day and it was our 2nd weigh in and meeting.  I lost 5 lbs in my first week!  Success.  I plan on continuing to lose, but nothing dramatic as I hope to ease into this and make it a lasting change for my body.  Tonight we had a discussion on healthy snacking and the idea of not depriving ourselves, but making smart choices for snacks to cut down on meal sizes.  Janine from Shoppers Drug Mart came out to talk with us and go over how their stores would be partnering with us to go over beauty tips and nutrition.  We also had Tracy Eahmen talk with us about Social Media and how to use the various tools out there. 

We have been given an assignment to video document our journey and put together a video for the end of the challenge in May!  Ack!  This will be a big challenge for me as, I find myself searching for words and certainly don’t have any current experience putting together a documentary!

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Tues, Jan 24, Day 9:  I had a great morning, and a lunch out with a dear friend.  I was feeling so upbeat and positive until about 2 pm as I was grooming my horse.  All of a sudden my thoughts were so illogical and I was bawling, so upset that he getting older and imagining having to make the decision to euthanize him.  I was not rational and there was no reason for me to borrow trouble as my mom would have said.  I put him away and left the barn feeling so morose.  I just wanted to stuff my face with junk food and hide away from those emotions!  I chose to head to the gym as planned and then went home for a healthy dinner.  It wasn’t a great workout, as I was close to tears the entire time I was on the recumbent bike, but it was a victory for me in that I didn’t fall back into my old habits!  When I got home, I was excited to get an email from Yvonne Hogenes of Malary’s Fashion Network in Cloverdale who has agreed to become a profile page sponsor!  She is the founder of Firma Energywear a line of clothing that can help with reduced appearance of cellulite, relief from joint pain, improved circulation, body temperature regulation  and increased energy!   Please click on the link above to learn more!

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Mon, Jan 23, Day 8:  What an amazing night I had.  Such fun to be back into the swing dancing community and to reconnect with old friends!  We danced for about 2 hours and had a great workout! 

So, all these changes have been wreaking havoc with my digestive system.  I have IBS and had been in a long stable period so forgot that I should introduce new foods slowly.  I had not been eating very much protein prior to starting the TMC and now I have been trying out different bars, adding meats, cottage cheese, and soy milk.   I jumped right in because I wanted to get on track, but I was not being true to my body and I have suffered because of it.  Blech!  Time to get smart.  Today, my friend Deanna Tall agreed to be a profile page sponsor and if you are in need of a Real Estate Specialist, I highly recommend her services!  Just click on her logo to learn more about her and what skills she has to offer you.

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Sun, Jan 22, Day 7:  It is going to be a busy day for me!  Heading to She’s Fit in the morning, then to the barn to take care of the ponies, going down to the states, then dinner out and swing dancing at Suburban Swing in Abbotsford.  But first I have to write my bio in 75 words or less for the Langley Times and tell why I am doing this Total Makeover Challenge!

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Sat, Jan 21, Day 6:  A day of rest.  So beautiful.  Tonight we went  for our second swing dancing class brushing up our Lindy hop.  I wasn’t nearly as tired as last week after 2  hour long classes and an hour of social dance after that.   Swing dancing is something that I decided to try in 2009 after spending 5 years basically mourning my mom and fighting with being depressed.  I would see the ads and think I should go, but none of my friends wanted to go and I wasn’t brave enough to go on my own.  Finally, in January of 2009 I decided that it was my year and I was going to try swing dancing at Fat City Swing in Walnut Grove.  It was sooo hard for my two left feet and shy personality.   I persevered though and ended up making new friends, getting in shape, and venturing out to different Swing Dancing venues in the Lower Mainland.  I actually met my husband in the Fall of 2009 at Suburban Swing in Abbotsford!  We got married in 2012 and life became busy and we stopped going as regularly to dance, then as I started putting on weight I became self conscious and reluctant to leave the house.   Chad would ask me if I wanted to go and after awhile of getting negative responses, he stopped asking. 

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Fri, Jan 20, Day 5: Today I get to go have lunch with of my mom’s good friends Loretta and Dianne.  They have made a point of staying in touch with me and taking me out for a birthday lunch since my mom died from stomach cancer in 2004.  This year, I suggested the S and L Kitchen and Bar in Langley as I had a free birthday entree coupon to use and it was awesome!  I ate 1/3 of my 12 ounce steak dinner and saved the rest for future meals.   I had another small victory to be able to exercise self control to not eat the whole meal.  The water is getting easier.  Especially if I fill my bottles in advance and take it with me during the day. 

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Thurs, Jan. 19, Day 4.  Wow, what a great meeting last night, but tiring and a lot of information.   We had our complimentary body composition test done by Gina and Faleen our Herbalife coaches.   It turns out that even though I thought I was drinking enough water, I need to up it.  It is being recommended that we drink half our body weight in ounces of water, which for me is 10 8 ounce glasses!  It has always been a struggle to drink more than 5, I just don’t think to go for it.  The talk last night was about protein, the different sources and how much we should be striving to eat.  Turns out I have not been eating enough protein to help rebuild my muscles after workouts.  

My two new goals:  Drink 80 ounces of water and 100 grams of protein in the day over 5 small meals.  So far I have been getting to the gym each day on top of doing my daily chores at the barn which is a victory for me as I find it easy to just be lazy and munch on snacks.   I used to be more active and athletic and I am hoping to rediscover that girl who used to go hiking, rock climbing, cross country jumping, race triathlons and swing dancing.  

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Wed, Jan. 18, Day 3.  Today is my birthday and getting into this challenge was a lovely thing to happen in my birth week.  A new start, yet again, but I am determined that this time I will make these healthy habits something I stick with from now on.  I cut out chips, chocolate and no wheat in December, so hopefully this won’t be as hard as it could be.  Those foods seem to be triggers for me and send me into binges.  It will be good to go through the classes that Shape Your World Society has arranged for us to learn and improve ourselves.  Tonight, we have our first meeting, measurements, learn details, get to know the other ladies better and our first nutrition talk.  I am both nervous and excited to go tonight.  I am not particularly outgoing, but I am going to put myself out there and try to not just sit on the sidelines.  

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Tues, Jan 15:  Day 2.  I actually ended up going to both gyms yesterday as I was keen to get signed up for She’s Fit!  I had a dental appointment today at Brookswood Dental this morning and I was so happy to sit there telling my hygienist about this challenge and the potential prizes that have been donated.   Here is a list for you that i took from the following website:

THE WINNING Challenger will receive:

  • 1yr. Gym Membership with SHE’S FIT
  • Highlight Video of the Total Makeover Experience by E.A. CORPORATE CARE
  • Boudoir Photo Shoot with TARRA LEE PHOTOGRAPHY.
  • Aromatherapy System from DoTERRA
  • Hair Style by THE LOOKING GLASS SALON AND SPA & Professional Makeup by SHOPPERS DRUG MART for the Photoshoot.
  • Eye Lash package, Full set of Gel Nails and Body Massage by THE LOOKING GLASS SALON AND SPA
  • Providing a Health Mouth by 200ST LANGLEY DENTIST
    • Up to a $3000 Value for any services needed in the following areas:
      • Full Comprehensive Exam
      • Xrays
      • Oral Cancer Scan
      • Teeth Whitening
      • Basic Restorative (Cavities, Old Fillings replaced, Root Canals)
      • Molar crowns
      • Hygiene & health gums
      • TMD assessment (night guard)

Knowing that there are so many sponsors who are rooting for us challengers is very rewarding and heartwarming.  On top of wanting to change my habits and break the cycle of how I react to crisis or grief, I want to get on top of my sugar addiction so that it does not control me.  I had a good work out at She’s Fit and managed to eat 3 healthy meals and 7 glasses of water today. 

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Monday, Jan 14:  Day 1!!!!  So, today I set some goals for myself… We have been given a free membership to She’s Fit in Langley for the duration of our time in the challenge!!  Which is super as the gym has a little bit of everything to help us attain our goals.   I already had a membership to the Langley Curves and have found the people there to become like family but I can kick it up by doing more cardio at She’s Fit.  So, number 1 goal was to get into the habit of going to the gym 6 days per week Mon, Wed, and Fri at Curves and Tues, Thurs, Sun at She’s Fit.  In addition to that I have just started a swing dancing class with my husband on Saturday nights which ends up being about 3 hours of dance!   My number two goal is to drink 6-8 cups of water.   Tonight we are going to Colossus to catch a movie and I will eat dinner before going so that I don’t crave the popcorn or pop. 

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Sunday, Jan 15:  We had a chance to meet the other challengers from both Abbotsford and Langley(where I will be included), Volunteers from the Shape Your World Society, some of the generous sponsors who are making our transformations a reality and winners from previous years.  This was a bit of an overwhelming evening, packed full of information, new names, excitement and an amped up drive to do my best!  We had our first weigh in by Herbalife Coach Gina Harmsen and before photos taken by Tarra Lee Photography which should be viewable by all to follow my progress along the way. 

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Saturday, Jan 14:  I received an email in the morning congratulating me on being accepted into the Total Makeover Challenge by Shape Your World and sat at my computer at turns excited and then super nervous thinking, “What have I signed up for, am I really committed to taking the next step and becoming healthy again?”   Before I could do too much waffling I received a phone call from one of the volunteers telling me in person that I had been one of the lucky ones chosen to have our lives changed and asking me point blank if I was ready to commit 100% to all of the meetings, activities, challenges and personal growth.  No time for further reflection at that point and really, I had submitted my application with the desire to take control of my health again, so I agreed and signed the contract!  Next up:   The Meet and Greet at The Phoenix Ballroom in Abbotsford.

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